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MAY 2014

May 7, 2014

27th Canadian Labour Congress Convention
Opening Day of the Convention

Discussion on the Fairness Works Policy
The Need to Abolish the Temporary Foreign Worker Program - Peggy Morton
Defend the Pensions We Have! Fight For Pensions For All -- It Is a Matter of Justice! - Peggy Askin

May 7, 2014 - Afternoon Edition

27th Canadian Labour Congress Convention
Policy Paper on the Economy
Day Two at the Convention

Manufacturing Yes, Nation-Wrecking No!
Time for a New Direction for the Economy - K.C. Adams
The Necessity for Change - Rolf Gerstenberger
Working Class Needs Organization on the Basis of Its Own Consciousness - Peter Ewart

May 16, 2014

Lac-Mégantic Tragedy -- An Open Wound
Workers Charged in Case of Criminal Irresponsibility of Monopolies and Governments - Normand Chouinard
Letters to the Editor

Canada Post Announces More Closures
Harper's Nefarious Plans for Destruction of Public Post Office Must Be Stopped - Louis Lang

May 28, 2014

No to Harper's Low Wage Agenda!
Abolish the Temporary Foreign Worker Program! - Peggy Askin
Immigration Must Serve the Public Interest, Not Monopoly Right - Peggy Morton
For Your Information: The Express Entry Immigration System

U.S. Steel's First Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call
Wrecking Does Not Produce Profit - Local 1005 USW
Scepticism about the Carnegie Way
U.S. Steel's War Against Costs - K.C. Adams

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JUNE 2014

June 27, 2014

Minister of Labour Threatens New Anti-Labour Legislation Against Construction Workers - Pierre Chénier

Harper's Anti-Social EI Reform
Matane Fishery Workers Continue to Suffer Government's Assaults
Fewer Unemployed Workers Receive Employment Insurance
Workers' Resistance Mitigates Impact of Reform - Interview, France Simard, Spokesperson, Unemployment Action Movement, Lac Saint-Jean

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JULY 2014

July 3, 2014

Manufacturing Yes! Nation-Wrecking No!
The Wrecking of Stelco and the Pension Funds - Information Update
On the Restructuring of U.S. Steel Canada - Rolf Gerstenberger

Attacks Escalate Against Municipal Workers
Workers Across Quebec Demonstrate to Defend Their Pensions

Interviews with Workers' Forum
Recent Developments in the Fight for Pensions - Daniel Légère, General Vice-President, CUPE New Brunswick
Serious Deterioration of Services for Veterans - Yvan Thauvette, President, Union of Veterans Affairs Employees, Public Service Alliance of Canada 

July 17, 2014

Harper Government's Criminal Privatization Schemes
Federal Public Servants Pledge to Fight Dictate and Fraud - Pierre Chénier
More Evidence of Government Disinformation to Justify Privatization of Sick Days Program

Workers Take Militant Stands Against Extortion
Thunder Bay Workers Are Ready to Speak to Bombardier Any Time So Long as the Demand for Concessions Is Removed - Interview, Dominic Pasqualino, President, Unifor Local 1075
Toronto Crown Holdings Workers Stand Strong - Interview, Striking Workers at Crown Holdings Plant, Toronto

Canadian Mining Companies Abroad
Criminal Activities of Canadian Mining Companies in Guatemala

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September 1, 2014

Labour Day 2014
Uphold the Dignity of Labour by Depriving the Monopolies of Their Ability to Deprive Us of What Belongs to Us by Right! - Workers' Centre, CPC(M-L)

September 8, 2014

The Fight of Quebec Municipal Workers for Their Right to a Secure Pension
Blame the Government and Not the Workers for Criminal Behaviour! - Forum ouvrier
Couillard Government's Bill 3 -- Legislated Extortion to Wreck Pensions - Claude Moreau

Federal Public Service
The Fight of Public Servants to Defend Their Rights - Louis Lang

Thunder Bay Bombardier Workers Holding On Against Extortion
Our Strike Is About the Future of the Union - Interview, Dominic Pasqualino, President, Unifor Local 1075

September 17, 2014

Stop the Attacks on Workers' Rights!
Harper Dictatorship Goes All Out to Push Anti-Social Offensive

Vindictive Moves Against Public Sector Workers
All Out to Stop Harper Government's Attack on the Rights of Public Sector Workers! - Louis Lang

EI Contribution Reduction for Small Business
Deception and Fraud About Job Creation - Jim Nugent

Supreme Court Turns Down Unions' Challenge to Government's Use of Employment Insurance Surpluses
A Taxation Power that Wrecks the Public Interest - Pierre Chénier

Skilled Trade Splintering
Another Anti-Labour Scheme in the Name of Addressing "Labour Shortages"

Letter to the Editor
Harper Dictatorship Funds Meat Packing Monopolies

September 26, 2014

Public Right, Yes! Monopoly Right, No!
Discussion on the Direction of the Auto Industry

News and Views
Defeated Liberal Cabinet Minister Goes to Work for Chrysler
Chrysler to Hire Sixty Production Workers
Negotiations for Ford Product in Windsor
Who Said What on Public Funds for Ford
The Auto Monopolies and the Ontario 2014 General Election
Concessions Extorted from Workers in Exchange for Promise of a New Ford Plant

September 29, 2014

Annul the Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement!
Seafarers Boldly Declare: No Quarter for Neo-Liberal Free Traders!
What the Workers Had to Say
CETA Opens the Door to Dismantling the Marine Transport Sector - Interview, Patrice Caron, Executive Vice-President, Seafarers' International Union of Canada
European Seafarers' Solidarity Statement
U.S. Seagoing Unions' Solidarity Statement

For Your Information
CETA Breakdown - Seafarers' International Union of Canada

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October 14, 2014

Announcement of 1,000 New Jobs at Ford in Oakville
Not All What It Appears to Be
Public Money and Worker Concessions for Ford Motor Company - K.C. Adams

The Need to Provide the Right to Security in Retirement with a Guarantee
Second National Summit on Pension Reform Held in Toronto
Retired Workers and Their Allies Hold Picket and Rally Outside Pension Summit

October 20, 2014

A New Direction is Needed for the Economy
The Anti-Union Agenda Behind the Canada Jobs Grants - Jim Nugent
Chaos in Canada's Economy
U.S. Steel's Phony Bankruptcy
Workers Protest Resolute Forest Products Mill Closure in Shawinigan, Quebec

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November 5, 2014

Need for a New Direction for the Economy
Ford Investment in the Oakville Plant and Refusal to Invest in Windsor

Protests Against the Quebec Government's Austerity Agenda
Vibrant Defence of the Right of All to Live in Dignity
Health Care Workers Reject Attacks on Working Conditions and Services

November 12, 2014

Latest Government Grant to Honda Underscores Need to End Government Pay-the-Rich Schemes
It's Time for Working People to Take Control over Their Lives, Investments and Economy - K.C. Adams

Federal Public Service Workers Defend Their Rights
Public Sector Alliance of Canada Members Across the Country Reject Government's Sick Leave Proposals and Cuts to Public Services
Sick Leave: An Insurance Plan for Sick Employees, Not a Benefit for Healthy Employees - Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Shenanigans Behind the Crippled Wheat Board
Canadian Wheat Now Cheapest in the World - Canadian Wheat Board Alliance
Where Is the CWB Audit? - Canadian Wheat Board Alliance

November 17, 2014

Ford's Refusal to Invest in Windsor
The Necessity to Change the Investment Premise - K.C. Adams

Falling Natural Resource Prices and Mine Closures
Morose Climate in Quebec's Mining Sector - Normand Fournier

Federal Public Servants Tackle Attacks in Government's Latest Omnibus Legislation
Bargaining Strategy Deals with Threats Posed by Bill C-4 - Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
What You Should Know About Bill C-4

November 25, 2014

Transport Canada Abdicates Social Responsibility for Rail Safety and Paves Way for More Tragedies
Only the Workers' Fight for Rights Can Stop the Monopolies' Destructive Path
- Pierre Chénier
Transport Canada Changes Do Not Ensure Safety or Defend Public Interest - Interview, Brian Stevens, Unifor National Rail Director
Another Train Derailment in Casselton, North Dakota

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