To assist the working people to provide themselves with the orientation they require to participate in the political process and share the reports and news which concern their lives, CPC(M-L) will publish the bulletin Renewal Update twice a week, starting in the second half of January. TML will be published on the first Sunday of every month, instead of weekly, and TML supplements will continue to be published as required to provide more substantive information on unfolding developments and matters of concern. The Workers' Centre of CPC(M-L) will continue to publish Workers' Forum twice a week or as needed by the workers' movement at any time.

We are convinced that a first step to people's empowerment is to unite in action around projects of our own making! We count on you to send in your reports, photos and information, along with announcements about events, in a timely fashion, as well as to get more readers and subscribers. Our best wishes for success in 2021!

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Volume 51 Number 1 - January 3, 2021

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