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December 2, 2014 - No. 100

2014 Photo Review

All Out for People's Empowerment!


TML Daily is continuing its month by month photo review of actions carried out by collectives of working people throughout 2014 in the spirit of defending the rights of all, defending social programs and public services, restricting monopoly right and opposing imperialist aggression and war. The fight to defend indigenous rights has also taken pride of place throughout the year.

In February, actions continued on many different fronts to oppose the anti-social offensive and wrecking of social programs and the public authority -- a march in Montreal demanded the right to housing be guaranteed, in BC health care workers organized against contracting out of their jobs to labour trafficking monopolies and mobilization continued around the demand that the Harper government and Canada Post rescind planned cuts to the public postal services. Aboriginal women across Canada and Quebec held marches and vigils to remember and honour the more than 1,000 missing and murdered Aboriginal women and to demand the Harper government hold a public inquiry into their cases and end this violence. In Ottawa the Omushkegowuk Walkers were warmly greeted as they completed a historic journey of over 1,700 kilometres calling for new arrangements between Canada and First Nations peoples.

February 7
Picket by members of Local 1005 USW and their supporters, in Niagara Falls during provincial byelection, called for the defeat of the Liberals and Conservatives and their austerity agenda. Copies of the latest edition of Justice For Injured Workers were distributed to break the silence on the Liberals' and PCs' attacks on injured workers.

February 8
More than 100 people gather in Toronto outside the metro convention centre to demand Harper, who was speaking there, resign and to denounce the disregard of  his government for all the concerns of the people.

February 9
Close to 5,000 people from across Quebec participate in Montreal march to affirm the right to housing and to demand that 50,000 units of social housing be built within the next five years.   (Photos: TML, W. Girard)

February 14
Memorial marches for missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls are held on Valentine's Day  in more than 14 cities across Canada. The marches keep alive the memory of missing mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunties, sisters and friends and declare "No More Missing Girls and Women."







Montreal   (Photos: TML, S. Kravitz, H. Magalahaes, GBVPP,
J. Len, M.K. Yamchuk, One True Media)

February 15
Health care workers from New Horizons seniors care facility and their allies gather signatures in Campbell River in their campaign to stop the provincial government from laying off workers at the home and replacing them with workers hired through worker-trafficking monopolies.

February 20-22
Demonstrations in cities across Canada oppose the U.S.-backed coup
attempt in Venezuela and demand the Canadian government take a stand to oppose U.S. inteference in other countries.





Toronto   (Photos: Hugo Chavez Peoples' Defense Front/Frente para la Defensa Hugo Chávez, Colectivo de Movimientos Sociales de Quebec Amigos de CELAC y ALBA-TCP)

February 22
At the second Symposium of Emerging Parties held in Montreal, participants discuss the electoral process in Quebec and changes required to counter the marginalization of small parties and the electorate.

February 25
The Omushkegowuk Walkers are warmly greeted as they arrive in Ottawa, completing an historic journey of over 1,700 kilometres that calls for new arrangements between Canada and First Nations peoples.

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