In 2021, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) is going to pay first rate attention to providing the problems we face with solutions. It intends to go to the heart of the matter of what it means to provide problems with solutions which favour the interests of the working people, not the rich.

No matter which capitalist society one refers to, it is plagued by social, spiritual and economic problems which not only persist year after year but get worse. Canada is no exception. The neo-liberal nation-wrecking agenda of the ruling class is taking its toll, saddling the working people with problems which require solutions.

Canada's model of governance is based on Hobbesian covenant thesis. This was given rise to several centuries ago, in England in the 1660s, as a way to get the rulers of the day out of civil war. It established a fictitious person of state in the manner of an incorporated persona which looks down upon the people, who are classified as subjects. This fictitious persona wields a sword in one hand and a bishop's staff in the other, representing the decision-making power which stands above the people. Matters related to war and peace and justice are thus the sole purview of the person of state, who defines the character of the civil society such that the national interest, values and the conduct of relations serve that interest.

Civil society arrangements which current neo-liberal governments are dispensing with, were designed to sort out contradictions between ruling factions by means of elections, deliberations in the legislatures, discourse through the media and contractual arrangements which were judiciable. They also established the system of political parties and party government to act as gatekeepers of the power of the fictitious person of state.

Governments, ministers, members of parliament, judges, lawyers and all such servants of the court and the state must swear allegiance to said person of state who they are duty-bound to represent. Party government in a representative democracy represents the fictitious person of state, not the people. The dictate of the ruling class over the people functions when it appears to have the consent of the governed and to represent the people. Once this fiction is seen to lie naked before the people, what is revealed is the need for the people to solve the problem of wielding the political power in their own favour instead.

The material conditions today reveal the nakedness in the form of unfettered police powers. Prime ministers, presidents, cabinet ministers and the private interests they cater to set the direction of the economy and the interests which will receive funds borrowed from private sources, which are then channelled through the state coffers to claim they are "public" funds. Arrangements hitherto known to comprise a civil society have shed all notions of being a public authority based on providing "the greatest good to the greatest number." No longer is society based on the motto, "All for One and One for All," which upheld a socialized process of production in the service of the rich while also benefiting the many.

The more the rulers clamour for the preservation of the status quo, the more the status quo reveals who it serves and that it is unsustainable.

In order for governments to ensure that society continues to go nowhere, they must give themselves more and more police powers and justifications based on self-serving definitions of what constitutes economic prosperity, national security and the national interest. This has become the dominant feature of everything the federal government does, to the extent that its intelligence agencies openly speak about outlawing anyone who does not swear allegiance to Canadian institutions. Based on these self-serving definitions of what constitutes prosperity, national security and the national interests, the intelligence police agencies are now in charge of monitoring speech on social media, declaring what constitutes fake news and poses a danger to Canada's model of governance.

Especially now under the auspices of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments are passing laws related to the economy and the people's well-being which ensure that the objective laws of capitalist development operate with all their destructive force, while those who protest and call for the fulfillment of their aspirations, who work for the building of a new society, are suppressed. But objective laws when understood do not have to cause destruction. They can be used in such a way that they contribute to the creation of a society fit for human beings.

For their part, the people are not calling for the preservation of the status quo; they are calling for change, for solutions. Problems require solutions. Some are big problems and others are small. Some require temporary measures and others, a permanent solution. Some are problems of nature and others are problems of society. Some are national and some are international. Some are of a theoretical nature and others are of a practical nature. What can be said, for sure, is that there are problems.

Do all problems have a solution? No. But there are some problems with which humankind cannot live without finding a solution. Such is the case when it comes to the political process and its need for renewal. This concerns who controls the decision-making power over all the decisions which affect our lives.

The growing hostility to governments which pay the rich, uphold definitions of justice as decreed by the narrow private interests they serve, and pass the most self-serving laws and call it rule of law requires an organized political expression of the changes the people want. A modern democratic personality is required whose every act is to humanize the natural and social environment as it intervenes in every situation by activating the human factor/social consciousness. The accomplishments of the technical and scientific revolution, if channelled to humanizing the natural and social environment, can bring all of humankind on par with their own creations. A new world can emerge from the debris which is threatening to bury us all alive.

In 2021, let us focus on the decisions which affect our lives. Let us focus on making sure we unite in action to identify the problems which we think require solutions and how to provide them with solutions!

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Volume 51 Number 1 - January 3, 2021

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