British Royals' "Jubilee Tour"

High Time Canadians Renounce the Monarchy and Everything It Brings with It

Statue of Queen Victoria, symbol of colonial rule, toppled in front of Manitoba legislature during Cancel Canada Day action, July 1, 2021. A statue of Queen Elizabeth was also taken down.

The little "Jubilee Tour" to Canada of the so-called Working Royals -- Charles, who ruling elites presume to be the future King of Canada, and his wife Camilla -- illustrates that it is high time Canadians renounce the monarchy and everything it brings with it.

This begins, not ends, with rejecting the Constitution 1867, also known as the British North America Act 1867. This Act of the British Parliament, imported 155 years ago, was written in Highclere Castle in Hamphire, England. Highclere is the castle rented for the TV show and movie Downton Abbey. The archives at Highclere show almost daily correspondence between the Fourth Earl of Carnarvon and Sir John A. Macdonald on key elements of the Constitution used to found Canada.

"It is clear that Highclere Castle was at the very centre of the discussions surrounding the British North American Bill and its drafting. Indeed, it was the Fourth Earl himself who took the British North America Act to (the British) Parliament in 1867, which led to the creation of the Dominion of Canada on July 1st of the same year," the current Lady Carnarvon proudly affirms on her blog.

The principles and structures contained in the British North America Act 1867 remain essentially intact to this day with the addition of an amending formula and Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. With the adoption of the document called Canada's Constitution, in which the people of Canada had no say, Canada's Dominion status was maintained with new trappings such as that henceforth Canadians were to pay for Canada's defence, contribute cannon fodder to British wars and the like.

What is significant, however, is that the document is based on the Covenant Thesis invented by Thomas Hobbes after the English Civil War in 1660. It provided the country with a structure that establishes a fictitious person as head of state and, in the case of Canada, this is the monarch of a foreign country. The relations between ruled and rulers are based on a hierarchy which keeps the people disempowered through the institutions created to perpetuate the rule of the elites.

To this day it is based on a medieval outlook whereby rights are privileges which can be given or taken away on the basis of those the rulers declare are legal or illegal, or worthy at any particular time, or based on what are called reasonable limits which it defines according to what serves private interests.

To this day all official legislatures and institutions must swear allegiance to the foreign monarch, who also controls prerogative powers, privileges and the decisions on matters pertaining to war and peace, including the conception of justice, rule of law and who and what opinions are legitimate and which are not.

To this day, immigrants seeking citizenship must also swear allegiance to the foreign monarch and Indigenous peoples are considered wards of the state.

This is the Crown which syphons millions of pounds from the people in Britain and money from the people of countries, such as Canada, where the anachronistic institutions linked to the monarchy continue to exist. All that money and much more should be given to the Indigenous peoples in reparations for the genocide committed against them which are crimes not only of the past but of the present.

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Volume 52 Number 5 - May 21, 2022

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