Elections for Governor

The elections for Governor have significance both in terms of the factional fight for the presidency and in terms of rallying forces behind those backing Trump or Biden. Governors also control significant armed forces, like National Guard and State police, so play a significant role when it comes to civil war concerns.

Among the more significant elections for Governor were those of Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan and Tim Walz in Minnesota. Democrats also secured control of the state legislatures in both states. Both are major industrial areas, including headquarters for General Motors and Ford in Michigan, and Hormel, a major meatpacker, Cargill, General Mills, 3M, Target, and others in Minnesota. Both have long histories of struggle of industrial workers and, along with Illinois and Ohio, they play influential roles in the fight for the presidency.

Florida and Texas, on the other hand, were won by Republicans Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott respectively. DeSantis is considered a major contender for the presidency; Abbott remains a possibility.

The Biden forces also won in the race for Governor and Senator in Pennsylvania, one of the places Trump forces vigorously contested and lost. The same is true for Arizona. The Arizona election is another example of the lack of concern the rulers have for blatantly discrediting their own election process. Trump "rising star" Kari Lake lost, but has refused to concede and called the election BS. Democrat Katie Hobbs won. Lake, much as Trump did, is going against county election officials, including Republicans, as part of discrediting the vote.

One of the difficulties in discrediting the elections is the fact that each voter receives a single ballot with the names of candidates for all the races, federal, state and local. Discrediting one, such as a Governor, for example, means discrediting them all. The argument is an incoherent one that adds to the general incoherent and irrational actions of the rulers when it comes to matters of democracy, war, and social needs and justice for the people. What stands out is that both discrediting and claims that the only solution is to "preserve" the existing democracy cannot contend with the anger and dissatisfaction of the people who are no longer accepting the fraud and failure of U.S.-style democracy.

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Volume 52 Number 48 - November 23, 2022

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