Enough Is Enough!"> Enough Is Enough!">

Strikes Up and Down Britain Declare Enough Is Enough!

The strike struggles that have been developing in scope and momentum around Britain are a sure sign that working people have had enough of being treated as things and not as human beings with their rights and interests.

The intensification of the anti-social offensive and privatization, with the cost-of-living crisis causing devastation for working people, as inflation soars and energy prices spiral upwards, has prompted the call that Enough is Enough! Resistance is growing, as rail workers set the pace in the face of job losses and harsh real-terms pay cuts. Joining in the resistance through strike action have been call centre workers, lawyers, journalists, cleaners, transport workers and others. These workers have taken a stand against facing the fastest fall in real wages on record, while the oligarchs and monopolies who try to enforce the will of private vested interests have overseen the theft of the new value that workers produce on a national and international scale.

Liverpool picket by striking rail workers.

By stating plainly that Enough is Enough! working people are setting their sights on the goal of being in control of their own lives. The need of the times is for renewal, and the condition for this is the emancipation of the working class. This is an immediate requirement to establish the power to counter being hamstrung by the dictates of the rich, and considering that the working class and people are not human beings, but costs on a balance sheet, to be discarded where possible.

As the slogan of the Durham miners affirms, the future is in our hands, the general interests of society are the responsibility of the working class as well as are the well-being of every working person and the interests of the working class as a whole, a class in itself and for itself. In other words, only the working class can provide solutions to the problems of society, because their interests are consonant with a society which is fit for human beings. Narrow private interests are further taking over the functions of the state, privatizing what should be public functions, such as responsibility for transport, health and education.

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Volume 52 Number 9 - September, 2022

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