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December 11, 2014 - No. 107

2014 Photo Review

All Out for People's Empowerment!


TML Daily is continuing its month by month photo review of actions carried out by collectives of working people throughout 2014. In September workers and their defence organizations upheld the dignity of labour on Labour Day in the face of the neo-liberal austerity agenda and wrecking of public right.
Throughout the month there were many actions by working people defending in particular public services and the workers who provide them. In Ottawa, workers in the marine industries rallied against the neo-liberal Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) the Harper government signed with the Europe Union. The agreement will open up many sectors to predation by private monopolies to the detriment of the workers and people. In Halifax, health care workers defended their right to organize and negotiate their collective agreements as they decide. In Quebec, workers opposed the theft of municipal workers' pensions through Bill 3. 

Teachers in BC carried on their determined fight in defence of public education and their rights with broad support from parents and workers from other sectors of the economy. The BC government was forced to withdraw some of its most onerous demands and settle with the teachers.

September also marked the 16th anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of the Cuban Five in U.S. prisons and Cuba friendship organizations across the country went all out to break the silence on the case of the Five and demand their immediate freedom.

September 1
Workers across Canada uphold dignity of labour on Labour Day 2014.

St. John's


St. John




Barrie; Niagara

Port Elgin








Ladysmith; Black Creek
(Photos: TML, T. Sprackett, A. Haythornwaite, S. deVet, CUPE Manitoba, Newfoundland Federation of Labour, UNIFOR)

September 3-4
Education rally in support of BC teachers, Prince George.

September 5
BC teachers' rally at Canada Place, Vancouver.

   (TML, BC Teachers Info)

Parents and students rally to defend public education, Kelowna.  (Photo: M. Hart)

September 9
Nuclear scientists hold information picket at Chalk River to oppose destruction of public control of Canada's nuclear energy and science.  (Photo: PIPSC)

September 10
Affiliates of the BC Labour Federation announce $8 million in interest free loans to the BC Teachers' Federation to support the strike.    (Photo: BC Fed)

September 11
Picket in Montreal demands the release of all the Cuban Five anti-terrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in the U.S. for 16 years.

September 13
The Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec organizes two days of anti-war protests
at Montreal's Old Port to oppose the militarization of culture.

Rally on Burnaby Mountain opposes expansion
of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.  (Photos: DG Solidarity)

September 14
Rally at Colony Farm Regional Park in Coquitlam against expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

September 15
Information picket against contracting out at the Shepherd's Care Foundation
Millwoods site in Edmonton, one of five actions held September 15 and 16.

September 15
"Support Our Teachers" barbeque held in Courtenay.

Ontario teachers and education workers make financial contributions to striking BC teachers. Shown here, a meeting of secondary school teachers in Windsor with donation boxes at their meeting.  (Photos: OSSTF)

University of Windsor faculty hold one-day strike to reject the administration's dictate and attempts to undermine collective bargaining.

September 16
Rally in Prince George demands national inquiry into the disappearance and murder of over 1,000 indigenous women.

(Photo: Red Power Media)

September 17
Silent protest in Ottawa against visit to Canada of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, during his speech on Parliament Hill.

(Photos: Ottawa Streamer)

September 18
Local 1005 USW, representing active and retired steelworkers at U.S. Steel's Hamilton Works, holds press conference to expose the self-serving fraud of U.S. Steel's filing for bankruptcy protection on September 16.

September 18 - 27
Across Canada "Take Back the Night" marches affirm women's right to fully participate in the life of society and walk the streets day or night without fear.

St John's, September 19

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, September 19


Quebec City, September 20

Kingston, September 18

Toronto, September 20

Hamilton, September 18

Edmonton, September 26

Calgary, September 19

(Photos: TML, J. Beals, M. Chesnik, V. La Flamme, A. Chan, A. Petrulis, T. Capnerhurst, M. Elizabeth)

September 20
Some 50,000 Quebec municipal workers and their supporters demonstrate in Montreal to show they oppose the Couillard government's anti-worker Bill 3, which attacks their pensions.

September 23
Worldwide actions, including in cities across Canada, call for action on climate change, in conjunction with the UN Climate Summit in New York City.







Vancouver  (Photos: M. Lucas, M. Collis, S. Ure, E. Parker, Truth Media, C. Yakinov, N. Jennings)

September 20
Rally outside MP Joe Oliver's office in Toronto opposes Harper government and Canada Post's dismantling of the public post office.

September 25
Participants in action at London city hall to oppose signing of free trade agreement with Europe hold up signs naming the many municipalities that are taking a stand against the agreement.   (Photo: Indignants)

September 26

A mass action is held on Parliament Hill to defeat the CETA between Canada and the European Union, as EU leaders visit Toronto and Ottawa to formally announce the trade agreement has been finalized.

September 27
More than 2,000 workers demonstrate in the streets of Shawinigan against the wrecking of the region's economy. They denounce the impunity with which Resolute Forest Products is closing its Laurentide Mill while the Quebec
Liberal government takes no responsibility for the impact the closure will
have on the region.

Anti-war action in Edmonton opposes Canada's participation in a new Iraq war.

September 29
Militant actions outside the Nova Scotia legislature in Halifax oppose McNeil Government's anti-labour Bill 1, Health Authorities Act from the day
it is introduced
. The bill attacks workers' right to freedom of association
and has been broadly opposed by health care workers.

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