Canada and Lima Group Continue Unacceptable Stand on Venezuela

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January 27, 2020. Protest in Ottawa against visit by imposter Juan Guaidó.

As deputies of the new Venezuelan National Assembly were being sworn in on January 5, the imposter, self-proclaimed "interim president" Juan Guaidó, gathered a motley crew from remnants of the former National Assembly, whose term expired that day, to declare that the term of that defunct body, along with his fictitious presidency, were extended for another year. 

This latest stunt was directed by the U.S., and supported by Canada and some others. They had declared long in advance that they would not recognize the newly-elected parliament, but would continue recognizing the outgoing National Assembly as the only "legitimate" democratic institution in the country even after its term was up. In that way, they hope to prolong the farce of a parallel government with no power, that lacks support inside the country and exists mainly on social media. Time and again they have staged stunts in the belief that each would bring the Maduro government down. Time and again this has not happened. It seems that now they think another year will do the trick. 

The same day, a diminished Lima Group issued a statement exhorting whoever pays attention to it anymore, to "join in the disregard and rejection of this illegitimate National Assembly." It stopped short of taking the position advocated by the U.S. and Canada of supporting the outgoing legislature after its term expires and recognizing the "presidency" of Juan Guaidó. Just one day before, then-Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne wrote in his department’s Twitter account:  "As the Dec 6 elections were neither free nor fair, Canada will continue to recognize the National Assembly, democratically elected in 2015, as #Venezuela's legitimate legislature and its president as Venezuela's Interim President." 

The U.S. had tried, but failed as well, to get the Organization of American States (OAS) to adopt this position at a special meeting of the organization held in December right after the new National Assembly was elected. With Canada's help, the U.S. was able to corral enough countries to get an interfering resolution passed that called on the international community to "join in the rejection of these fraudulent elections" and demanded the holding of new legislative and presidential elections as soon as possible. But it did not call for continuing to recognize the outgoing National Assembly instead of the newly elected one, and had no mention of recognizing Guaidó as interim president. 

It did not take long for the social media monopolies to be mobilized to up their efforts on behalf of the regime change cause. Twitter has suspended the account of the new National Assembly. Now a fake one controlled by Guaidó's coup forces posing as the "official account of the National Assembly of Venezuela," is all that appears in an online search. Did those who cheered when Twitter censored Trump by shutting down his account, not realize how that private company's power would be and is being used to censor many others targeted by the imperialist ruling elite?

Meanwhile, sanctions against Venezuela are killing the people of that country, something Canada never speaks about. Sanctions are an act of war in which Canada is engaging without having to declare war or sacrifice a single soldier. No matter what one thinks of the government of Venezuela, it is up to the Venezuelan people to settle their own scores and the U.S. and Canada interfering in their affairs in the name of freedom and democracy is unacceptable.

The actions of the Trudeau government are beyond shameful. And just as shameful, no opposition party has seen fit to denounce what the government has been up to -- participating in a brutal economic war against Venezuelans and telling them who they can and cannot elect to govern them, preventing Venezuelans resident in Canada from voting in the 2018 presidential election (the only country to do so), and recognizing an illegal parallel government and its so-called ambassador in Canada, plucked from the putrid swamp of Miami's anti-Cuba mafia, as the "legitimate" representatives of the Venezuelan people. 

In addition, Canada is now refusing to renew the visas of or accept any diplomatic personnel designated by the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, thereby depriving more than 20,000 Venezuelan-Canadians and immigrants from that country of consular services. Should it permit the Embassy of Venezuela to be occupied by the pretend government, it would be a violation of the Vienna Convention governing diplomatic affairs. Such an embassy could not even function since it controls no government services whatsoever.

None of the cartel parties can claim to be acting for Canadians who have never given their consent for any of this. The position of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) is well known. It calls on Canadians to insist that the Government of Canada cease all involvement in these illegitimate activities and completely disassociate itself from the U.S. regime-change project. The Biden presidency has made it clear it will continue to push for regime change by having more effectively targeted sanctions, according to the new Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

It is to the credit of the Venezuelan people and their government that they have stood firm, steadfastly resisting plot after plot to incite a bloody civil war and smash their civil-military union so that foreign and domestic interests can seize control of their country and do away with their Bolivarian nation-building project, under the hoax of "restoring democracy." Their resolve and the fact that justice is on their side has also won them the support of democratic and anti-imperialist forces the world over, including in Canada and Quebec.

While the Canadian government has cast its lot with an illegitimate and illegal imperialist plot against the Venezuelan people, it is the Canadian people who are upholding the rule of law, democratic principles and human rights by speaking in their own name and organizing actions to say Hands off Venezuela! Respect Venezuela's Sovereignty! Let the Venezuelan People Decide!

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