Agenda of the NATO Summit in Madrid, June 28-30

Nick Lin

May 7, 2022 action, part of mobilization against the Madrid NATO Summit.

The warmongering U.S.-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will hold a Summit from June 28 to 30 in Madrid, Spain. The NATO Madrid Summit, the 32nd since NATO's founding in 1949, is being held on the 40th anniversary of Spain's accession to NATO. The two previous summits were in Brussels, on March 24, 2021 and a virtual summit on February 24 in response to the crisis caused by NATO's eastward expansion which threatens Russia's security and ignited the latter's special military operation on that date.

A summit brings together heads of state and government for a meeting, held at "important junctures" in NATO's decision-making process. Summits are held, for example, "to introduce new policy, invite new members into the Alliance, launch major initiatives and reinforce partnerships."

The Madrid Summit takes place in the context of the NATO 2030 Agenda, launched at the 2021 summit in Brussels, which is aimed at making "NATO stronger and fit for the future." The Madrid Summit aims to adopt a "New Strategic Concept" to promote its nine major priorities: 1) deepen political consultation and coordination, 2) strengthen deterrence and defence, 3) improve resilience, 4) preserve the technological edge, 5) uphold the rules-based international order, 6) boost training and capacity-building, 7) combat and adapt to climate change, 8) develop the next strategic concept, and 9) invest in NATO.

Major agenda items expected to be discussed at this summit are:

- adoption of NATO's next strategic concept, to replace the one adopted at its Lisbon Summit in 2010;

- Russia's special military operation in Ukraine; and

- the application of Finland and Sweden for membership.

As per NATO's statutes, Finland and Sweden's application for NATO membership requires the unanimous support of all existing NATO member countries. Their application is not supported by Turkey, a founding member of NATO, with the largest military after the U.S. of any NATO country. The support of Finland and Sweden for Kurdish organizations that Turkey considers terrorist is cited as the reason to reject their applications. Thus far, attempts by Turkey to negotiate an agreement on this matter have failed.

The Madrid NATO Summit comes at a time when the U.S. imperialists and the NATO member countries are broadening the scope of the aggressive alliance's operations. They are insinuating NATO into more and more countries and using it to interfere in their internal affairs, including on matters of concern, such as climate change. In all of these cases, NATO and its activities provide no solutions, but only exacerbate the crises facing humanity.

U.S./NATO expansion and warmongering are a serious concern for the peoples of the world, including the people of Canada, which is integrated, holus-bolus, into the U.S. war economy and war machine.

Membership in NATO goes against the longstanding desire of Canadians that their country be a force for genuine peace in the world, as well as their rejection of U.S.-led invasions, occupations and interference in other countries, and their demand that NATO and other aggressive alliances be dismantled.

This striving for peace and opposition to NATO will be expressed in Madrid at the People's Peace Summit and other events convoked to express opposition to NATO and the dangers it poses to Europe and the world at this time.

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Volume 52 Number 6 - June 5, 2022

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