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2014 Photo Review

All Out for People's Empowerment!


TML Daily concludes its 2014 photo review of actions carried out by collectives of working people with coverage of the month of December. 

In Toronto injured workers held their 23nd annual Christmas demonstration at the Ministry of Labour to demand justice and oppose the increasing impoverishment they and their families face as a result of cuts and denials of benefits. Idle No More rallies on Parliament Hill two years after their first day of action marked an upsurge in the movement of aboriginal peoples for their sovereignty and rights.

Looking back on the events of 2014 confirms for working people that they can and must develop their independent politics if they are to defend public right and restrict the power of the monopolies and governments acting in their service. It confirms also that their future lies in the fight for the rights of all.

December 1
Workers and many others in Baie Comeau, Quebec demonstrate against the actions of Resolute Forest Products which is shutting down more mills and paper making machines destroying workers' livelihoods and communities. They  denounce the inaction of the Quebec government in preventing the wrecking of the sector by such monopolies. 

Actions in solidarity with the Mexican people who are demanding justice for 43 missing Mexican students from Ayotzinapa take place in several cities across Canada in conjunction with a nation-wide day of action in Mexico.



December 3
Ontario injured workers picket outside the Ministry of Labour offices in Toronto demanding they be provided with the public health care they require.

December 5
Monthly picket in Ottawa demands the release of the remaining three of the
Cuban Five anti-terrorist fighters being held in U.S. prisons.

December 6
Solemn commemoration in Montreal on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the murder of fourteen young women studying engineering at the École Polytechnique in Montreal reaffirms the commitment to end violence against women. The ceremony and march remembers these women and acknowledges that to this day women still face violence simply because they are
born female. Commemorations take place in many locations
across Canada and Quebec.

http://www.pmlq.qc.ca/ChantierPolitique2014/CP02156.HTM  (Photos: CP, M. Giroux)

Edmonton weekly picket stands against Canada's involvement in U.S. aggression abroad, including in Iraq and Syria, and for an anti-war government. Weekly anti-war pickets also take place in Windsor and Halifax.

December 8
The Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups holds its 23rd annual Christmas rally outside the Toronto offices of the Ministry of Labour to demand justice and their rights. More than 100 people participate.


December 10
A gathering and round dance on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in the middle of a snowstorm, marks second anniversary of the first Idle No More National Day of Action in 2012. Actions also take place in Toronto and Montreal among other cities.

Tasha Doucette; David Charette



http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmlw2014/W44045.HTM#5   (Photos: TML, E. Pouilot, Occupy Canada)

Picket outside Conservative MP Peter Goldring's office in Edmonton upholds the rights of refugees. Action opposes federal government's budget Bill C-43 a section of which amends national standards such that provinces can deny social assistance to refugee claimants.

On the occasion of International Human Rights Day the Toronto Forum on Cuba highlights the case of the Cuban Five anti-terrorists and the organizing being done demanding their release.

Prof. Keith Ellis; Cuban Consul Susana Malmierca; Zafar Bangash


December 13
Activists in Toronto join with those in other cities to protest police violence and impunity and in particular to express outrage at the recent series of killings of unarmed men by police, including in the Toronto area, and the biased system of prosecution that exonerates police who commit criminal acts of violence.

http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmlw2014/W44045.HTM#8  (Photos: TML, B. Donato-Woodger, J. Owens)

Demonstration says "No to Austerity!" outside Liberal cabinet minister Martin Coiteux's speech to Montreal Chamber of Commerce.

(Photos: CSN)

Working people across Quebec continue to organize against the austerity agenda of the Couillard government. This demonstration is organized by health care and other workers in Ahuntsic and Montreal north.

(Photos: FIQ)

December 15
The Cree National Youth Council's 850 kilometer StandAgainstUranium solidarity march arrives in Montreal to hand deliver a message to the Quebec government on the last day of Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement’s Commission on the uranium industry in Quebec. The message is "NO to uranium mining and exploration in Eeyou Istchee"Cree territory in northern Quebec.

 (Photo: M. Naa K)

Note to Our Readers

Seasons Greetings

With the completion in this issue of the photo review of 2014, the publication of TML Daily is being suspended until further notice. The TML Weekly will continue regular publication without interruption.

We are pleased to inform you that in the new year during which a federal election will be held, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada will begin regular publication of a new online newspaper Renewal Update. Also in 2015, the regional committees of CPC(M-L) will continue to publish their own newspapers from time to time.

We call on our readers to join the work of the party press in any way they can. Canadians cannot afford to lose their bearings as a result of the massive disinformation of the monopoly-owned media. They use scandal mongering and gutter politics to divert the people's attention from how to unite to provide the problems facing society with solutions. We will continue to count on your reports, photos, articles, distribution networks and financial contributions.

On the occasion of the New Year, we wish you safe and happy holidays and success in all your endeavours in 2015. Together let us take a bold stand in defence of the rights of all! All out to uphold the public authority against the onslaught of private takeover! Nation-Building Yes! Nation-Wrecking No! Who Decides? We Decide!

With communist greetings,
TML Technical and Editorial Staff
December 16, 2014

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