December 23, 2016

2016 Photo Review

All Out for Democratic Renewal!


TML Daily continues its month by month photo review of actions carried out by workers and their allies in 2016 with May, beginning with May 1, International Day of Working Class Unity and Struggle.

May Day 2016 was an opportunity to highlight and put the weight of the workers behind the resistance battles the class is fighting throughout Canada, as well as emphasize the historic necessity to develop the working class movement to end exploitation of persons by persons and to safeguard humanity against nation-wrecking and imperialist war.

In May, the workers and people of Alberta faced devastating wildfires. In Fort McMurray, thousands of people lost their homes, while emergency workers, first responders and people from all walks of life stepped up ensure no one was left behind.

CPC(M-L) began discussion of the Trudeau government's electoral reform program at a meeting at the Party's Workers' Centre in Toronto, pointing out that the current situation underscores the urgent need for a political movement led by the workers.

Working people mobilized at the Liberal government's consultation events to promote the neo-liberal Trans-Pacific Partnership to condemn the free trade agreement. Actions in support of the democratically elected government of Brazil continued as the coup by neo-liberal forces got underway. Canadians held rallies and other events to mark the 68th anniversary of Al-Nakba ("the Catastrophe"), the forced removal of Palestinians from their land by Israel.

Across Quebec, National Patriot's Day was marked on May 23 with rallies and gatherings to honour the martyrs of the 1837-38 rebellion against the British Empire in Quebec and highlight their significance today.

As well, actions in Ottawa and Montreal opposed the annual CANSEC weapons fair held in Ottawa. In particular, they condemned Canada's arms sales to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is in the midst of a brutal U.S.-backed war against the people of Yemen.

Injured workers in Ontario ended the month with an action leading up to the June 1 Injured Workers Day, affirming that they refuse to be victimized by irresponsible employers, the Workplace Safety Insurance Board and the provincial government.

May 1
May Day actions across Canada show a deepening spirit of resistance
among working people, with the opposition to the anti-social offensive, support for particular strike struggles and locked-out workers, and
defence of the rights of all workers.


Quebec City











Prince George  (Photos: TML, R. Lau, S. Bruce, CPSJ, Caitlin KD)

May 3
Wildfires breakout around Fort McMurray, Alberta in early May. Firefighters, first responders and other emergency services workers go above and beyond the call of duty. Ordinary people from all walks of life ensure
that no one is left to fend for themselves.

May 7
CPC(M-L) holds a meeting at its Workers' Centre in Toronto under the theme "Finding a Way Forward for the Workers' Movement" to sum up the workers' experience so they can develop and lead the political movement required by
the times. Shown here are MLPC National Leader Anna Di Carlo and
Party President Rolf Gerstenberger.

May 10-13
Rallies outside Liberal government's consultations in Montreal, Windsor and Toronto oppose neo-liberal Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement.

Montreal, May 10

Windsor, May 12

Toronto, May 13

May 11

Action at the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa in support of democracy
and the legitimate government of Brazil. A parliamentary coup
takes place the next day.

May 14
Across Quebec and Canada, people commemorate the 68th anniversary of Al-Nakba ("the Catastrophe"), Israel's dispossession of the Palestinians and affirm the people's right of resistance to occupation and their right of return.



May 16
Demonstration at the Brazilian Consulate in Toronto in support of democracy and condemning the coup against the government of Dilma Rousseff.

May 17
Monthly pickets in Ottawa and Vancouver continue to demand that the
U.S. lift its criminal blockade of Cuba immediately.


Vancouver (TML, Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba)

May 22-23
Marches and celebrations across Quebec honour the Patriots and their rebellion in 1837-38 and pledge to continue their cause today.



Saint Constance

May 24-26
Anti-war actions at CANSEC weapons fair in Ottawa vehemently oppose Canada's role as an international arms dealer. An action is also held in Montreal on May 25 to coincide with those in Ottawa.


Montreal (TML, J. Hansen, M. Behrens, J. Patterson, No Saudi Arms Deal)
May 31
Ontario injured workers hold their overnight "sleepless" vigil at Queen's Park in the lead-up to the annual June 1 Injured Workers' Day. It emphasizes that instead of being made sleepless and sick with worry, injured workers are
taking collective political action to hold governments accountable.
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