Disinformation and a Modern World Outlook

People become afraid when they think about things based on personal feelings and apprehensions. In this situation they become victims of disinformation. Disinformation is not to make people believe in this or that but to deprive them of acquiring a modern world outlook of their own. Disinformation is not what certain people say about lies or about what is going on, which people may or may not believe. Disinformation is about driving people crazy so that they cannot think and form a consistent modern outlook.

With a modern world view or outlook one cannot be driven crazy or become scared and incapable of facing the challenges of a world that, at the outset, appear out of control. With a modern outlook, one is capable of analyzing the objective world, sorting out the contradictions and engaging in actions with analysis to change the situation in favour of oneself, the working class, the general interests of society and all of humanity.

The objective world changes spontaneously, independent of our will. Humans at this historical turning point must recognize the most important feature of what the relations between humans and humans and humans and nature reveal: the existing objective contradictions in the relations of production can be resolved through conscious organized actions to change the world. To effect this change demands constant analysis, organized actions and yet more analysis and actions. This process opens great possibilities to humanize the social and natural world.

When one acts consciously to acquire a modern world view or outlook, disinformation still exists but, similar to the noise of a distant ambulance siren, it has no more effect than any other annoying sound wave reaching the brain, as it almost immediately disappears.

The main content of our era is the striving of the New to come into being against everything Old. The peoples of the world are the decisive factor of what is to come, not weapons, not the destructive course the narrow private interests of those who have usurped power in the U.S./NATO alliance impose, and not adherence to what are called democratic institutions. Those outmoded institutions have long since shown themselves to be grounded in racist and anachronistic theories of government. They perpetuate elite rule spuriously called majority rule, responsible government, democracy and other misnomers.

Today, activating the human factor/social consciousness by thinking things through is more necessary than ever!

This article was published in
Volume 52 Number 6 - June 5, 2022

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