Taking Up Social Responsibility in 2020

The new decade brings with it the necessity for working people to take up their individual and collective social responsibility to oppose imperialism. This means in practice to speak out and act in one's own name individually and collectively on the issues and problems facing the people, economy and society, to oppose the ruling elite of the financial oligarchy and defend the people's interests; it means not allowing the rich oligarchs to set the agenda and falsely claim they represent the people in government; and it requires the people to advance the organized movement for democratic renewal and their empowerment.

Speaking in one's own name individually and collectively means in practice that the interests of individuals and collectives must be put on a par and harmonized with the general interests of the society. The challenge of the 21st century is to have fidelity to the relations between humans and humans and humans and nature and what they reveal. Individuals are called on to speak in their own name and defend the collective right to conscience and to deliberate on and decide the matters which concern their lives. The ruling elite give themselves license to attack the people's protest movements and criminalize ideology in the name of high ideals. It must not pass!

The right to conscience is a fundamental right without which all other rights have no meaning. In this regard, working people and their allies condemn with the utmost contempt the defamation of Dr. Dougal MacDonald, a lecturer at the University of Alberta, and the attack on the right to speak and organize initiated by reactionary forces whose aims for society are harmful and must be opposed.

For the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) accountability begins at home, which has been the case since its founding in 1970. Speaking and acting collectively in the name of the Party means as individuals and through the Party's organizations taking measures to defend and strengthen the constant political work and to produce TML Weekly, Workers' Forum and various other publications and engage in political discussions, meetings and demonstrations.

Accountability and social responsibility require that all members and supporters do everything in their power to write, distribute, finance and otherwise participate in defending and building the collective voice of the Party and strengthening its organizations. It also means contributing to making sure all others can also speak in their own names in order to find their bearings under all conditions and circumstances.

Without individuals and their collectives taking up their social responsibilities to resist imperialism, the ruling elite is allowed to run roughshod over the rights that people have by virtue of being human, to perpetuate their anti-people anti-democratic institutions, to dehumanize the natural and social environment, block the development of a modern diversified economy that serves the people and interfere in the sovereign affairs of others in the world on the side of U.S. imperialist regime change, aggression and war.

The conditions in 2020 are calling and challenging working people to play their individual and collective political role to realize their striving for empowerment and democratic renewal so they can control the decisions that affect their lives. This means participating to the best of their abilities both as individuals and collectively in the mass defence and political organizations the people are themselves building.

Taking the Resistance Movement Further in 2020

The people's resistance movement defends the rights of all, including the hereditary rights of the Indigenous peoples; it strives to defend what belongs to working people by right, to increase investments in social programs and humanize the natural and social environment, to fight for democratic renewal and empowerment and stop the governments and state institutions from paying the rich; and fights to make Canada a zone for peace in opposition to the Canadian government's actions on the side of U.S. imperialist aggression and war.

In the face of the anti-social offensive and war agenda of the ruling imperialist elite, the working people have the social responsibility to organize and develop the resistance movement against the actions of the financial oligarchy and take it further. By intensifying the resistance movement, they develop the seamless relation between it and the need to act politically in their own name through political collectives established to achieve aims they set. By engaging in actions with analysis to take the trade union and protest movements further and by building their own political party, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), the working people can advance the movement to affirm their rights.

By taking the resistance movement further, the working people expose the sectarian, disruptive, splittist and self-serving role of the cartel parties of the ruling elite as a real problem for working people that blocks their advance and keeps them out of power. The participating members of the cartel party system of the financial oligarchy vie to seize power while claiming they govern with the consent of the governed. They divert the attention of working people from the need to speak and act in their own name and represent themselves in social and political affairs. The idea that working people have a choice between one party and another through elections has been debunked time and time again. The people want real problems to be solved and the power to do so; they detest the splitting of the movement by cartel parties disinforming the people to get their vote so as to access positions of privilege by claiming to represent the people in government.

Individual workers and their collectives, as they deliberate on their actions, need to pay close attention not to allow the aim of their movement to be put in a secondary position and made subordinate to the narrow aim of the parties of the cartel party system of government to be elected. The movement of working people against the anti-social offensive and imperialist war agenda can be advanced in practical ways by winning victories in actions with analysis using the people's own brains, outlook and thinking to affirm what belongs to them by right.

In 2020, the fiftieth anniversary year of the Party, let everyone take up their individual and collective social responsibilities to realize the aim of the movement!

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Volume 50 Number 1 - January 1, 2020

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Taking Up Social Responsibility in 2020


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