European Crisis

Chickens of the 1989 Counterrevolution Come Home to Roost

Berlin Wall, November 10, 1989, the day after sections of it were torn down.

In 1989 the Soviet Union and its allies in eastern Europe were in the death throes of the counterrevolution to restore classic capitalism. Brimming with excitement and euphoria the imperialists hailed the Soviet restorationist leader Gorbachev as a man leading a revolution that would bring the peoples east of Germany under the control of the "West."

Retrogression on every front was indeed unfolding and soon would find expression in the now decades-long neo-liberal attack on living standards and rollback of any regulation that impeded the U.S.-led imperialists from exploiting the labour, land, resources and markets worldwide.

Privatize everything to enrich the financial oligarchy became the cry turning life upside down, immiserating the people in particular in Russia, Ukraine, the other Soviet republics and indeed throughout the world. Privatization of the infrastructure including the integrated energy systems from Siberia to Lisbon set the stage for the widespread devastation we are now witnessing.

U.S./NATO unleashed wanton destruction on all those who resisted the counterrevolution with wars of destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Syria and elsewhere. U.S./NATO relentlessly pushed eastward in Europe with the aim to directly seize the vast resources of Russia. A coup within the coup in 2014 against the regime in Ukraine sent the region tumbling into greater turmoil.

The subsequent U.S./NATO proxy war and sanctions against Russia is causing global economic havoc. The crisis in Europe is thrusting millions into extreme insecurity and poverty. The chickens of the 1989 counterrevolution and neo-liberal offensive have come home to roost but the people have learned a great deal since then and are determined to turn the tables on the imperialists and put them on the defensive.

This article was published in
Volume 52 Number 9 - September, 2022

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