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October 22, 2014 - No. 85

Soldier Killed at War Memorial

Canadians Suffer Results of
Harper Government's
Anarchy and Violence


Soldier Killed at War Memorial
Canadians Suffer Results of Harper Government's Anarchy and Violence - Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
The Need to Oppose Terrorism on an Enlightened Basis - Enver Villamizar
The Climate of Terror - Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ)

Coming Events
October 25/26 Anti-War Day of Action

Soldier Killed at War Memorial

Canadians Suffer Results of Harper Government's Anarchy and Violence

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) calls on Canadians to remain calm in the light of developments taking place in Ottawa at this time following the shooting of a soldier at the War Memorial.

As the events unfolded it became clear that the various levels of police forces, armed forces, various levels of the state and the media all went into action as if they were conducting an exercise in bringing the whole city under their direct control. Schools were shut down, all government buildings in the downtown area were shut down. No one could go in or out. At 6 pm, some government workers were still locked down at work. The outlying government buildings were evacuated and shut. All bridges going to the Quebec side were blocked by the QPP and RCMP and every driver was forced to open the trunk of their car which was searched before they were allowed to cross.

The entire centre of the city was brought to a standstill and the media assisted in spreading hysteria by stopping their regular programming and reporting all kinds of unsubstantiated rumours about other gunmen in other locations and incidents of gunfire which were later denied by the police. All during the day the media outlets uniformly reported that there was still an active search by police for other suspected terrorists. The main content of the reports was that people in Ottawa still faced a dangerous situation. The reports from the media continue to insist that police are "actively searching" for other terrorists and that the situation is still not safe.

The security services also disrupted cell phone service during the day -- this was not announced but clearly it was to test the technology to monitor and disrupt any communications by cell phones. The purpose of this activity was a dry run to iron out any problems that may exist in the security apparatus. It served to instill fear in people who could not reach family members and to justify the imposition of dictatorial powers which violate basic human rights and to eliminate any opposition to the warmongering positions of the Harper government. It also feeds the irrational racist ideology of Harper that the main threat to Canada is Islamicists and radicalized jihadists.

CPC(M-L) condemns this fraudulent and irresponsible activity of the government which uses this kind of tragic circumstance to advance a pro-war agenda and impose dictatorial powers at home. It is a vivid example of the damaging activities of the state apparatus at all levels combined with the monopoly media which are responsible for disrupting and terrorizing the whole city.

This evening Prime Minister Harper will make a nationally televised speech through which he is expected to disseminate more disinformation about "young jihadists" and the need to defend Canada's "national interest." This is accomplished according to him by supporting a military intervention in Iraq and the use of force to sort out problems in the Middle East and Central Asia, as well as in Europe proper and Canada itself.

A series of laws are presently before the Parliament to strengthen the ability of the government and undercover agencies to act with impunity, further undermining the rule of law and the public authority in favour of the private monopoly interests the Harper government serves. All of these actions serve private interests in their takeover of duties that by right belong to the civil public domain -- from the civil service, to police and security services to the armed forces and the functioning of political parties.

In this situation, all forces that stand for a socially responsible response to the unfolding events must urgently intervene in a rational manner by standing for principle while thinking things through. This means that while they uphold the rights of all and the rule of law, they also take a firm stand against arbitrariness and the use of violence and impunity in the name of high ideals. This is especially needed at a time Canada has deployed its armed forces to bomb Iraq and is engaging in disinformation about ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and "young jihadists." The government's actions and propaganda are meant to justify engaging in regime change in Syria and elsewhere.

Canadian actions in Iraq and Syria alongside those of the United States and big European powers will have similar results to what has occurred in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Libya, which are in a state of chaos and unending violence. Meanwhile, the Israeli Zionists with the backing of the same forces deployed throughout West and Central Asia and North Africa have committed grave crimes against humanity in their attempts to destroy the Resistance in Palestine.

Whatever explanations are offered to explain the so-called young jihadism, it is without doubt an integral part of the state of anarchy and violence imposed on the world by the U.S. imperialists and their allies, including Canada. It is all due to the striving of the big powers to take over the countries they want in the name of their "national interest" no matter what the consequences to others and the sacred cause of world peace.

In all of this, the people are being held hostage to government's actions with impunity. In the name of opposing "jihadist extremism," people are supposed to support anti-jihadist government extremism. CPC(M-L) opposes both the so-called jihadist and anti-jihadist extremist methods, which it considers versions of individual acts of terrorism and state terrorism. CPC(M-L) bases itself on mass ideological and political mobilization as the legitimate and necessary response to both individual acts of terror and the reactionary violence and state terror used by the U.S. imperialists and their Canadian allies to realize their striving for world domination and to suppress the resistance struggles of the peoples everywhere.

The forms of struggle advocated by CPC(M-L) are all based on mass democracy -- the participation of the working people, youth and students and all sections of the people in actions which affirm their economic, political, social and cultural rights against those who deprive them of the enjoyment of their rights. The revolutionary actions of the working people cannot be organized through acts of terrorism. Acts of individual terrorism and state terrorism are executed by individuals either alone or with state forces behind them -- none of these acts have any links whatsoever with the masses of the people. Such actions are enabled by the climate of anarchy and violence unleashed by the economic forces that have seized state power to push the neo-liberal agenda.

CPC(M-L) calls on Canadians to keep in mind that their main defence is to continue to form public opinion in support of the peaceful resolution of conflicts amongst nations. They must oppose the use of force to sort out problems, and oppose big power interference in the internal affairs of other countries and the double standards. They must oppose the demonization of perceived enemies, the criminalization of opponents and the destruction of their legitimate organizations and due process in the name of high ideals.

CPC(M-L) calls attention to the anti-war actions this weekend and calls on people from all walks of life to join in and make their views known against the use of force to solve problems. All out to establish an anti-war government! Join in!

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The Need to Oppose Terrorism on an
Enlightened Basis

On October 22, a reservist soldier from Hamilton was shot and killed while standing guard at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. After shooting the solider, the gunman headed to the Parliament where he seized a car, entered Parliament Hill's Centre Block where he exchanged fire in its halls eventually being killed by security officers. This event follows another two days before in the town of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec in which two soldiers were rammed by a car driven by 24-year-old Quebecker Martin Couture-Rouleau. One soldier was killed and the other injured. In that incident it is alleged that Couture-Rouleau waited outside of a military office and then ran down the two soldiers. Courture-Rouleau then fled by car and was chased by police and was eventually shot and killed.

Canadians abhor the use of force to settle conflicts whether internally or externally. These shocking events bring in stark relief the necessity to establish ways and means to prevent terrorism as a means to sort out differences. A problem which immediately presents itself for Canadians is that such acts of terror at home are used to justify acts of state terrorism abroad, instead of trying to establish a consensus about how the problem of terrorism poses itself and the types of measures that will address it.

This was the case following the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon in the United States on September 11, 2001. Immediately the U.S. and then NATO launched a war of aggression on Afghanistan, in which Canada participated and which continues today as Afghanis resist the intervention of foreign powers. In 2003 the U.S. then launched a war of aggression against Iraq on the bogus pretext that Iraq posed a threat to international peace and security. That war continues today in a new form. Both wars continue to cause immeasurable death and destruction in those countries. This includes the most depraved and barbaric acts of occupying U.S. forces in both countries including mutilations of the murdered, mass killings, torture, kidnapping and many more unspeakable crimes today ascribed to what is called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Canadians are faced with the fact that the events in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Ottawa take place in the context of Canada joining a new war of aggression against the people of Iraq and Syria in the name of fighting ISIS, itself the spawn of forces put into motion by the U.S. and others in Syria and elsewhere to achieve the aim of regime change in that country. The government has attempted to justify its actions citing the barbaric actions of that group, very similar to those committed by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the 20th century such as in Korea and Vietnam and many other countries.

High ranking ministers in the Harper government have already claimed that the killings in Canada are acts of terror. Meanwhile, the government calls acts of terror against the government or armed forces of other nations such as Syria, Libya and Palestine acts of freedom fighters or even "self-defence." Will it now invoke these latest killings to try and justify a war that does not have any legitimacy in the eyes of the people? Will it now use the killings to push further measures which give the state more arbitrary powers to detain and criminalize Canadians? These measures lack legitimate criteria based on a definition of what constitutes terrorism so that government and security agencies can be held to account for how these powers are wielded. They cannot be for purposes of criminalizing those who oppose the government or resist aggression on the basis that such views are considered "radical." To criminalize the peoples right to conscience in the name of high ideals is itself an extremist measure which will further use violence to sort out differences amongst the people. All indications are that this is what the government is planning.

Even before these events took place, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney announced that new anti-terrorist legislation would be brought forward by the government that would allow CSIS to obtain more information from Canada's allies on Canadians who join what are called "terror groups" abroad and that would "enhance intelligence-gathering by providing anonymity in court for CSIS informants."

Without a definition of terrorism that is based on upholding the rights of all, at home and abroad, such measures will merely give the state more arbitrary powers to terrorize the population. It will not resolve any problems nor prevent terrorism in all its forms because it only aims at what the Harper government decides is terrorism, rather than what the society has decided constitutes terrorism through democratic mechanisms which give rise to the public opinion required to create a stable situation.

Canadians must be firm in opposing all attempts to use these events to bring into being a new campaign of state terror at home or abroad. They must speak out and take measures to empower themselves so that they can lead the establishment of a government which upholds international law and the security of all peoples as the condition for the security of Canadians.

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The Climate of Terror

Since 2001, terrorism is not only a tragedy for the peoples but also a problem to be solved. Since 2001, the peoples of the world have had no respite, no rest. War and terrorism are multiplied to create a climate of terror in the country and on the world scene. Civilized norms between nations are thrown in the mud in favour of brute force. Anarchy is raised to authority in international relations.

It is the peoples of the world who are the victims of our governments, who lead our soldiers into dirty, unjust wars or in plots for regime change and who support U.S. imperialist domination. The same peoples of the world helplessly watch the destruction of forums like the United Nations by the perpetrators of war and chaos.

Today's attacks in Ottawa must be denounced just as Harper's politics and those of his ilk. Their War on Terror is a failure for the simple reason that terror, in all its forms -- in particular state terror, is the weapon they use to advance their macabre plan.

Harper will hold a press conference shortly. Everyone knows what he will say. But despite the level of hysteria they attempt to create in the country, despite how they will try to politically and psychologically disorient the people, we must remain calm and not succumb to their hysteria. The Quebec people, the working class and youth must calmly discuss the situation. How did we get here? How to get out of this? The people are tired of not finding solutions. The same climate of terror is constantly repeated like a nightmare. It is up to the people to defend the modern definitions to international rights that will put on trial the accused who organize terrorist tragedies and commit crimes against the peace.

The soldiers who were victims of the attacks are the sons and daughters of the working people. Harper and his clique have no right to send them into dirty, shameful wars. In the coming days we will see the political forces in Ottawa rally behind Harper. One nation politics will reclaim all the space. Mulcair and Trudeau, who had taken "a cautious stance" toward the events of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and voted against the deployment in Iraq, will be pressured to line up behind the arbitrary measures.

Let us discuss with our co-workers and neighbours and amongst the youth and students, the necessity for an anti-war government in Canada. Let us together discuss the need to establish international relations based on respect, dignity, the sovereignty of peoples and their right to live in peace. Block Harper and the warmongers -- it is the immediate need to guarantee the security of the people and their society.

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Coming Events

October 25/26 Anti-War Day of Action

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