Reality Does Not Conform to U.S. Wishes to Control the World

All Out to Support Dialogue and Negotiations Which Produce Desired Results and a Peaceful Resolution of the Ukraine Conflict

– Pauline Easton –

The need to support dialogue and negotiations which produce desired results and a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine conflict is urgent but the U.S./NATO forces will not permit such a dialogue and negotiations to take place. Their lies, disinformation and warmongering get ever more frenzied the more the facts of life expose them. This makes it clear they do not want a peaceful resolution which favours the peoples of Ukraine, Russia, the rest of Europe or the world.

In this vein, the Extraordinary Summit of NATO Heads of State held in Brussels on March 24 was an occasion to present the U.S./NATO forces as all-powerful and the reactionary forces in Ukraine as winning against the Russians. News media and pundits in the U.S. and NATO countries were filled with opinions that Russia is bogged down, it did not get the 72-hour win they allege it was seeking, its younger soldiers allegedly do not know why they are there, they are allegedly not properly supplied and the like. Since then, they continue the narrative that Russia is committing war crimes, that it is about to be defeated "by the Ukrainian resistance" and/or cannot win this war and so on. Meanwhile, they step up their campaign of sending lethal weapons to Ukraine and training Ukrainians to use them.

On the eve of the NATO Summit, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that "the U.S. government assesses that members of Russia's forces have committed war crimes in Ukraine." President Biden called Russian President Putin a war criminal. The U.S. and its mouthpieces have been making these claims about Russia and Putin since 2014 despite the evidence that shows the crimes are committed by the neo-Nazi battalions within and alongside Canadian-trained Ukrainian special forces, especially in the Donbass region.

The U.S.-directed 2014 coup, in which Canada played a major role, brought neo-Nazis into positions in the armed forces and special forces. The U.S., dictating to the government of Ukraine it installed, sanctioned violent actions and crimes -- by the government and these neo-Nazi battalions, like the Azov Battalion -- against people of the Donbass, in Odessa and elsewhere.

These neo-Nazis have been armed and trained by the U.S., Canada and NATO. Their Nazi salute, Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Heroes has been taken up by Canadian official circles as well as in the U.S. promoted by Senator Marco Rubio and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, who is directly involved today and was involved, with Biden, in the 2014 coup. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi also promoted the Nazi salute on March 16 when Ukraine President Zelensky spoke virtually before Congress, and called for more weapons and planes.

With all the promotion of Russian "failure," everything is done to divert attention from U.S./NATO crimes and the fact that the U.S. is using NATO to make sure there is no settlement to the conflict in Ukraine. It has become clear that the U.S./NATO plan is to create a never-ending "no war, no peace" situation when what is needed is dialogue and negotiations which produce desired results and a peaceful political resolution.

A "no war, no peace" situation could continue indefinitely, as in Palestine for instance, where the U.S./Zionist policy of destruction permits no political solution while Israel gets away with war crimes and crimes against humanity. The historical fraud promoted by the U.S. claims an alleged right of Israel to self-defence so Israel is not held to account for its duties as an occupying power, duties it has never upheld. Israel has trampled in the mud all the requirements for its founding in 1948, yet is presented by the U.S. as a democratic country acting in self-defence while the Palestinians' right of return is denigrated and ignored.

Israeli bombardment of Palestine, April 14, 2021.

By deliberately continuing the "no war, no peace" situation in Israel, from time to time open war can break out in the form of another destructive assault on the Palestinian people, while daily the siege of Gaza, illegal settlements, arrests and imprisonment of people without charges take place. Palestinians are forced to live in ever smaller pieces of occupied Palestine while Israel, backed by the U.S., goes unpunished for its crimes.

A "no war, no peace" situation is also consistent with conditions where the U.S. launches and backs wars of destruction. Such wars do not have political aims. They are not politics by other means which is why there are no negotiations to reach a peace settlement. The aim is not negotiations to settle disputes but to destroy those who cannot be forced to submit. Their tactics include "shock and awe" bombings of cities, as was done against Iraq and Afghanistan as well as atrocities against civilians which they call collateral damage.

It is the policy of destruction which leads to the commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity and accusations of genocide as it is directed not primarily against military targets but against civilians and civilian infrastructure. The many examples of massive bombings as well as drone attacks targeting weddings and civilian homes are evidence of this, often using the excuse that the victims were being used as "human shields." The U.S./NATO bombing of Yugoslavia is another example, as is Libya and the U.S.-backed Saudi bombing of Yemen. The notion of "endless wars" develops in part because wars of destruction only destroy; they do not seek negotiations and a peaceful resolution of conflicts. The U.S./NATO forces will not agree to be held to account and rein in their pursuit of narrow private interests however they see fit, and call this a "rules-based international order."

In the current situation, Russia has made its political aims very clear: to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. This is why its forces encircled Mariupol, for example, a main base of the neo-Nazi forces, but they did not bomb residential areas where the neo-Nazi forces ensconced themselves, using the population as human shields, torturing and killing whosoever would not cooperate. It is not the Russians who committed war crimes in Mariupol. Their aim is to denazify Ukraine, not occupy Ukraine. Colonel Douglas McGregor, former Security Advisor to the Trump administration, said that the evidence supported Russia's charge that in Mariupol it was the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, not the Russian forces, that was refusing to allow civilians to leave through the humanitarian corridors established.

To demilitarize, Russia has targeted military facilities and it has not used a massive air bombing campaign -- the go-to method of the U.S. -- as it does not want to see Ukraine and its people and infrastructure destroyed. It wants the neo-Nazis eliminated and the non-stop U.S./NATO militarization of the country ended.

Russia has political aims and seeks negotiations, as it has shown in practice. Ukraine, under the dictate of the U.S./NATO forces, is thus far not serious in pursuing negotiations. The U.S./NATO actions are guided by destruction not politics, and by sending more lethal weapons, encircling Russia with battleships and more troops, they are acting to block negotiations and prolong the conflict.

The U.S., however, has become notorious for its inability to accurately predict outcomes and sooner or later it will suffer the consequences of its miscalculations as concerns the desire of Ukrainians and Europeans for a peaceful settlement of the Ukraine conflict. The vast majority of Ukrainian refugees want to go home, not into exile. They are the ones suffering the most and paying the price of U.S. prolonged war and its "no war, no peace" equation.

The peoples of the world can readily see who pays the price for the striving of the U.S. war oligopolies and profiteers to prevail. There is nothing redeeming about their aim to encircle, isolate and crush Russia under the pretext of high ideals. For the people of Canada and Quebec, what the U.S./NATO forces are up to is a clarion call to oppose Canada's integration into the U.S. war machine and to dismantle NATO, dismantle NORAD and support dialogue and negotiations which produce desired results and a peaceful resolution of the problems in Ukraine.

This article was published in
Volume 52 Number 4 - April 3, 2022

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