Aim of a Legault Government's Promotion of Racism in the Name of Quebec Nationalism

– Pauline Easton –

The promotion of racism by François Legault and his candidate Jean Boulet against Indigenous peoples and immigrants shows how anti-people his regime is. In Legault's conception, Quebec society is just a business and he is the ultimate businessman. But a society is not a private enterprise. For him, everything is about how to best manage the corporation. He says that the Indigenous peoples are complaining for no reason, but the indisputable truth is that racism is state organized in Quebec and Canada. The very conceptions that underlie the constitutional order are racist, as are the divide-and-rule policies of governments, as practised by the British colonialists and their system of governance.

This system is based on the Covenant Thesis instituted in England after the civil war of the 1660s, and then adapted in France by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who mastered it and helped shape the regime established by the republic that emerged from the French Revolution. This conception is in total crisis today.

The two variants of the supposed contract between the people and the governing elites are part of a system that is no longer capable of harmonizing the relationship between society and the individual because it places elites above the rest. It is a constitutional order that has become corrupted, that favours a privileged group and allows them to monopolize the wealth the workers produce by applying work to nature and to submit completely to the war plans of foreign powers. It is not for nothing that England, which gave birth to this system of government, is in total crisis today. It is not for nothing that France and all the countries of Europe whose nation-states are modelled on this theory of the British constitutional order are also plunged into an irreparable crisis.

François Legault, having succeeded in lowering the level of political discourse, simply wants to prove himself a champion of private interests. The method used is to make it appear that there is a conflict between his so-called nationalist discourse and the equally racist discourse of the self-styled anti-racist Liberals. They are two sides of the same coin. They all promote divisions among the people on the basis of language, values, origin, etc.

The truth is that these discourses preside and will preside over laws that attack the living and working conditions of all Quebecers for the benefit of the rich and that criminalize opposition using any pretext.

Vigilance is required to defend our rights and the rights of all!

This article was published in
Volume 52 Number 23 - October 2, 2022

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