Oppose U.S./NATO Provocations and Attempts to Encircle and Crush Russia

Road to Peace

In this issue, TML Monthly is publishing material which opposes the U.S./NATO warmongering, lies and disinformation about unfolding events.

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) calls on all peace-loving people across the country to speak out against the U.S./NATO use of Ukraine as a forward base to isolate, encircle, humiliate and crush Russia. Canada's government and its ministers are marching in lockstep with the U.S. in leading the charge. The Deputy Prime Minister is foaming at the mouth with rage and revenge-seeking to "crush Russia," while the Prime Minister and others are eager to prove their worth by disgracefully covering themselves in the Ukrainian flag and shouting the slogans of the neo-Nazi forces they have mobilized to carry out terrorist attacks against the population in eastern Ukraine: Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes! and issuing apologetic statements to deny what they mean.

Brutal sanctions are being imposed on Russia by the United States, Canada and other countries of Europe. They are in no way intended to sort out the problems which have emerged as a result of the New World order established since the end of the bi-polar division of the world in the 1989-1991 period. With the bi-polar division the two superpowers each had their main spheres of influence in Europe and worldwide and a certain equilibrium existed. Since the U.S. declared its own "new world order," great disequilibrium prevails. The forces of counterrevolution and all reaction have the upper hand with no official counterweight to keep them in check.

The more the U.S. strives to be the sole superpower, the more it puts even the NATO countries said to be its allies under its control, the more the disequilibrium and the greater the dangers of a new world war. Using Ukraine as a forward base, the U.S. is pushing its dictate over all of Europe, getting NATO armed to the teeth and deploying more U.S. and NATO forces, on Russia's borders.

The reason for the pre-emptive strike launched by Russia is the U.S. and NATO refusal to recognize the conditions Russia requires to secure its borders since the end of the bi-polar division of the world. Talk about "Russian aggression" diverts from the fact that there would be no conflict today, or certainly not this conflict, had the U.S. not expanded NATO at all, had it agreed to keep Ukraine out of NATO and not used it to permit neo-Nazi gangs to attack the population of eastern Ukraine and threaten Russia's borders. It should have dismantled NATO after the Warsaw Pact was officially disbanded in March and July of 1991, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Instead, the U.S. expanded NATO and is engaging in brinkmanship, pushing pushing pushing to see how far it can go in the hopes it can prevail to crush Russia and then deal with China from a position of strength.
This is by no means a road to peace.

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Volume 52 Number 3 - March 6, 2022

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