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2014 Photo Review

All Out for People's Empowerment!


In this issue, TML Daily continues its 2014 photo review with actions that took place in the month of November. In Quebec, the mobilization against the neo-liberal austerity agenda being imposed by the Couillard government continued to gather momentum. Actions opposed the offensive being waged on childcare and family services. A day of action by municipal workers opposed attacks on their pensions and collective bargaining rights and included a day-long strike by some union locals. The month closed with demonstrations in Montreal and Quebec City of some 125,000 people. In Ontario, a rally in defence of public health care demanded that local hospitals be kept open and the privatization of services be ended.

Across Canada and Quebec, youth organized actions to demand justice for Michael Brown, the unarmed black youth killed by police in Missouri and to bring to the fore cases of police violence and impunity in Canada. Actions also demanded justice for the 43 Mexican students missing since September 26 and an end to state violence and impunity in Mexico, and also denounced the Harper government for its silence on the issue.

November 9

Fifty-thousand people demonstrate in 11 cities across Quebec condemning the Couillard government's offensive against family services. The participants affirm that a modern family policy is an asset to the Quebec economy, not a cost.


Quebec City





http://www.pmlq.qc.ca/CPE2014/CPE01003.HTM#1   (Photos: Politique Familiale, C. Allard, M. Giroux, S. Lussier)

November 11
Vigils are held in a number of Canadian cities for the 43 missing Mexican students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, as part of an international "A Light for Mexico" day of protests against state violence and impunity in Mexico.







http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmlw2014/W44041.HTM#5   Photos: Desinformemonos, C. Hernandez, Hugo Chavez People's Defence Front)

November 21
Mass rally organized by Ontario Health Coalition outside provincial Legislature stands up for right to public health care and demands the government keep local hospitals open and halt the privatization of services.

http://www.cpcml.ca/OPF2014/OP0402.HTM#2   (Photos: TML, OFL)

November 21
Montreal firefighters demonstrate outside the headquarters of the Montreal Fire Department to express their unwavering support for six colleagues who were fired and the 50 or so others suspended following a protest at City Hall in August. They rejected the criminalization of their struggle and the
legalized theft of their pensions.


November 22
Anti-war demonstration in Halifax denounces the 6th annual Halifax International Security Forum as a platform for the warmongering and empire building of U.S. imperialism and the NATO bloc, in which the Harper Government is fully embroiled. Participants affirm that warmongers are
not welcome in Canada.

November 25 - 27
Rallies take place in cities across Canada after a Grand Jury in St. Louis, Missouri decides not to prosecute the police officer responsible for killing unarmed black youth Michael Brown. While demanding justice for Brown and expressing solidarity with Ferguson, they denounce the many unjust killings of youth, the mentally ill, national minorities and Aboriginal people
by police in Canada.








http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmlw2014/W44043.HTM#4   (Photos: TML, ciativist, G. Lauzon, M. Klimowicz, H. White, S. Jamal)

November 26
Municipal workers across Quebec hold militant actions to denounce attacks on their pensions and their right to collective bargaining, especially through the Couillard government's Bill 3. Twenty-five locals go on strike for the day and workers who cannot legally strike refuse to cross picket lines.

Port of Montreal

Montreal City Hall




http://www.cpcml.ca/francais/Lmlq2014/Q44161.HTM#4     (Photos: Chantier politique, M. Chartrand, M. Giroux)

November 29
in Quebec City and Montreal reject the Quebec  government's neo-liberal anti-social austerity program. All regions of Quebec are represented at the actions that organizers estimate bring 125,000 people to the streets.



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