Urgency Increases to Make Canada a Zone for Peace

A feature noted at the end of 2021 was the further development of a trend which has been unfolding for several years -- the uneven development of the productive forces which results in contradictions internally within countries and internationally. China's economy has eclipsed that of the U.S. and several other large countries are now approaching the U.S. economy in size. Besides China, whose economy of 1.4 billion people is rapidly transforming from petty production to industrial mass production, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and others are rapidly developing. As well, Russia appears to have found its bearings after the disastrous destruction of the Soviet Union and pillage of its public enterprises.

The global oligarchs who vie for world domination by controlling the U.S. striving for domination -- which includes Canada -- are alarmed at the increasing global competition for markets, raw materials, workers to exploit and regions to dominate, and at the attempts of others to challenge their authority. While Biden increased the budget of the Pentagon even above what it asked for, U.S./NATO military threats and attacks are increasing exponentially as Russia tries to talk some sense into NATO to stand down in the Asia Pacific and on its borders specifically. Meanwhile, Russia and China have come forward to seriously challenge the stranglehold of the global financial oligarchs under the control of U.S. imperialist interests over international economic institutions and transactions. The U.S. imperialists have always used these international economic institutions to thwart the rise of competitors, keeping them in tow and forcing them to submit to their will.

This issue of TML Monthly carries articles dealing with these matters.

The situation brings urgency to the call of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) to Make Way for Renewal and to Make Canada a Zone for Peace. The aim of bringing into being an anti-war government and disentangling Canada from the U.S. war economy and military requires first-rate attention.

Canada's military is integrated into the U.S. military and follows its directions without the agreement and informed consent of even the Parliament of Canada, let alone the Canadian people. Within the situation, the U.S. ruling elite dictate Canada's foreign affairs and international relations -- which include, importantly, the control and use of the Canadian Department of National Defence, intelligence forces and military. They use toadies within Canada's elite to enforce their dictate and wreck any public opinion to the contrary.

Whether certain Canadians agree or not with the direction of the United States in international affairs is not the issue. The issue is that Canada must have its own independent position decided by the polity.

The situation as it poses itself demands Canadians pay first-rate attention to the need to organize to take Canada out of all military associations with the U.S. such as NATO and NORAD, and to free Canada's economy from the dark abyss of the U.S. war economy.

Resistance to arbitrary control and hegemony is constant. The situation is explosive as U.S. imperialism will not change its ways. Still the peoples are challenging it with mass organization and courageous opposition and struggle to build the New.

In its desperation for control, U.S. actions and those of its aggressive NATO war alliance, which includes Canada, threaten more local wars or even a broader war involving the U.S. and one or more of the larger countries.

Those calling for an anti-war government argue that Canada must not participate in U.S. imperialist war preparations and must also defend its sovereignty in a meaningful way.

This means not permitting the U.S. imperialists to exercise command and control over Canada's air, land, water and government and military assets. We must withdraw from NATO as well as NORAD and work for an independent foreign policy.

This means removing all Canadian soldiers, ships and equipment from foreign territory and waters as well as international waterways. Most importantly, it means that Canadians must establish an anti-war government.

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Volume 52 Number 1 - January 9, 2022

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