Petition for Abolition of Monarchy in Quebec

On September 24, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society (SSJB) launched a petition for the abolition of the monarchy in Quebec.

SSJB President Marie-Anne Alepin introduced the petition as follows: "It has been shown repeatedly over the last few decades that Quebeckers are overwhelmingly against the monarchical system. All the results of studies on the question point in this direction: the monarchy is a system that has been imposed on us, in spite of ourselves. Yet, it is presented to us on all platforms as something positive, like a vast personality contest that we should all appreciate. But in reality, what is being proposed to us is nothing better than a reality show, a saga that is costing us immensely on several levels, be it democratic, symbolic or financial. Important political changes all start with a demonstration of strength of popular support. This petition is an opportunity for Quebeckers to mobilize and to state loud and clear our desire for change."

The petition reads as follows:

Abolition of the Monarchy in Quebec

For the Quebec nation, the equal rights of all humans is a fundamental value.

By making us, Quebeckers, the subjects of a king, the monarchical regime denies this equality and imposes archaic and undemocratic symbols on us.

By entrusting the office of head of state and of the armed forces of Canada to a foreign king with "divine" right, the monarchy imposes on the people of Quebec a break with their will to constitute a secular state and to derogate from the principle of equality of all before the law.

Consequently, it consecrates an unbearable intrusion of religion in the affairs of the State.

We, Quebeckers, refuse to be "subjects" of "His Majesty" and to live in a regime where citizens are subject to a monarch of divine right.

We wish to live in a modern and democratic society where all humans are equal in rights.

We, the undersigned, want the monarchy to be officially abolished.

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(Translated from original French by TML.)

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Volume 52 Number 23 - October 2, 2022

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