Working People Speak Up on Matters of Concern

Community Organizations Reject Silence as the Response to Their Demands

On September 29, at the call of the Quebec Network of Autonomous Community Action (RQ-ACA), hundreds of community organizations and thousands of people from across Quebec took to the streets of Montreal as part of a national demonstration to demand concrete action to protect the social safety net.

The organizations stressed the importance of their work with vulnerable people in the context of the housing and inflation crisis. The issue of funding is at the heart of their demands. "Community organizations are still facing significant underfunding, despite recent investments," said Caroline Toupin, co-spokesperson for the Get Involved in Community Campaign and coordinator of the RQ-ACA. "Failing to adequately fund the community is inevitably leaving citizens behind," she says.

Their main demands are:

- Funding of the missions of all of Quebec's 4,000 community organizations "to allow them to do what they were founded to do: help members of their communities. In addition, it is imperative that the government index annually these grants for all organizations."

- Major investments in public services and social programs because "they are indispensable for the respect of human rights and essential to ensure a decent standard of living for all."

- Better distribution of wealth: "Solutions exist to strengthen and significantly fund the social safety net and we must have the political courage to do that. It is intolerable that the government should deprive itself of the means necessary to reinvest in the common good."

Roxanne Milot, spokesperson for the Regional Front for Autonomous Community Action (FRACA) of Montreal adds: "For us, social justice rhymes with fiscal justice. The wealthy must give back their fair share to the society that allowed them to accumulate a fortune. It's time for them to contribute more to the common good, because everyone should be able to meet their basic needs with dignity."

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Volume 52 Number 24 - October 3, 2022

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