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September 22

Important National Day of Action in Quebec September 23

All Together with Public Sector Workers!

• Quebec Common Front Calls for Defence of Public Services

• Demand for Government to Assume Its Social Responsibilities and Negotiate in Good Faith – Pierre Soublière

• Negotiating Committee Informs Affiliated Unions on State of Negotiaitons and Receives Their Instructions

Health Care

• "There Are Limits" Nurses Tell Government

• Solving Health Care Crisis from Nurses' Point of View

Quebec Government's Unacceptable Education Bill

• Changes to the System Must Be Based on Teachers' and Education Workers' Experience – Geneviève Royer

• Centralization of Powers in the Hands of the Minister Under Pretext of Efficiency

Bill 23 -- Who Said What?

September 18

Bargaining Impasse in Ontario K-12 Education

Teachers Discuss Union Proposal to Use Voluntary Binding Arbitration

Message to Members from Secondary School Teachers' Toronto Bargaining Unit

Message from Former President of Hamilton Secondary School Teachers' Bargaining Unit on How the Union Was Formed and How Teachers Won the Right to Strike

• Information and Views on Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation Proposal – Empower Yourself Now

More Views

Arbitration and the Right to Strike – Enver Villamizar

The Urgent Need Is to Stop Paying the Rich and for Investments in Education – An Elementary Teacher

The Right to Strike Is a Legal Mechanism That Can Hold the Government in Check – A Retired Teacher

Secrecy Is a Big Problem – A High School Teacher

Arbitrators – An Educational Assistant

September 13

U.S. Steel Industry in Turmoil

The Need for Modern Strategies and Tactics to Defend the Interests of Labour – K.C. Adams

September 4

Labour Day 2023

Speaking In One's Own Name Is the Starting Point to Establishing a Way Forward


August 28

Upholding the Dignity of Labour

Windsor Salt Workers Ratify Tentative Agreements

Windsor Salt Strike

Workers to Consider Second Tentative Agreement – Empower Yourself Now

Mariners Refuse to Cross Picket Line and Other Important Acts of Solidarity with Striking Salt Workers

Pathetic Attempt by Legacy Media to Incite Opinion Against Salt Workers

August 23

Wild Fires Thirteen Times Worse Than Ten Year Average

Deepest Sympathy and Concern for Residents and Firefighters of Northwest Territories and the B.C. Interior

Our Respects for Wildland Firefighters Who Have Died

About the Massive Wildfires Raging Across the Country – Peggy Askin

Conditions of the Wildland Firefighters – Peggy Morton –

Alberta Firefighters Speak Out

Government Irresponsibility in Response to Climate Crisis and Private Interests

• Wild Fires Still Raging in Quebec

August 21

Negotiations in K-12 Education in Ontario

Ontario Teachers' and Education Workers' Unions to Hold Strike Votes

• A Way Forward Can Be Found by Refusing to Submit to Dictate and Addressing Conditions in Schools – Empower Yourself Now

Education in Britain

An Important Landmark in the Teachers' Struggle to Defend Their Rights and the Future of Education – Workers' Weekly

August 10

Challenges Facing the Workers' Movement

Workers' Pension Funds Must Not Be Used to Finance Union-Busting – Empower Yourself Now

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan's Talk About Responsible Investing

Dirty Activity of Canada Steamship Lines in Salt Strike

August 2

Salt Workers Deliberate on a Way Forward

Workers Gain More Confidence in Their No! to Union-Busting

Stone Canyon's Destructive Activities With a Critical Canadian Resource

Is Stone Canyon Hiding Its "Leadership"?


July 31

Continue to Stand as One with the BC Port Workers!

Breakthrough in BC Port Dispute

Stop Paying the Rich!

The World Is Drowning in Debt to the Rich – K.C. Adams

July 28

Salt Workers Courageously Reject Tentative Agreement

Stand as One with Windsor Salt Workers! Negotiate Don't Dictate! – Empower Yourself Now

Education Workers Visit Picket Lines


• Salt Workers Reject Tentative Agreement

July 26

10th Anniversary of the Lac-Mégantic Tragedy

A Lesson in Nation-Building – Diane Johnston

Lac Mégantic – This Is Not an Accident

July 24

Week 24 of Windsor Salt Strike

Tentative Agreement at Windsor Salt

Salt Workers Will Consider the Tentative Agreement Seriously – Empower Yourself Now

Information on Salt Production in the Americas

Salt Production on the Magdalen Islands

• Untapped Salt Deposit in Newfoundland and Labrador

Stone Canyon's Control Over Salt Production in the Americas

• Stone Canyon, the "Buy America" Provisions and Canada

July 19

BC Port Workers Resume Strike

State-Organized Attack on BC Port Workers

Strike at National Steel Car in Hamilton

Stand with Striking Rail Car Workers

Negotiations in K-12 Education in Ontario

Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Ontario Teachers' Federation

July 17

Week 22 of Windsor Salt Strike

Salt Workers Oppose Divide-and-Rule Tactics

Talk About Neutrality in Labour Relations – Enver Villamizar

First Nations' Concerns About Windsor Salt's Mining Leases on Their Lands

• Windsor Salt Pays Ridiculously Paltry Rent

July 12

BC Port Workers' Strike

Port Workers Hold Powerful Rally

Bloated Fortunes of World's Richest

• The Rich Get Richer So the Poor Get Poorer

July 5

Defend the Dignity of Labour

BC Port Workers on Strike in Defence of Their Rights

Statement from ILWU Canada Bargaining Committee

Significant National and International Support for BC Port Workers

• Officials' Response to Port Workers' Strike

For Your Information

BC Port Workers' Strike

July 2

Negotiate! Don't Dictate!

Spirited Rally and Day of Action in Support of Striking Salt Workers in Windsor

Negotiations Yes! Extortion No! – Enver Villamizar


Nova Scotia Scotia Salt Workers Share Their Experiences


June 28

All Out to Stand with Striking Salt Workers in Windsor!

June 29 Rally and Day of Action to Support Windsor Salt Workers!

A Significant Demand from all Ontario Teachers' Unions to Their Pension Fund

For Your Information

Salt and Those Who Extract and Process It Are a Critical Resource

June 26

Regularization Now!

Emergency Rallies Denounce Trudeau Government's Lack of Action

Migrant Workers Intensify Their Campaign for Status for All

Regularization Assembly – Who Said What

International Students Organize Successful 18-Day Protest

June 12

Windsor Salt Strike Enters 17th Week

Workers Face Disinformation Campaign

Active and Retired Teachers and Their Unions Expand Support

Workers' Community BBQ a Great Success

New York Salt Workers Reach Tentative Agreement

Salt Workers Across Canada Learning Together

Another Windsor Salt Operation on the Magdalen Islands, Quebec

Pugwash Salt Workers Facing Layoffs Together


May 31

40th Anniversary of Injured Workers' Day -- June 1

All Out to Support the Just Demands of Injured Workers and Their Allies for Human-Centred Reforms to Workers' Compensation!


Oppose Attempts to Restructure Workers' Compensation in the Name of "Value for Money" – Christine Nugent, Barrie and District Injured Workers' Group and Ontario Network of Injured Workers' Groups

"I Want All of the People Who Have Been Disrespected, Ignored, and Hidden Away to Be Seen, to Be Counted, and to Be Heard!" – Liz Garant-Yaremcio, President, Windsor Injured Workers Group and Vice-President for Southwestern Ontario for Ontario Network of Injured Workers' Groups (ONIWG)

"We are Honourable Canadian Workers" – Injured Workers' Stories – Ontario Network of Injured Workers' Groups

May 29

Windsor Salt Strike

Salt Workers Strengthen Their Resolve to Oppose Union-Busting

Windsor-Essex Teachers Step Up Their Support for Striking Salt Workers

No to "Contract Flipping" and Union-Busting

Stand with the Alberta Wapasu Creek Lodge Workers! – Peggy Morton

Information on Civeo

May 25

Quebec Government's Health Care Bill -- Radical Rupture with the Past

A Modern Quebec Can and Must Guarantee the Right to Health Care

Massive Concentration of Decision-Making Power and Union-Busting – Pierre Chénier

Previous Restructuring of Quebec's Health Care System – Pierre Soublière


Nefarious New Health Act Receives Royal Assent – Enver Villamizar

Ontario Health Coalition Referendum

May 17

Windsor Salt Strike

Another Canadian Public Pension Plan Overseeing Stone Canyon's Anti-Union Activities

Political Economy of Attack on Windsor Salt Workers – K.C. Adams

May 16

Windsor Salt Workers Continue to Hold the Line!

Windsor-Essex Community, Canadian and U.S. Salt Workers Step Up Expressions of Support

• More Strike-Breaking Schemes Come to Light

May 10

All Out to Uphold the Uphold the Dignity of Labour!

As Windsor Salt Strike Enters Week 13 Support Grows in Face of Companies Dirty Tricks

Company Gives Spurious Reasons for Not Negotiating

New York Salt Miners' Contract Expires May 31

New Breakthroughs Using Sodium for Electric Batteries

• Control Over Canada's Critical Mineral Resources – Workers' Centre of CPC(M-L)

• Sodium-Ion Batteries vs Lithium-Ion Batteries – Fernand Deschamps

Strategic Sources of Sodium in North America

May 1

May Day 2023

Workers and Oppressed Peoples of All Countries Unite!

Challenges Facing the Workers' Movement in 2023 – Workers' Centre of CPC(M-L)

The Challenge for the Working Class Movement to Be Effective – Pierre Chénier, Secretary, Workers' Centre of CPC(M-L)

Opposition to Stepped Up Attacks on Workers' Rights and Social Programs

Work of the Workers' Centre in the Coming Year – Workers' Centre of CPC(M-L)


April 25

155,000 Federal Public Service Workers on Strike

Keep the Support Coming for Striking Public Service Workers!

More Unions Express Support for Striking Workers

Windsor Salt Strike Enters Week 11

• Active and Retired Teachers and Education Workers of Windsor-Essex Step Up Their Support

Hamilton Steelworkers Visit Striking Windsor Salt Workers' Picket Line

Annual Meeting of Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

Teachers Raise Concerns About Having a Say Where Pension Funds Invested

United Steelworkers

Annual Policy Conference Convoked in Toronto April 23-25

April 19

Federal Public Servants Set Up Picket Lines Across the Country

Uphold the Dignity of Labour! Support the Public Service Alliance of Canada Workers!

Unions Express Support for Striking Workers


Interview with a Public Service Worker Walking the Line in Windsor, Ontario

– Empower Yourself Now

April 18

News and Comment

Public Service Workers to Strike If Tentative Agreement Not Reached Immediately

• Ontario NDP's Anti-Scab Legislation – Enver Villamizar

April 13

U.S. Cartel Steps Up Union-Busting at Windsor Salt

May Day Rally at Windsor Salt Picket Line

Canada's Future Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All! All Out to Stand with the Salt Workers and Their Just Cause!

Charron Group's Operations in Chatham, Ontario

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Annual Meeting

April 7

European Workers' Mass Opposition to Anti-Social Offensive

Clash in France over Pension Reform Goes to Heart of Crisis of Liberal Democratic Institutions

German Workers Hold Mass Strikes Against Untenable Living and Working Conditions

Wave of Strikes Across Britain Marks Pay-the-Rich Budget Day


Farmers Continue Mass Meetings and Organizing – J. Singh

April 3

Cross Canada Actions Demand Status for All

More Tragic Deaths Show Urgent Need to End Safe Third Country Agreement

• Petition to End Safe Third Country Agreement – Migrant Rights Network

• Actions Affirm Rights of Migrant Workers on International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Montreal Overnight Camp for Status

Undocumented Workers Declare "We Are Not the Crisis"


March 30

Windsor Salt Workers Hold the Line!

Workers Across the Country Provide Invaluable Support

Support the Salt Workers!

Strike Enters Its Seventh Week

March 27

Lac-Mégantic Rail Bypass

Community Residents Must Have Decisive Say in the Project and Their Future – Pierre Chénier

Ongoing Mass Protests and Strikes in Greece Following Devastating Train Tragedy

Greek People Seething with Anger

Successive Train Derailments at Norfolk Southern

• Firm Opposition to Dictate of Rail Monopolies and Their Backing by U.S. Government

March 21

Worthy Fight for the Dignity of Labour

Windsor Salt Workers Hold the Line

Salt Miners in Pugwash, Nova Scotia Support Striking Windsor Salt Workers

Information on Stone Canyon's Closure of Salt Production in Alberta

Resistance in the U.S. to Anti-Labour Laws

• U.S. Educators Develop Creative Ways to Uphold Their Rights and the Rights of All –

March 17

Windsor Salt Strike Enters Fourth Week

National Union President Sends Letter to Teachers' Pension Fund

• Salt Miners' Defence of Health and Safety a Matter of Life and Death Jeopardized by Contracting Out

Mine Rescue: Vital to Workers' Health and Safety

About Ontario Mine Rescue

Role of Ontario Courts in Assisting U.S. Hedge Fund to Destroy Canadian Union

Self-Serving Arguments to Justify Company Abuse

March 15

33rd Quebec Federation of Labour Convention

Interviews with Convention Delegates

• Sylvie Thomassin, President, Private Seniors' Residences Division, Quebec Union of Service Employees

Hugo Desgagné, Responsible for Occupational Health and Safety Issues for Unifor-Québec

Cédric Joly, Prevention Representative, United Steelworkers, Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium, Metal Powders

March 13

Quebec Federation of Labour Holds 33rd Convention

For Greater Unity in Action in Defence of Rights and an Open Discussion on the Future of the Trade Union Movement – Pierre Chénier

Work in Commissions

Policy Statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Resolutions on Issues of Concern

March 10

Windsor Salt Miners' Strike

Picket on International Women's Day Stands with Striking Miners

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Major Investor in U.S. Company Attacking Windsor Salt Workers

March 6

Our Security Lies in Our Fight for the Rights of All!

Defend the Resources, Livelihoodsand Work of Canadians!Stand with Windsor Salt Workers!

Salt Workers Challenge Arrogant U.S. Holding Company

• Union-busting in Canada by Unscrupulous U.S. Law Firm Jackson Lewis

• Former U.S. Vice-Consul Represents Mine Owners

March 3

Attacks on Quebec Public Sector Unions

Upping the Use of Executive Powers Against Workers – Pierre Chénier

All Out to Support Nurses and Health Care Workers!

Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec Nurses Say No to Restructuring of Care on Backs of WorkersNova Scotia Health Care Workers' Solutions to Immediately Improve Retention and Recruitment – Interview, Sandra Mullen, President, Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union

• Ontario Nurses Hold Militant Mass Rally and Province-Wide Pickets

Windsor Nurses Speak Out on Right to Health Care –


February 27


Salt Miners Strike in Windsor –

Closing of Biopharmaceutical Company in Quebec City

Total Incoherence Due to Absence of a Public Authority – Pierre Soublière

February 22

Fight of Telecommunications Workers for Their Rights

All Out to Support TELUS Workers! Hold TELUS to Account!

Some of Telus' Demands for Anti-Worker Concessions

Information on Subcontracting and Offshoring

February 20

Federal Public Service Workers Hold Strike Vote

Public Service Workers Fight to Humanize the Work Environment, Respect and Dignity – Interview, Yvon Barrière, Regional Executive Vice-President, Public Service Alliance of Canada, Quebec Region

February 17

Dire Situation with Employment Insurance

All Out to Defend the Rights and Dignityof Unemployed Workers! – Pierre Chénier


France Simard, Coordinator of the Unemployment Action Movement in Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec

Line Sirois, Coordinator of the Unemployment Action Movement, Côte-Nord

• Demands of the Autonomous and Solidarity Movement of the Unemployed (MASSE)

February 16

Communities and Society Not the Rich Must Benefit fromInvestments of State Funds 

Governments at All Levels Paying for Large-Scale Changes in Auto Industry  – Enver Villamizar

• Changes to Education to Serve Private Interests in the New Economy –

• Artificial Intelligence in Education  – Education Is a Right Interview with Dr. Beyhan Farhadi

February 15

Housing Is a Human Right!

Quebeckers Rally to Demand Social Housing Now

Housing Crisis in Quebec

Legault Government to Allow Rent Increases in Private Seniors' Residences

February 7

Defend Public Health Care

Rally Outside First Ministers' Meeting

Quebec Health Care Workers Wage Valiant Battle Against Untenable Conditions in Health Sector

Nurses' Action at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Defends Patients' Lives

Montreal Union Leader Explains

Nurses Take Action in Seven Hudson Bay Communities

Nunavik Nurses' Union Denounces Government's Response

Concrete Improvements to Working Conditions Required to Rebuild Network – Interview, Julie Bouchard, President, Interprofessional Health Care Federation of Quebec


January 23

Our Work in 2023

Join Hamilton Rally at Liberals' Retreat to Demand Status for All

Prince George Rally Protests Self-Serving Forestry Plans

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