45th Anniversary of U.S.-Backed Terrorist Attack on Air Cubana Flight 455, October 6, 1976

This October 6 marked the 45th anniversary of the bombing of Air Cubana Flight 455 by U.S.-backed anti-Cuba terrorists. This heinous act of terrorism was one of many carried out against Cuba with U.S. backing from the 1960s to the 1990s. In 2010, Cuba began to commemorate this date as the "Victims of State Terrorism Day." On this day, Cuba commemorates its 3,478 citizens who have died and 2,099 who have been permanently disabled by acts of terrorism, a total of 5,577 victims. These figures do not include victims from other countries, including Canada, killed or injured during terrorist attacks aimed at Cuba.

On this solemn occasion, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) sends deepest condolences to the Cuban people and all victims of these attacks. It stands with the Cuban people and their revolution in opposing terrorism, the use of force as well as "coercive diplomacy" to sort out differences and problems between nations and peoples. It pledges to continue working to support  friendly relations between all countries based on mutual respect and benefit and the upholding of the rule of international law as established by the UN Charter.

On this occasion, CPC(M-L) reiterates its condemnation of the U.S. blockade of Cuba, which is both illegal and internationally condemned. The blockade profoundly violates the human rights of the Cuban people and is carried out with the same vicious aim of causing death and destruction as the bombing of Air Cubana Flight 455. CPC(M-L) also condemns the U.S. government for putting Cuba back on its spurious "state sponsors of terrorism" list in January 2021, citing Cuba's support for the Venezuelan people and their affirmation of their right to be through the Bolivarian Revolution as support for "terrorism." It condemns the act of terrorism against the Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC on April 30, 2020 when a Cuban expatriate living in the U.S. sprayed the front of the embassy building with over 30 rounds using an AK-47 assault rifle. Luckily none of those inside at the time were injured. To this day the U.S. government has never condemned that attack, which could well have resulted in deaths, as the perpetrator admitted to law enforcement was his intention.

Today, having failed in their mission of achieving regime change, more frenetic attempts are being made to stir counterrevolutionary rebellion within Cuba and against Cuba abroad, using the difficulties the people face as a result of the U.S. blockade to incite opposition to the government. The allegedly peaceful protestors are incited, funded and used by the U.S. and the disturbances have nothing to do with a political movement against the government. In this vein, in the early morning hours of July 27, this year, three incendiary devices were thrown at the Cuban Embassy in Paris. Two of the "Molotov cocktails" hit the facade and entrance of the building. Embassy personnel were able to put out a fire that had started and there were no injuries. Families with children were inside the building at the time of the attack.

CPC(M-L) calls on Canadians to hold the U.S. government responsible for all these acts of counterrevolution and terrorism. Canadians should also call on Canada to disassociate itself with the acts of hooliganism, terrorism and violence against Cuba. Canada should stop condoning these attacks by claiming they are political when nothing but filthy trash talk comes out of the mouths of the allegedly peaceful protestors. It should stop accusing the government of Cuba of being totalitarian to divert attention away from who is responsible for the violence in Cuba. Canada should also take action against the use of Canadian territory for purposes of enforcing the illegal blockade.

For the U.S. to take advantage of the impact the pandemic is having on Cuba at this time as a result of the blockade, to intensify its economic, commercial and financial blockade and campaign of putting maximum pressure on the Cuban government and people, encouraging violence and disorder to justify a military intervention is ample proof of what the U.S. democracy and human rights stand for.

CPC(M-L) denounces the Biden administration for spreading lies and disinformation for the purpose of demonizing Cuba's leadership and the supporters of revolutionary Cuba and inciting counterrevolutionary elements to engage in violent acts like those that took place on July 11. It calls on the Canadian government to take no part of this vile activity and instead demand that the U.S. end its criminal economic war against Cuba. The Cuban people must be allowed to solve their problems on their own without outside interference or threats, something they are more than capable of doing.

The anniversary of the bombing of Air Cubana Flight 455 is a timely reminder to Canadians and Quebeckers of the need to end Canada's appeasement of U.S. imperialism and state terrorism and ensure that Canada is a zone of peace, with its own independent foreign policy that upholds the rule of international law. This includes standing up for Cuba's right to be, free from outside interference, terrorism and all forms of aggression, including the unjust U.S. blockade.

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Volume 51 Number 10 - October 10, 2021

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