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Prime Minister Trudeau's Unacceptable Ignorance About Korean War

– Nick Lin –

July 27, 1953 is the date an armistice agreement between the DPRK and the United States was signed in the Korean War. This armistice has yet to be turned into a stable peace treaty. From day one, the terms of the armistice have been violated by the United States over and over again, including its refusal to sign a permanent peace agreement. For its part, Canada, which waged war against the Korean people along with 22 other UN members, under the UN flag, in 2013 declared July 27 "Korean War Veterans Day."

The name of this day and its purported aim to "honour Canadian veterans of the Korean War" serve to convey state disinformation about the Korean War and its cause. This year Prime Minister Trudeau in a cowardly fashion showed his servitude to the U.S. imperialist falsification of history by flaunting his ignorance about the cause of the Korean War. He repeated the well-known anti-communist U.S. tirade which claims the U.S. was defending freedom and European values when it split Korea in two at the 38th parallel, brought back the Japanese occupiers -- whom the Korean people had shed much blood to defeat -- to administer the southern part of Korea and then declared this region the Republic of Korea. Then, when the United States intervened in the civil war it instigated and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) defended the Korean nation, they accused it of "aggression" and launched the most heinous war against the entire Korean people where untold crimes were committed including biological warfare and the slaughter of the people.[1]

The Prime Minister claims that the Korean War was instigated by the DPRK, in the "first open act of aggression since the establishment of the United Nations" and that "In the face of this illegal, unprovoked, and unjustifiable act, Canada joined forces with our allies and partners in a UN mission to restore peace on the Korean Peninsula." According to the Prime Minister, veterans waged a fight "against brutal totalitarianism on land, at sea, and in the air." Canadian forces who died in the war "made the ultimate sacrifice for our country," Trudeau said.

Nobody believes that anymore Mr. Trudeau. Your attempts to erase the Korean people in the north and south and their heroic fight for their independence and freedom from the yoke of the U.S. occupiers that was the essence of the Korean War, will not get far. The inconceivable barbarity committed by U.S. forces and the role of Canadian and other forces brings Canada no honour.

Trudeau ended his statement by promoting the myth of Canada as a peacekeeper. After the U.S. and its allies could not secure victory, and the situation forced the U.S. to sign an Armistice Agreement to end the fighting in the war, he says, "Canadians stayed in the region to keep the peace, maintaining a presence in UN Command to this day. Their continued service helped lay the foundation for the prosperous and democratic South Korea that exists today, building an everlasting bond between our people."

Canada has yet to lift a finger to pay its share of reparations for the crimes committed against the Korean people. It has not fulfilled its commitments to realize diplomatic relations with the DPRK, nor has it supported the Korean people's profound desire for reunification and the removal of U.S. forces and nuclear weapons from south Korea as stipulated in the Armistice Agreement. Instead, Canada participates in war games aimed at regime change in the DPRK, and takes part in the illegal naval blockade of the DPRK through Operation NEON.

The DPRK gave a fitting reply to the Prime Minister's statement, in which it laid out the facts of Canada's role in Korea as follows:

"Canada is still playing the role of active follower and shock brigade in implementing the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK. [...] Canada can never be free from its war crime of destroying homes of the Korean people and killing millions of innocent residents, toeing the U.S. line. [...] It is none other than Canada which dispatches its air and naval forces to the vicinity of the Korean Peninsula several times every year and always pokes its nose into the U.S.-led joint military drills targeting our country."

Prime Minister Trudeau's statement lauding the crimes of the U.S. and its allies in the Korean War is anathema to the Canadian people's striving for Canada to be a genuine force for peace in the world and for Canada to uphold diplomacy and the principles of international relations which prohibit interference in a country's internal affairs. The statement issued by the Prime Minister shows the ongoing servility of the ruling circles in Canada to the U.S. and Canada's complete integration into the U.S. war machine and its aim to crush the DPRK. It is undignified and unacceptable.

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1. "July 27, 1953, Signing of Armistice in the Korean War: U.S. Must Stop All Provocations Against the DPRK and Sign a Peace Treaty Now!" Nick Lin and Philip Fernandez, In the News,

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Volume 52 Number 8 - August 17, 2022

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