Government's Bogus Offer to Provide Childcare

The Ford government is so bogus that while it claimed to be negotiating a new contract for education workers in Ontario, it informed that in the event of a strike it would provide childcare for health care and childcare workers.

Everyone knows that the government has not put the capacity to provide childcare in place. If they have the capacity to provide childcare in this manner why not do it all the time? People suspect it is all about handing out inadequate subsidies from public funds for people to find their own childcare, or loosening regulations on the childcare centres which already exist. It was aimed at trying to paint any strike as being a threat to health care and childcare when in fact the workers in those sectors face the same conditions as the education workers and are also fighting for their right to negotiate in the face of the government's anti-social Bill 124 that limits their wage increases to one per cent.

This article was published in
Number 4 - November 21, 2022

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