Building Spaces for Everyone to Take Their Place

In the opinion of Renewal Update, as a way to build their own capacity to bring forward their experiences and conditions, educators can establish spaces where they can get together to bring to the light of day what is taking place and what they think about it. In these spaces they must be able to speak freely, without fear of being identified by others with this or that label. Unless they can speak freely and say what they think, they will remain at the mercy of what others think for them.

What others think for them may be right or may be wrong, but the workers must be able to make up their own minds about it. This is required for the workers to be able to speak in their own name on an informed basis. They need the space where they can take their place, the place that belongs to them by right. Furthermore, these spaces must recognize their right to say No! to whatever proposal is made. By arguing out what they think about the proposal by referring to their conditions and demands, they can draw warranted conclusions. They will have the conviction to say No if  they think it is not suitable or know why they are saying Yes. What is certain is that if their right to say No! is not respected, their Yes! will not be seen to be credible.

Providing the space where workers can take their place provides a new impetus for uniting themselves and the public around a definite way forward which provides problems with solutions. This also inspires the youth to do the same and parents too as they see that it is in arguing out what is needed that solutions can be found.

This article was published in
Number 9 - December 23, 2022

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