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December 29, 2019

2019 Photo Review

Speaking and Acting in Our Own Name
to Uphold the Rights of All and Make Canada a Zone for Peace


With this issue of TML Daily, CPC(M-L) continues its month-by-month 2019 photo review with the month of November.

As November began, forestry workers on the BC coast and Vancouver Island had entered the fifth month of their strike against Western Forest Products and its efforts to impose concessions on wages, benefits and working conditions and to increase subcontracting to weaken the workers' defence organizations. This has been broadly condemned by workers and communities throughout the region.

In Alberta, working people swiftly responded to the Kenney government's October 24 budget, omnibus legislation and daily announcements of new attacks on public services and the workers who deliver them, with a strong spirit to "Build the Resistance." Rallies, pickets and meetings took place throughout the month of November. Unions are organizing together to strengthen their united resistance. Seniors' organizations, women and youth and students continue to organize actions and are working out how to be effective.  

In pickets and discussions, the Canadian people expressed their anti-imperialist solidarity with the peoples of Our America. They responded with emergency actions to stand with the Bolivian people following the U.S.-instigated coup and demanded that the Canadian government withdraw its support for the coup forces. The people's support for the courageous actions of the Chilean people against neo-liberalism in the face of brutal state repression continued. Meanwhile, at the United Nations, Cuba once again received overwhelming support for its just call that the U.S. end its illegal blockade.

November also saw the people of Halifax once again declare that their city is "No Harbour for War" and reject the presence of the 11th annual Halifax International Security Forum held there from November 22 to 24. A rally, panel discussion and meeting were organized to express the people's opposition to this annual war conference that is imposed on them from Washington, DC, with the sponsorship of NATO and the Canadian government. Actions were also held in Toronto and Windsor in conjunction with the Halifax event, emphasizing that mobilizing against this war conference and to make Canada a zone for peace is the concern of all Canadians.

November 2
Demonstration in Montreal outside the Consulate General of Chile, to stand as one with the Chilean people and the peoples of the Americas, who are demanding peace, freedom and democracy.https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49026.HTM#11

November 5
Workers come out in force at the Alberta Federation of Labour's "Join the Resistance" townhall in Calgary, determined to block the anti-worker, anti-social offensive of the Kenney government. Earlier in the day, public sector workers continued their pickets at hospitals and other workplaces.


November 6
Rally at Calgary city hall against cuts contained in the Alberta budget.


November 6
Hundreds of BC workers from all sectors march in Nanaimo, in support of striking coastal and Vancouver Island forestry workers. 

https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0628.HTM#2    (Photos: USW 1-1937)

November 6
Picket in Montreal condemns the Chilean government's violence against its people.

November 6
University of Northern BC faculty rally in Prince George the day before going on strike to back demands for appropriate compensation and working conditions for professors, librarians, lab and contract workers.

https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0628.HTM#6  (Photo: UNBC Faculty Association)

November 9
An important meeting is organized by ALBA Social Movements Canada in Ottawa to inform people of breaking political developments in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the role people in Canada can play to stand with those resisting foreign interference and defending their nation-building projects.


November 9
A regional rally for public health care in Toronto is part of building resistance to the Ford government's cuts to public health care. It is one of a number of rallies and other actions organized in different areas of the province by the Ontario Health Coalition. 

https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49028.HTM#5 (Photo: TML)

November 10
A lively exchange takes place at a meeting with Mara Bilbao Díaz, Consul General of Cuba in Montreal on the overwhelming vote at the UN in favour of the resolution opposing the U.S. blockade against Cuba. Organized by the Quebec-Cuba Solidarity Roundtable, there is broad participation, including from the Salvadoran, Chilean and Haitian communities.


November 10
Faculty Association members at the University of Northern BC (UNBC) initiate strike action on November 7 to end substantially lower compensation received by UNBC faculty members compared to all other Canadian universities. They receive broad support from other workers at UNBC, their students and from faculty across the country.

https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0628.HTM#6 (Photos: UNBC Faculty Association)

November 11
Anti-war activists take part in Remembrance Day and honour the memory of the tens of millions of civilian lives lost and the sacrifice of all those who fought and died due to imperialist war, aggression and occupation, with the demand "Never Again."



(Photos: TML, Voice of Women for Peace)

November 11
  At the call of ALBA Social Movements Canada, activists picket a meeting at the University of Ottawa with the false Venezuelan ambassador, whose bogus credentials were shamelessly recognized by the Canadian government the week before.


November 12
Emergency pickets take place in a number of cities in support of the Bolivian people following a U.S.-instigated coup which forces Bolivian President Evo Morales to resign.




November 13
As locked-out workers from the Belledune lead smelter in New Brunswick picket Glencore facilities in Montreal, the company announces it will permanently close the plant. The locked-out workers have been informing Glencore workers in Quebec of their situation.


November 14
Picket outside Ontario Premier Doug Ford's Etobicoke constituency office opposes anti-labour legislation and demands measures to guarantee the safety of temp workers.


November 14
The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario announces a series of meetings
in preparation for the work-to-rule that is to begin November 26.

November 16
Locked-out smelter workers in Belledune, New Brunswick maintain their picket lines after Glencore announces its plans to permanently close the plant.


November 17
People from the Haitian community and their many allies walk through the streets of Montreal to denounce the foreign interference in Haiti from Canada and others and their support for the corrupt government of Jovenel Moïse.

https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49029.HTM#17 (Photos: TML)

November 18
Post-secondary students' rally at the Alberta Legislature demands an end to cuts to
education funding.

November 19
Some 3,200 Canadian National Railway conductors, train persons and yard workers go on strike, mainly over issues of workers' health and safety, which are also issues of public
health and safety.



Thunder Bay





 Edmonton -- Public sector workers join picket line 

Port Robinson (left) and Prince George
https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0627.HTM#1    (Photos: Teamsters Canada Rail Conference)  

November 20-21
Alberta nurses rally at the provincial Legislature during the passage of Omnibus Bill 22
to say No! to wage rollbacks and "Hands Off Our Pensions!" The bill permits the government to seize control of public sector workers' pension funds.

https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49029.HTM#3 (Photos: AUPE, UNA, WF)

November 20
Ottawa Cuba Connections reviews its work in the past year at its annual general meeting. The group is also addressed by Cuba's Ambassador to Canada, H.E. Josefina Vidal, who details the Cuban people's current efforts to overcome the intensified U.S. blockade.

https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49029.HTM#16   (Photos: TML, Cuban Embassy) 

November 21
Rally at the University of Calgary opposes cuts to provincial education spending.

November 23
No Harbour for War rallies at Peace and Freedom Park in opposition to the Halifax International Security Forum. Actions are held in Toronto and Windsor in conjunction with the Halifax protest.



Windsor  https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49029.HTM#6   (Photos: TML, R. Devet, Windsor Peace Coalition) 

November 23
Action in Windsor stands with the people of Gaza against Israeli aggression.

(Photos: TML, Al Forqan)

November 23
A major three-day transit strike is averted as Vancouver bus drivers and maintenance workers are finally able to get an acceptable tentative agreement from their employer.

https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0628.HTM#3   (Photos: Unifor Local 111)

November 25
Tributes to Fidel Castro are held in Ottawa and Toronto
on the third anniversary of his death.

https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49029.HTM#9  (Photos: TML)

November 25-28
The Quebec Federation of Labour (FTQ) holds its 32nd Congress in Quebec City.
Workers speak eloquently about the problems and challenges they are facing and how they are organizing to overcome them.

https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0630.HTM#2  (Photos: SQEES-FTQ)

Demonstration in Quebec City during the FTQ Congress supports striking workers in private seniors' residences.

https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0630.HTM#2  (Photos: SQEES-FTQ)

Demonstration at the Quebec National Assembly, during the FTQ convention, calls for pro-worker reform to the Act respecting occupational health and safety.

https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0629.HTM#6   (Photos:  FTQ-Construction Local 9)

November 25-29
The Ontario Federation of Labour holds its 15th Biennial convention in Toronto. It includes a march to Queen's Park to denounce the Ford government's anti-social agenda.

(Photos: OFL) 

November 27
Teachers and education workers confront the Ontario Education Minister in Toronto, telling him "No Education Cuts!"

https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0629.HTM#2 (Photos: OSSTF)

November 29
Alberta teachers step up their resistance to attacks on public education.
https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49030.HTM#6 (Photos:TML)

November 29
Young people across Canada join hundreds of thousands world-wide for a climate strike.
The action takes place days before the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, Spain.  

Ottawa, ON

Windsor, ON

North Bay, ON

Brandon, MB

Calgary, AB

Trail, BC

Victoria, BC

Yellowknife, YT

November 30
A protest is held outside United Conservative Party convention in Calgary as Albertans mobilize vigorously against the Kenney government's stepped up anti-social offensive.

https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0629.HTM#1  (Photos:WF)

November 30
A forum is organized in Scarborough to discuss the working conditions of temp agency workers, and how everyone can organize to defend and improve all workers' rights.


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