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December 27, 2019

2019 Photo Review

Speaking and Acting in Our Own Name
to Uphold the Rights of All and Make Canada a Zone for Peace


With this issue of TML Daily, CPC(M-L) continues its month-by-month 2019 photo review with the month of October.

As October began the federal election had reached its mid-point. Canadians were once again faced with an election process which treats them as spectators. They are asked to vote for candidates, issues and a direction which they have no say in choosing. More and more people are organizing their own means to speak out about the matters which concern them and how to have them addressed. One of these was Renewal Update, the bulletin of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada published daily in French and English throughout the election. 

A number of forums were also organized across the country on the direction of the economy, the environment, right to housing, seniors' care, social programs as well as Canada's foreign policy and the need for Canada to become a zone for peace.  Throughout the month, Canadians made clear their anti-imperialist solidarity with the peoples of Venezuela and Cuba who are defending their sovereignty against foreign interference, and the peoples of Chile, Haiti, Kashmir and other countries who are fighting for peace, freedom and democracy.

In Alberta and Ontario, throughout the month, public sector workers continued their resistance to the brutal anti-social offensive of the provincial governments. In Alberta, workers continued to build the opposition to Bill 9 and the government's attack on their right to collectively bargain their working conditions and also organized against cuts to social programs introduced in the October 24 budget. In Ontario, teachers and education workers organized school walk-ins and other actions in their fight to negotiate a collective agreement that would defend their rights and the learning conditions of students.

As the month ended, the conference "The Cuban Revolution at 60" was convened in Halifax. It was the most important event to take place outside of Cuba on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. Academics and experts from Cuba, Canada, Mexico, Britain and the U.S., as well as students, community activists and friends of Cuba all contributed to the success of this historic conference.

October 2
A rally takes place outside the Fiera Foods plant in Toronto bringing together workers, activists, and community members to honour the memory of Enrico Miranda, a maintenance worker killed at the plant on September 25, and to demand that the company be held to account and that the provincial government take measures to ensure safe workplaces.

https://cpcml.ca/ru19025/#3 (Photos: RU, $15 and Fairness)

October 3
Hotel workers employed at four downtown Vancouver luxury hotels march as they continue their strike struggle in defence of their rights and dignity after a court order limits their ability to disrupt hotel operations and inform the public about their just demands.

  https://cpcml.ca/ru19031/#1 (Photos: UNITE HERE)

October 3
Families of children with autism, along with education workers and others, protest outside a fund-raising dinner in Sudbury at which Premier Doug Ford is speaking, demanding the reversal of the government’s changes to the Ontario Autism Program.

https://cpcml.ca/ru19031/#2 (Photos: RU)

October 4
Sisters in Spirit vigils are held across Canada to honour the memory of the more than 4,000 missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. This is the 14th year the vigils have been held.

New Westminster, BC

Edmonton, AB

Fort McMurray, AB

Calgary, AB

Lethbridge, AB

Winnipeg, MB

Windsor, ON

Six Nations, ON

Halton, ON

Ottawa, ON

Montreal, QC

Charlottetown, PEI

Bay St. George, NL https://cpcml.ca/ru19033/#3 (Photos: RU, AFN, Unifor, CMHA Newfoundland, B. Arte, P. Bourque, E. Olsen, E. Brass, T. Yao, HCSL, SN Canada, Construction Rehab.)

October 4
  A meeting at the Montreal office of the Marxist-Leninist Party discusses the Canadian government’s unacceptable interference in Venezuela and how to respond. A spokesperson of the MLPC, representatives from the Salvadoran and Haitian communities and those defending the rights of the Palestinian people bring out the people's collective experience in defending their rights against foreign interference by the Canadian and U.S. governments. 

https://cpcml.ca/ru19040/#4 (Photos: RU)

October 6
A forum is organized in Edmonton by Women for Rights and Empowerment, on the problems facing the workers and communities who bear the brunt of the decisions of the global energy giants, which governments permit to act with impunity. A pipeline worker and an environmental activist are the featured speakers.

October 7
More than 100 people take part in a militant picket at the Century Park supportive living home in Vegreville, Alberta to demand that the private operator cease its attacks on the rights of workers and residents.

https://cpcml.ca/ru19036/#6 (Photos: AUPE)

October 8
Demonstration in Montreal opposes the participation of the false Venezuelan ambassador in a conference at Concordia University and Canada's dirty role alongside the U.S. in attempting a coup against Venezuela's legitimately elected president.


October 10
Conservation North holds a meeting in Prince George to discuss the future of forestry, forest renewal and community well-being -- critical topics for the future of Prince George, northern BC and the entire province.

https://cpcml.ca/ru19034/#2 (Photo: Conservation North)

October 10
Walk-ins for education are organized across Toronto and in a number of other locations
in southern Ontario to demand an end to cuts in public education.

Frontenac Secondary School, Kingston

Da Vinci-Lord Landsdowne Public School, Toronto

Western Technical Commercial School, Toronto

Second Street Middle School, Etobicoke

Clarkson Secondary School, Mississaugahttps://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49028.HTM#5  (Photos: D. Ladd, M. Sardinha, OSSTF Dist 27, K. Fry, Wryly, N.I. Peak, OSSTF Peel)

October 11
Striking Saskatchewan public sector workers rally in Regina. Five thousand workers at SaskTel, SaskEnergy, SaskPower, SaskWater, DirectWest, SecurTek and the Water Security Agency began a strike for new collective agreements October 4. Most workers have been without an agreement for over two years.

https://cpcml.ca/ru19039/#4  (Photos: Unifor, My Crowns)

October 12
Rally outside Justin Trudeau's campaign office in Montreal demands that Canada withdraw its support for the corrupt and illegitimate regime of Jovenel Moïse in Haiti.

October 15
Negotiators of UNITE HERE Local 40, representing striking Vancouver hotel workers at the Westin Bayshore, Pinnacle Hotel Harbour Front, and the Hyatt Regency, reach a tentative agreement with their employers that is later ratified.


October 16
An election townhall meeting in the Toronto riding of Humber River--Black Creek, attended by three candidates, is organized so that participants can speak on issues of concern, rather than just listening to the candidates.

October 17
A lively and informative discussion on how to make Canada a force for peace in the world takes place at the Steelworkers’ Hall in downtown Toronto at a forum co-sponsored by the Animal Protection Party of Canada and the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada.

https://cpcml.ca/ru19040/#1 (Photos: RU)

October 17
Monthly pickets against the illegal U.S. blockade of Cuba continue, highlighting the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act. Shown below is the Montreal picket. 

October 18
About 10,000 people rally in Edmonton as part of the continuing youth-led climate actions around the world. People of all ages, Indigenous peoples and workers participate.

 https://cpcml.ca/ru19043/#3 (Photos:RU)

October 18
Public sector workers and their allies rally at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton to oppose attacks on their rights and cuts to social programs expected in the October 24 provincial budget. The rally takes place during the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees' convention.

https://cpcml.ca/ru19043/#4 (Photos:AUPE) 

October 18
The 17th annual Night of the Homeless is held in Gatineau. The event is held simultaneously in nearly 30 cities across Quebec.

 https://cpcml.ca/ru19043/#6  (Photos: L. Paquette, Nuit des Sans-Abri)

October 19
The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada holds a discussion in Windsor on Canada’s foreign policy and how to make Canada a zone for peace, an opportunity for people to speak in their own name about their concerns, none of which are reflected by the cartel parties. Featured speakers are Laura Chesnik, the MLPC candidate in Windsor--Tecumseh, outlining the MLPC's call for a change in the direction of Canada’s foreign policy; Windsor West candidate Margaret Villamizar, addressing Canada's troubling international role; and Tamara Lorincz of the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, who emphasizes getting Canada out of NATO and for NATO to be disbanded.

https://cpcml.ca/ru190402/ (Photos:RU)

October 19
A youth townhall meeting during the federal election in Mississauga East–Cooksville, shows the importance of creating venues where people can discuss matters of concern to them, rather than being spectators at election debates where cartel party candidates clash with one another.
Instead of a "candidates' debate" the youth revamp their event. The only three candidates that attend, from the MLPC, the Animal Protection Party and Green Party, make introductory remarks, but all the participants are encouraged to present their views on the topics that they want to address, including education and student debt, economic security, and the natural environment.

https://cpcml.ca/ru19045/#1  (Photos: RU)

October 19
A rally and march at the Ontario Legislature condemns the Indian state's brutal military occupation and lock-down of Kashmir and demands that whichever party comes to power in the Canadian federal election must condemn the Indian government’s actions.


October 20
The Coalition on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and their allies rally at Victory Square in Vancouver for justice, action and accountability. They demand that whoever forms the new government implements the Calls for Justice of the National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, as a priority. 

https://cpcml.ca/ru19043/#2 (Photos: UBCIC, D. Day)

October 20
At a forum in Edmonton, caregivers who provide health care, seniors' care, and care and services for people with disabilities, speak out on their working conditions and the fight they are waging for their rights. 

October 22-30
Actions in a number of Canadian cities support the Chilean people's resistance to their government's neo-liberal agenda and demand an end to the Chilean state's brutal repression.

Ottawa, ON

Windsor, ON

Calgary, AB

Montreal, QC

https://cpcml.ca/ru19045/#6   https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49026.HTM#11 (Photos: RU, TML)

 October 24
Unions representing Alberta’s public service workers and professionals and other concerned organizations condemn the provincial government’s budget. 

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary

Rundle Centre, Edmonton

https://cpcml.ca/ru19044/#3 (Photos: AUPE, AFL, Friends of Medicare) 

 October 24
A rally and information picket are held outside the head office of Legal Aid Ontario in Toronto to support the appeal by three legal clinics to have their funding restored. Their funding was cut after the budget of the Attorney General's Office was reduced in the Ontario government’s April budget.

https://cpcml.ca/ru19045/#4  (Photos: RU)

October 24
Health care workers rally in Quebec City, chanting “We’re done working ourselves sick!” as the presidents of two health care sector unions, representing 131,000 workers, file their contract demands with the Treasury Board offices, kicking off negotiations with the government to renew their collective agreements.

October 25 
Tens of thousands of people participate in a climate rally and march in Vancouver.

https://cpcml.ca/ru19045/#3 (Photos: J. Chiu, Khelsilem, Meggster)

October 28 
Ontario workers give the Ford government a fitting welcome back, circling the Legislature throughout the morning on opening day and demanding a stop to its anti-social cuts to education and other social programs.

(Photos: TML, WCIAR, OFL)

October 30
Public sector workers march in Quebec City, as they submit their contract demands to the Quebec government.

https://cpcml.ca/WF2019/WO0628.HTM#8  (Photos: CSN)

October 30
Celebration in Ottawa of Cuban National Culture Day.

https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49026.HTM#8  (Photo: Minrex)

October 31
On the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, Halifax hosts an important three-day international conference -- The Cuban Revolution at 60 -- from October 31 to November 2.  More than 250 people participated. The friendly relations between Canada and Cuba, beginning in Nova Scotia in 1903, are also celebrated during the course of the conference.

https://cpcml.ca/Tmlw2019/W49026S.HTM#3   (Photos: Embassy of Cuba, D. Salas, M. Rushton)


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