March 14, 2019

ABI Workers Reject Alcoa's Dictated Contract and Back-to-Work Protocol
90 Per Cent Turnout, 82 Per Cent Rejection of Company Contract at
Membership Meeting
Workers Want a Negotiated Contract Not One-Sided Company Dictate
The Workers' Demand for an Alternative to Dictate - Pierre Chénier 

Letter to the Editor
A Lockout Is Not a "Force Majeure" - Montérégie Metallurgical Worker

BC Rail Tragedy and Other Train Derailments
Canadian Pacific's Reckless Move  
Rail Workers Defend Their Rights and Safety - Peggy Askin
Arbitrator Issues Cease and Desist Order to CP Rail - Teamsters Canada
Rail Conference

Growing Number of Rail Accidents

New Brunswick Criminalizes Workers' Just Claims
Provincial Government and Court of Queen's Bench Declare Nursing Home Workers' Strike Illegal - Interview, Simon Ouellette, Communications Representative,
CUPE Maritimes

March 7, 2019

Ontario Workers and Youth Oppose Ford Government's Offensive
Anti-Worker Bill 66 at Second Reading

Alcoa/Rio Tinto's Manipulation of "Force Majeure" to Achieve Its
Anti-Worker Aims
Workers Demand Legault Government Make Alcoa/Rio Tinto Meet Its Commitments on Energy Contract - Pierre Chénier
Locked-Out ABI Workers to Discuss and Vote on Offer

Quebec Construction Workers Defend Safety Standards
Workers Call for Release of Report on Crane Operator Safety

Our Security Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All
Coalition of Migrant Care Worker Groups and Allies Continue the Landed Status Now! Campaign - Peggy Morton

Federal Public Service
Day of Action Holds Government to Account for Phoenix Pay System

February 28, 2019

Unacceptable Moves to Do Away with Collective Agreements
Alcoa's Unacceptable Demand to Run the ABI Smelter Without a Union
Workers Demand Arbitration and Intervention by Quebec Premier
- Interview, Clément Masse, President, United Steelworkers Local 9700
The "Legal" Termination of Collective Agreements -- Australian
Example - Pierre Chénier

Railway Workers' Courageous Struggle to Affirm the Human Factor
Concerns of Railway Workers - Lyndon Isaak, President,
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

February 21, 2019

What It Means to Be "Open for Business"
Workers Reject the Ruling Elite's Politics of Being "Open for Business"
Destruction of Manufacturing Continues in Ontario

Lockout at Aluminerie de Bécancour Inc.
Support for ABI Workers Continues as Alcoa/Rio Tinto Cartel Abruptly Breaks off Negotiations
Municipal Workers in Quebec Stand Up for their Rights and Dignity
Public Sector Employers Create Impasse for Workers

Maintenance Workers at Montreal Transit Corporation Demand a Negotiated Contract Which Is Acceptable to Them - Gleason Frenette, President,
Montreal Transit Union (STM-CSN)

Defending the Rights of Migrant Workers
National Day of Action Calls for Health Care for All

Condemn Canada's Support for U.S.-Backed Coup in Venezuela
Statement - Canadian Union of Postal Workers

February 14, 2019

February 7, 2019

Tragic Deaths of Three Rail Workers
Urgent Need for a Rail Safety Regime that Serves the Employees and Public
Lockout at the ABI Smelter in Bécancour, Quebec
Support for Locked-Out Workers Keeps Coming In

Ford Government's Anti-Social Offensive Deepens Crisis in Health Care
The Need for a Human-Centred Health Care Delivery System
Advisory Committee Report Turns Its Back on Ontario's Hospital Capacity
Crisis - Ontario Council of Hospital Unions
Health Care Union Calls for Immediate Action to Address Staffing Needs in Long-Term Care Facilities

Crisis in Quebec Health Care System
Unresolved Issues in Health Care and Social Services

Discussion on How to Fund Social Programs and Other Economic Issues
Part One -- The Necessity for a Motive of Production and Work Consistent with
the Modern Social Conditions

January 31, 2019

January 24, 2019

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