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2014 Photo Review

All Out for People's Empowerment!


TML Daily is continuing its month by month photo review of actions carried out by collectives of working people throughout 2014 in the spirit of defending the rights of all, defending social programs and public services, and opposing imperialist aggression and war. In October, across the country people stood together to denounce the Canadian government's decision to participate alongside the U.S. in a new Iraq war and aggression against Syria and put forward the call that Canada needs an anti-war government. Women coast to coast organized more than 200 vigils honouring missing and murdered Aboriginal women and once more insisted that the federal government hold a national inquiry and take measures to end the violence.

Throughout October actions across Quebec opposed the Couillard government's attacks on health care, social services and municipal workers and the important services they provide to society. In particular they demanded the withdrawal of Bills 3 and 10.

October 2-9
Following a spirited protest against CETA on Parliament Hill the Canadian
Marine and Supply Chain Coalition continues mobilizing people across the country to stop the ratification of CETA.

Minister of International Trade Ed Fast's Office, Abbotsford

Montreal; Quebec City; Vancouver

St. Catharines; Justice Minister Rob Nicholson's Office, Niagara Falls

http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmlw2014/W44037.HTM#5    (Photos: SIU Canada)

October 2
Actions in various Quebec cities oppose the Couillard government's Bill 10 which attacks the public health care system and rights of health care workers.



http://www.pmlq.qc.ca/CPE2014/CPE01003.HTM#5    (Photos: CSN, CUPE)

October 3
Actions continue outside Nova Scotia Legislature in Halifax following tabling of  union-busting Health Authorities Act on September 29.


October 4
Sisters in Spirit vigils are held in 216 locations across Canada and Quebec. They call for immediate action to end violence against Indigenous women and girls including a national inquiry into the more than 1,200 Aboriginal women who have been murdered or gone missing.




Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory



North Bay





(Photos: E. Jones, K. Buckley, Arthur, Anishinabek News, I. Jasper, B. Stevenson, Alberta Native News)

October 5
Anti-war action in Edmonton against Canada's participation in
U.S.-led aggression against Iraq and Syria.

Demonstration on Parliament Hill against Canada's support for
Ukrainian fascist forces.

http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmlw2014/W44036.HTM#8   (Photos: L. Mitsner)

October 6

Local 1005 steelworkers protest outside Toronto court hearing on U.S. Steel's CCAA bankruptcy case. Steelworkers are appealing to the court of public
opinion to ensure monopolies are not able
to restructure on the
backs of the workers.


Emergency anti-war action on Parliament Hill during House of Commons "debate" on Canada joining U.S.-led aggression on Iraq.

http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmld2014/D44086.htm#3   (Photos: K.J. Tarasoff)

October 8

Women "Take Back the Night" in Ottawa and the Outaouais.

Picket and rally in defence of pensions for all held outside
the Second National Summit on Pension Reform
in Toronto.

http://www.cpcml.ca/WF2014/WO0113.HTM#4     (Photos: TML, National Pensioners Federation)

October 9
Students at Mount Royal University in Calgary rally against proposed
increases to tuition fees.


October 11

Close to 1,500 people demonstrate in the streets of Cacouna, near Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec to oppose the construction of an oil port and TransCanada's Energy East pipeline project, to receive Alberta tar sands oil.

http://www.pmlq.qc.ca/CPE2014/CPE01002.HTM#1  (Photos: L.E. Cardinal, M. Poirier, C. Dupuis)

 Protest on Magdalen Islands demands a moratorium on exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

http://www.pmlq.qc.ca/CPE2014/CP0102.HTM#4      (Photo: M. Poirier)

October 9-14
Health care and social service workers across Quebec organize actions in defence of public services and their conditions of work.





October 16
Alberta Health care workers hold pickets to demand the Health Minister order the Alberta Health Services to negotiate in good faith.

http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmld2014/D44084.htm#4   (Photos: HSAA)

October 17
Quebec health care workers demonstrate against Bill 10, restructuring health care services, outside the Montreal offices of Premier Philippe Couillard.

October 18
Workers demonstrate against the Couillard government's anti-worker, anti-people politics outside the Quebec Liberal Party's provincial
council meeting.

October 20
Quebec child care workers hold one-day strike to back their demands in negotiations with the government, in particular to be paid
for all the hours they work.


Quebec City

Val D'Or



October 24

Quebec workers occupy the office of the Minister responsible for the
Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec region to oppose planned reforms to health care services through Bill 10.

(Photo: CSN)

October 24-25
Toronto symposium on the Korean War highlights ongoing U.S. aggression against Korea, Canada's crimes in the war, and the need for a peace treaty.


October 24-26

Pan-Canadian days of action against Canada's participation in a new Iraq war say, "No to Canadian Participation in U.S.-Led Wars of Terror!
No to Criminalization of Dissent!"











Courtney/Comox Valley

http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmld2014/D44088.htm#3   (Photos: TML, Island Peace Committee, Canadian Peace Alliance, Indignants)

October 26
Ceremony in Quesnel, BC on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the
martyrdom of Tsilhqot'in chiefs receives exoneration of the chiefs and an
apology from the provincial government.

Chief Roger William opens 150th commemoration ceremony with other Tsilhquot'in chiefs standing behind.

BC Aboriginal Relations & Reconciliation Minister John Rustad presents framed statement of exoneration of
Tsilhqot'in Chiefs to Chief Joe Alphonse.

At left: John Rustad, BC Minister Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation (second from left), exchanges gifts with Chief Joe Alphonse, Tribal Chair, Tsilhqot'in National Government (right). RH Photo: Memorial plaque to the Tsilhqot'in Chiefs at the site where the ceremony was held.

http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmld2014/D44089.htm#1   (Photos: TML, UBCIC, S. Swanky)

More than 2,500 people converged on Sorel-Tracy, Quebec to oppose the decision of federal and provincial governments to facilitate the transport of
Alberta tar sands oil via the St. Lawrence Seaway.

http://www.pmlq.qc.ca/CPE2014/CP0102.HTM#4    (Photos: Les 2 Rives)

October 30
Federal public sector workers across the country hold day of action rejecting government's changes to sick leave and cuts to public services.



Saint John

Quebec City







Prince Albert


Stony Mountain

Grande Cache


http://www.cpcml.ca/WF2014/WO0116.HTM#2    (Photos: PSAC, SFL)

October 31
Demonstrations all across Quebec against the government's austerity agenda are a vibrant defence of the right of all to live in dignity.


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