New Year's Greetings

Congratulations for the Achievements in 2019 -- All Out for Success in 2020!

CPC(M-L) New Year's Gathering, Toronto, December 29, 2019.

On the occasion of the New Year, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) sends militant revolutionary greetings to all Party members, sympathizers and friends, and wishes all the members and party organizations at every level and mass organizations of the workers, women and youth success in all their endeavours in the coming year.

Across the country on the occasion of the New Year, the Party is organizing get-togethers to celebrate what the forces fighting for change achieved together in 2019 as we united our efforts to defend the rights of working people, women, youth and Indigenous peoples and to Make Canada a Zone for Peace, and did our utmost to develop the anti-imperialist solidarity with the peoples of Asia, Africa and especially our responsibility towards the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean. It is important to celebrate our achievements won in the course of facing many challenges and prevailing over them.

On this occasion, the CC of CPC(M-L) also extends greetings to the Communist Party of Cuba and its first secretary General Raul Castro and to the Cuban people and their president Miguel Díaz-Canel and our sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. We pledge to contribute our efforts to the defeat of the brutal blockade the U.S. is tightening against Cuba and for the return of Guantánamo. We once again express our profound appreciation for the contributions of Comrade Fidel Castro and his fidelity to principles which, as he said, are worth more than life itself.

We salute all the peoples of Our America who continue to uphold the revolutionary interest in the difficult conditions of today. We pledge to do our utmost to make sure Latin America and the Caribbean are a zone of peace and that Canada cannot be used as a base to undermine the peoples' striving for peace, democracy and freedom.

Our greetings also to the working people of all the countries fighting for their rights. We salute the U.S. working class and people who are waging historic fights by upholding their anti-war consciousness and tradition in today's difficult conditions and their fight for the recognition of the rights of all. Based on their own thought material, by speaking in their own name and upholding the values they espouse against those of the ruling class, we wish the people of the U.S. success in the coming year as the elections become the greatest assault on their conscience and collective rights and action.

In Britain, the ruling class got the majority it wanted out of the general election but this will not sort out any problem. Whether or not Britain leaves the European Union or stays, the economy is caught in the grip of the raging competition between one faction and another of the narrow private interests which are striving to dominate the world today. The so-called One Nation politics of the Conservative Party are for purposes of claiming the consent of the governed to rule with impunity. It will not pass! We salute the peoples of England, Scotland and Wales who persist in raising the demand for an anti-war government and the recognition of the rights of all. We also salute the Irish people and their fight for the reunification of Ireland which we are confident will prevail.

On this occasion we also salute the millions of workers in France who have been on strike for the last three weeks. They have broad support as they oppose the new proposed law to change their pensions and increase the retirement age. All power to all those who have persisted in their protests throughout the year. Just like in 1789 when the people stormed the Bastille, the people of France are striving to take control of the affairs of society and not just beg the ruling elite for this or that concession. The ruling elite has captured the state to siphon off all the wealth produced by the toil of people and plunder the resources of nature while wrecking the social and natural environments. The French working class has shut down France showing they are quite capable of running the affairs of society and instituting a modern democracy where the distribution of wealth and use of resources are human-centred and society affirms the rights of all.

Paris, December 28, 2019

We salute the workers everywhere in Europe and Oceania whose demands underscore the need of the times to abolish the system of party rule which has become as historically obsolete as the financial oligarchy is superfluous, a drain on society which neither humans nor nature can afford. In 2020, the struggles of the peoples to defeat all attempts to rule with impunity and through police powers in the name of high ideals are sure to make headway.

In India and abroad, protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) continue. In many places, the police are rampaging, looting, killing people and destroying homes. The Indian state has unleashed a campaign of terror to quell the revolt and scare people who are defying its lawlessness. Plans to bring in a register of citizens aim to expropriate from the people what belongs to them by right and to force upon them the need for a piece of paper to prove they are human beings in a society where they have lived since time immemorial and where oral traditions are still dominant. It is a travesty of justice and humanity. The Indian cabinet approved more than a billion dollars for a National Population Register, the first step towards a NRC. It is a win-win for the ruling elite when more than a billion dollars will be handed over to Tata, Ambani, Naryanmurthy or another data company to attack the people. In the meantime, there are videos showing detention centres built for "illegal" people where they are to provide free labour to the big companies as is done in the U.S. Procomm, a company that runs call centres from prisons in the U.S., was being used by businessman Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, for his election campaign, until it was exposed. India, like all the countries saddled with the system of so-called representative democracy to keep the people out of power, is past master at using disinformation, deception and fraud as the modus operandi of the ministers and leaders of parties which form the cartel party system. During the first war for Indian independence in 1857, the people of India raised the call: Hum Hain Iske Malik Hindustan Hamara -- We the People are the owners of India. It belongs to us. What they aspired to achieve at that time, they continue to fight for today.

So too, the people of Kashmir are engaging in unprecedented acts of bravery to end the occupation of Indian forces. We salute them as we also salute the Palestinian people and the peoples of all the countries subject to occupation and cruel sanctions which are acts of war in the name of high ideals. May the just cause of the peoples of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and Iraq, among others, prevail.

In Canada, this past year has been marked by an advanced consciousness on the part of the working people, Indigenous peoples, youth and women that it is up to them and their collectives to make sure political action is taken to defend the aims of their movements for the realization of their demands. We have seen in even sharper relief the deepening of the crisis of the existing institutions which rule through the use of police or arbitrary prerogative powers on behalf of the oligarchs. The working people have not just seen this but have responded with their own organizing and by speaking in their own name.

Vancouver, January 16, 2019

Looking at the 2019 photo review across Canada that TML Daily has been posting, we can see the growing political resistance of the people to all the attacks of the rich and their governments. The year began with the offensive against the Wet'suwet'en and the response from coast to coast to coast in support of their right to decide what takes place on their territory. Since then, on every front, the battle for democratic renewal is raging. At the heart of it is the affirmation of the right of the working people, the Indigenous peoples, the women, youth and all national minorities and people from all walks of life to a say in the decisions which affect their lives.

The only accomplishment of the ruling class is to further enrich the rich. Its inability and disinterest to tackle the profound problems of the economy and the fact that they have become superfluous is evident in their brutal demand that people must fend for themselves and in the fraud that a healthy economy is measured by the rich getting richer, not by the well-being of society and its members. The basic aim of the financial oligarchy leads it to seize the reins of power directly to tailor domestic and foreign policy to making businesses competitive on the global market and to strive for spheres of influence which it controls, not the peaceful coexistence of nations or the fraternal unity of peoples. It has led to the destruction of the modern nation-state, NATO aggression, conflicts, global poverty, starvation and environmental destruction.

Trois-Rivières rally in solidarity with locked-out Bécancour aluminum workers, May 25, 2019.

But the facts do not end there. This particular historical period is characterized by the fact that all old forms and institutions no longer function while new ones have yet to be created to replace them. This also means that a trial of strength with the ruling class is in the making on the fundamental question of whether or not the path for the progress of society will be opened. The rulers are striving to keep themselves in power, whatever the cost to society, while the people see that governments only fulfill obligations towards the international financial oligarchs. In all earnest, working people nationwide are beginning to tackle the need to change the direction of the economy and make sure the political superstructure looks after the well-being of all.

We are living in difficult times but also exciting times. The face of the New can be seen in the demand of the working class and other working people that society must provide for all.

Let us exchange views with one another, share the highlights of the year's activities and see what plans we can put in place for the coming period. We thank you all for your support in the past year. Most importantly, together we appreciate the contributions each and every one of us makes to the movement for the emancipation of the working class as it fights for peace, freedom and democracy.

On behalf of CPC(M-L), we wish everyone success in their work and pledge to play our role as best we can. We are confident that all of us together are a formidable force which can make the headway the times are calling on us to make.

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New Year's Greetings: Congratulations for the Achievements In 2019 -- All Out for Success in 2020!


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