Immortal Regiment -- Origins and Significance

Maison russe des sciences et de la culture in Paris

The documentary, Immortal Regiment -- World Movement, directed by Alexei Egorychev in 2020, explains the origins and significance of the Immortal Regiment organized by the Russian people at home and abroad. The film, in Russian with French subtitles, recounts the movement which went worldwide in 2012 to realize the people's desire to preserve the historical facts of the Soviet Union's role in the Second World War. This was known in the former Soviet countries as the Great Patriotic War and. On the peoples' initiative, marches are held every May 9 to honour all those who took part in this historic victory. Today, the movement holds events in more than 120 countries.

The Maison russe des sciences et de la culture in Paris, which has posted the documentary on YouTube, explains that the Immortal Regiment is comprised of all those who gave their lives for the Motherland, both those who fought on the front lines and those who worked in the rear, as well as their descendants. Taking part in the Immortal Regiment unites people, regardless of faith, nationality or political views, the Maison russe points out.

The Maison russe also points out that the expansion of the Immortal Regiment comes at a time when former allies of the Soviet Union are "increasingly trying to rewrite the history of the Great Patriotic War, by adopting laws allowing the destruction of monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators; disseminating publications that contradict reality; reporting false information in the media and social networks. Thus, they mislead today's youth, to accustom them to non-existent realities."

The documentary speaks for itself.

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Volume 52 Number 4 - May 8, 2022

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