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December 5, 2014 - No. 103

2014 Photo Review

All Out for People's Empowerment!


TML Daily  continues its month by month photo review of actions carried out by collectives of working people in 2014. May 1 is the International Day of Working Class Unity and Struggle, when workers across Canada, Quebec and around the world celebrate advances in the fight for rights and empowerment so as to build a new society which humanizes the natural and social environment. It is the day on which they sum up their work over the past year and set their line of march for the next. Everywhere workers put forward the demands of the movement -- "Canada Needs an Anti-War Government!"; "Manufacturing Yes! Nation-Wrecking No!"; "Governments Must Uphold Public Right!" and "Stop Paying the Rich; Increase Investments in Social Programs!" -- and committed to strengthen the Workers' Opposition so as to turn the situation around.

Also in May,
Postal workers and others rallied to defend the public post office and First Nations continued their resistance to the colonial First Nations Education Act. Ontario workers, especially injured workers, took a stand during the provincial election to defeat all champions of neo-liberal austerity. BC teachers continued their defence of public education with rotating strikes to oppose the Clark government's attack on their working conditions.

May 1

Actions across Canada celebrated May Day 2014 with the spirit of fighting unity and determination to stop the nation-wrecking and phony austerity agenda of the Harper government and governments at all levels.





CUPW picket outside speech by Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra on "postal transformation" being used to wreck the public post.







Prince George


http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmld2014/D44052.htm#2   (V. Penney,  R. Devet, SCFP 4628, A. Querry, G. Gray, D. Blackport, UNA,)

May 2
injured workers, environmentalists, union activists and others greet Prime Minister Harper's London, Ontario visit with a "Stop Harper" rally.


May 5-9
27th Convention of the Canadian Labour Congress held in Montreal.
On May 8 delegates participate in a march against austerity.

Daniel Boyer, President, Quebec Federation of Labour; Ken Georgetti, outgoing President of the CLC

Delegates at the Convention; Rolf Gerstenberger, President, Local 1005 USW.

Day Three of the Convention

Delegation of Saskatchewan nurses; Linda Silas, President of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

http://www.cpcml.ca/WF2014/WO0101.HTM       http://www.cpcml.ca/WF2014/WO0102.HTM
(Photos: TML, CLC, M. Rousseau, T. Zambory, S. Mowat, T. Mooring)

May 6
London injured workers hold spirited pre-election picket outside constituency office of Minister of Health Deb Matthews to oppose attacks by Liberals and PCs on health care and injured workers' compensation systems.


May 9

Ontario injured workers and their allies picket outside the Ministry of Labour in Toronto to demand draft benefits policies which slash benefits of injured workers be rescinded.


May 10
Postal workers hold "National Walk with Your Letter Carrier" day to defend the public post office and the rights of postal workers from the wrecking activites of Canada Post and the Harper government in the service of private monopolies.





Alma; Saguenay

Farnham; Thunder Bay


http://www.cpcml.ca/WF2014/WO0103.HTM#3   (Photos: CUPW, TML)

Defend Our Climate rallies take place in Calgary and Vancouver.




May 12
Manitoulin Island & North Shore Injured Workers Group holds day of shame protest to hold Ontario provincial government to account for attacks on injured workers' benefits.


May 13
BC teachers hold rallies as they step up their actions in support of public education and in defence of their rights and working conditions.

Port Coquitlam


May 14
First Nations' Day of Resistance affirms their rights and reiterates their
rejection of the colonial relationship with Canada imposed on them, demanding that modern nation-to-nation relations be established as the basis for moving forward. In particular, the rally opposes Bill C-33, the First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act and protests the Harper government's refusal to establish a national inquiry into the disappearances and murders of more than 1,000 indigenous women and girls.



Six Nations


Sault Ste. Marie



http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmlw2014/W44020.HTM#4   (Photos: S. Stewart, Red Power Media, C. Thomas Muller, T.T. Stacey, E. Montour, R. Sigel, J. Marie, C. Suggashie, Idle No More)

Elementary teachers in Windsor hold forum to discuss problems related to standardized testing.

May 16 & 23
Injured workers continue series of weekly pickets at the Ontario Ministry of Labour to oppose benefit cuts being introduced by Liberal government.


May 19
Patriots Day is celebrated throughout Quebec to honour the patriots who fought for sovereignty in the face of the British colonial power in 1837-38. The lives and work of the patriots find expression today in the modern nation-building project taken up by the Quebec working class and people.

May 21

Demonstration outside Quebec National Assembly demands Bill 3 which attacks the salaries, benefits and retirement security of municipal
workers be withdrawn.

http://www.cpcml.ca/WF2014/WO0109.HTM#1  (Photo: SCFP)

May 23-26

BC teachers initiate rotating strikes in their fight against the government's assault on public education and its refusal to negotiate with the teachers.

Port Coquitlam


New Westminister




BC Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair (left) and BC Teachers' Federation President Jim Iker
http://www.cpcml.ca/BCW2014/BC0208.HTM  (BCTF, CUPE BC, K Epp, GVTA)

May 24
Day of action against Monsanto and GMOs is held in Calgary.

May 30-31
Working people take action during Ontario election to block neo-liberal
austerity agenda of both Liberals and PCs.

Injured workers hold a series of protests against cuts to injured workers benefits at the campaign office of London North Centre MPP and Health Minister Deb Matthews, calling for her defeat.

Anti-austerity picket in Hamilton

A delegation from Local 1005 USW and a member of Unifor take part in picket at
PC Leader Tim Hudak's campaign office in Grimsby.

http://www.cpcml.ca/OPF2014/OP0345.HTM#4  (Photos: TML, Local 7135 USW)

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