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JULY 2011

July 9, 2011 - No. 1

Workers' Movement
No to the Criminalization of the Postal Workers! - Philip Fernandez
The Working Class Has the Right to Hold Monopolies Accountable for Their Anti-Worker Decisions - Normand Chouinard
New Round of Plant Closures in Quebec

Ontario Community College Workers
College Management Abrogates Its Social Responsibility - Arm the Bargaining Committee with a Solid Strike Mandate - Dave Starbuck, Fortnightly
Part-Time College Workers Examine Supreme Court of Canada Rulings - Christine Nugent

Public Sector Workers Pressure Governments for Pensions They Need - Wayne Lucas, President, CUPE Newfoundland and Labrador
Bell Aliant Workers Fight for Job Security - Phil Briffett, President, CEP Local 410, St. John's, Newfoundland
In Defence of Pensions and Health Care for All - Brian Sharpe, Vice-Chair, OPSEU Southwestern Ontario Retiree Chapter
The Fight to Improve Pensions for All - Kurt Kangas, OPSEU Member, Thunder Bay

Canadian Wheat Board
Wheat Board Plans Own Vote on Public Monopoly
How the Canadian Wheat Board Helps Protect the World's People from the U.S. Food Weapon - Dougal MacDonald

Consumer Price Index -- May 2011

Opposition to War Preparations
Operation Nanuk: No to Militarization of the Arctic
U.S. Anti-Missile Outpost in UK Angers Anti-War Britons - Russia Today
UN Arms Embargo Extends to Both Sides of Libyan Conflict -- UN Expert - Russia Today
Harper, Military Monopolies Sell Arms and Innu Land in Paris - Tony Seed

International Workers' Movement
No Means No!

Militant Strikes Over Pensions - Workers' Weekly Internet Edition

Labor Movement Goes on Strike - Prensa Latina

July 16, 2011 - No. 2

BC HST Referendum -- July 22
Vote Yes to Extinguish the HST - CPC(M-L)
The HST Cannot Be Fixed - Jim Sinclair, President, BC Federation of Labour

Workers' Movement
Hold Canadian Governments to Account to Defend Stelco Steelworkers and Pensioners - K.C. Adams
Rio Tinto Workers in Quebec Demand Solvency of Pension Fund - Interview, Alain Gagnon, President, Syndicat national des employés de l'aluminium d'Arvida
Donnacona Retirees Hold Reunion
No to Toronto Mayor Ford's Anti- Social Offensive! - David Greig

Canadian Wheat Board
Growing Opposition to Harper Government's Wrecking of Wheat Board - Pierre Chénier

Rights of First Nations
Assembly of First Nations Honours Cuban Specialist on Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Stand with Grassy Narrows First Nation
Whiskey Jack Forest Independent Forest Audit

Monopolies Push Annexation
Border Meeting Pushes Annexation - Enver Villamizar
Western Premiers Call for Further Annexation and Export of Raw Resources - Peggy Morton
Aims of Human-Smuggling Legislation

Canadian Forces' Depraved Government-Sanctioned Actions
Mass Rallies in Tripoli Oppose NATO Aggression - Jamilé Ghaddar
Recent Events

22nd Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan Underway

National Celebrations Mark Bicentenary of Independence

United States
Tyranny Made "Legal"

75th Anniversary of Outbreak of Spanish Civil War
Celebrate Anti-Fascist Resistance of the Spanish Civil War - Dougal MacDonald

Crisis of Canada's Electoral System
Harper Conservatives' Micro-Targeting and Wrecking of the Electoral Process - Anna Di Carlo
Report: Reasons for Not Voting in the May 2, 2011 Federal Election - Statistics Canada

July 23, 2011 - No. 3

Workers' Movement
The People vs. U.S. Steel
Hamilton Celebrates 65th Anniversary of Steelworkers' Local 1005
Congratulations USW Local 1005 -- 65 Years and Still Fighting!

Auction of Nortel’s Remaining Assets - K.C. Adams

IQT Solutions
Call Centre Workers Demand Governments Do Their Duty - Christine Nugent

Post Office
Back-to-Work Legislation Imposes Monopoly Right - Peggy Askin

Rio Tinto
Company Jeopardizes Workers' and Residents' Lives Under Hoax of "Management Rights" - Pierre Chénier

Public Services
Privatization, Cuts and Now User Fees - David Greig
Public Services Destroyed to "Balance the Books" - Steve Rutchinski
Support the Legitimate Demands of Ontario College Support Staff

Ludlum Retirees Call on Active Workers to Oppose Proposed Contract

BC HST Referendum -- Voting Extended to August 5
Vote Yes to Esxtinguish the HST: Government Advertising Campaign Under Fire - Dorothy-Jean O'Donnell
Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs' Council Urges First Nations to Reject HST - UBCIC

58th Anniversary of Attack on Moncada Baracks
Long Live the Cuban Revolution!
Moncada Day Calendar of Events

58th Anniversary of the Defeat of the U.S. in the Korean War and the Signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement
The U.S. Must Sign A Peace Treaty with the DPRK to End the Korean War!
Mass Opposition to U.S. War Preparations on Jeju Island

Rally of 600,000 Celebrates 32nd Anniversary of Sandinistas' Victory

July 30, 2011 - No. 4

Workers' Movement
The People vs. U.S. Steel
Hamilton Steelworkers: Beacon of Resistance and Social Responsibility!
Historic Founding of USW Local 1005 Celebrated in Hamilton
Information Update - Newspaper of USW Local 1005

U.S. Steel Second Quarter Financial Report
U.S. Steel Flat-Rolled Segment Has Record Earnings - K.C. Adams

General Motors Health Care Trust Settlement
Retirees Fight for Their Rights - Workers' Centre, CPC(M-L)

War Preparations
No to U.S. Security Forces on Canadian Territory! - Enver Villamizar
U.S. Air Force Cites New Testament, Ex-Nazi, to Train Officers on Ethics of Launching Nuclear Weapons - Jason Leopold, Truthout

Debt Debate in the United States
Stop Paying the Rich! Increase Funding for Social Programs
Using Debt Debate to Concentrate More Power in Executive
The McConnell Plan
Demand of Monopolies for Debt Payments

Canadian Handover of Operations
Escalation of Anarchy and Violence
Deadliest Six Months for Civilians
Reports of Increased Suicides Amongst Combat Troops

Call to End NATO Bombing Before Talks

New President Takes Office

75th Anniversary of the Spanish Civil War
How Canada's Foreign Enlistment Act Criminalized the Anti-Fascist Volunteers - Dougal MacDonald
The Song of Songs: Memorial Concert Dedicated to the Anti-Fascist Resistance - Workers' Weekly

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August 6, 2011 - No. 5

Harper's Phony War Criminal Campaign - Dougal MacDonald
No to Nuclear Blackmail by U.S. and Big Powers! No to Canada's Disruptive Role in the Nuclear Disarmament Committee!
The U.S. Debt Ceiling Brouhaha - K.C. Adams

Workers' Movement
Hamilton Steelworkers Issue Open Letter to Active and Retired Workers and Members of the Public
Autoworkers Protest ThyssenKrupp Budd's Attack on Pensions
Opposition to Privatization of Public Services in Toronto: Toronto Mayor's Legitimacy Problem - David Greig

Kruger Workers Demonstrate Against More Layoffs
AbitibiBowater Issues More Threats, Demands for Concessions and Layoffs
Government Gives Okay to Dismantle Montreal Refinery - Pierre Chénier

Demand that Governments Defend Migrant Workers! - Peggy Askin
Fight For Job Security
Lakeside Workers Approve New Collective Agreement

Security Perimeter Negotiations
Recent Developments on Canada-U.S. Integration - Enver Villamizar

NATO's Ongoing Difficulty in Claiming Legitimacy for Its Mission
Libyan Movement Against NATO and Its Rebels Grows Stronger - Jamilé Ghaddar

Communist Party Consolidates Work of Its 6th Congress - Yaima Puig Meneses, Granma International
New Session of Cuban Parliament Affirms Changes to Strengthen Socialist Revolution
Moncada Day Celebrations
CIA Forced to Release Long-Secret Official History of Bay of Pigs Invasion - Peter Kornbluh, National Security Archive

August 13, 2011 - No. 6

Celebrating the Birth of a Revolutionary Movement
Historic Anniversaries
CPC(M-L) Honours Party Members, Workers, Women and Youth
The Party Memorial

Fighting for the Rights of All
GM Retiree Rights Must Be Upheld
Subjective Beliefs of U.S. Steel Executive Managers and Objective Rights of Steelworkers - Interview, K.C. Adams
A Farcical Process and Abuse of Power That Must End -- Toronto Executive Committee to Rule on Fate of Public Services

The Youth Are Being Denied a Future: They Must Not Be Criminalised! - Workers' Weekly
Open Letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron

Ruling Circles Promote Nazi Celebration - Dougal MacDonald
Campaign to Rehabilitate Nazi Executioner

Canada Expels Libyan Diplomats
As Rebels Fail NATO Crimes Intensify

Anniversary of U.S. Imperialists' Use of Agent Orange in Vietnam

Korea's Liberation from Japan
Open Letter to U.S. and South Korean Authorities

75th Anniversary of Spanish Civil War
Democratic Spain Must Live - Speech by Dr. Norman Bethune, June 16, 1937, Montreal

August 22, 2011 - No. 7

Celebrating the Birth of a Revolutionary Movement
Delegation Visits Party Memorial

Workers' Movement
U.S. Steel
Extortion as a Way of Doing Business Is Unacceptable in Canada
What It Means to Be Realistic - Rolf Gerstenberger, President, USW Local 1005

Stand With GM Retirees! A Deal Is a Deal!
Economic Problems and Recovery in the Auto Industry - K.C. Adams

Vale Attacks Sudbury Widows - Dave Starbuck

Another Bankruptcy Fraud Seeks to Dispossess Workers - Pierre Chénier
Jobs Lost in Quebec Since 2005
Growing Opposition to Wrecking of Industry

CEO Sues Birth Village for Overpayment of Royalty Tax
Net Profit Announced for Second Quarter
Another Mill Closure

In Defence of Public Services
Post Office
Union Challenges Harper Government's Choice of Arbitrator - Peggy Askin

Residents Called on to Defend Public Services

U.S. Workers Militantly Stand Up for Their Rights - Christine Nugent

Canadian Wheat Board
Who Is Really Trying to Rig the CWB Vote? - Dougal MacDonald

HST Referendum
Referendum and Developments in BC Politics - Dorothy-Jean O'Donnell
The Referendum Process - Barbara Biley

Oppose NATO's War Against Libya! Libya for the Libyans, Not NATO and Its Mercenaries!
Threats of Escalated Violence Against the People - Jamilé Ghaddar
Press Conference on NATO Massacre in Tripoli - Statement of Dr. Mussa Ibrahim, Libyan Government Spokesperson
"This Is a NATO Operation" -- NATO's Psychological Warfare - Interview, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

August 27, 2011 - No. 8

Hardial Bains, August 15, 1939-August 24, 1997
Delegation Visits Party Memorial

Agenda of the Harper Government
Government of Canada's Defense of Monopoly Interests
Harper's Anti-Communist, Fascist Crusade - Dougal MacDonald
Unjust Sanctions Against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - Philip Fernandez

Time for a New Direction for the Economy Ontario
Government's Pay-the-Rich Schemes - K.C. Adams
AbitibiBowater Receives $7.5 Million Hydro-Electric Rebate

Government's Northern Plan Gets Underway - Normand Fournier
Government's Partners

British Columbia
Polity Defeats Harmonised Sales Tax
Lesson of HST Vote - Peter Ewart & Dawn Hemingway

First Nations
Grassy Narrows First Nation Wins Court Victory

Historical Note on Social Classes - Workers' Centre of CPC(M-L)

U.S.-Led NATO Aggression in Libya
Canadian Made Drones Assist So-Called Rebels
Threats and Extortion -- Modus Operandi of the Monopolies
Another Graveyard of Empires? - Ishaan Tharoor

Repetition of Libyan Experience - Jamilé Ghaddar

Hunger Strikes in U.S. Prisons
Valiant Campaign to Defeat Condition of Civil Death
"Model Conditions" in U.S. Prisons
Gang Validation: The New Inquisition - Steve Champion

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September 3, 2011 - No. 9

Labour Day 2011
Canada Needs a New Direction for the Economy!

Harper Government's Anti-Social, Anti-Worker, Anti-National Program
Balanced Budget Pretext to Attack Labour
Interests of Labour Absent from Government's "Harmonious Labour-Management Relations" - Peggy Morton

Air Canada Flight Attendants Overwhelmingly Say "No!" to Concessions
New Horizons Editorial
The New Situation Requires New Solutions
What Do We Do Next? The Need to Establish New Mechanisms

72nd Anniversary of Invasion of Poland
Falsifications About Nazi Germany's Invasion of Poland - Dougal MacDonald
Money Trail Leads to Scandals Behind the Scandals

September 10, 2011 - No. 10

10th Anniversary of 9/11
Harper Conjures Up Fictitious Extremists to Justify Fascism at Home and Wars of Aggression and Occupation Abroad

Workers' Movement
Air Canada
Airline Dispatchers Reject Tentative Agreement
Defy the "Gag Order"! End Secret Negotiations! Let's Stand As One to Defend Our Interests! - New Horizons
Scab Training -- Denounce State Defence of Monopoly Right - New Horizons

Class Action in General Motor's "Health Care Trust Settlement" • Hearing at Quebec Superior Court Generates More Questions than Answers

Pacific Northwest
U.S. Longshore Workers Defend Their Rights and the Progressive Trend of History

Vigorously Oppose the Extension of Canada's Mission
Get Canada Out of Libya Now! Oppose Any Extension of the Mission! Canada Out of NATO! - Statement of the Windsor Peace Coalition
Paris Conference Divides Spoils of War - Jamilé Ghaddar
The Re-Colonisation of Africa - Stef Terblanche, Leadership Online (South Africa)
China's Role in Reconstruction
Cuba Does Not Recognize the National Transitional Council - Statement by Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Talk About Obama's "Libya Model"

For Your Information
U.S. Expands Military Presence in Africa
U.S. Military Base in Africa - Felix Njini, Southern Times

63rd Anniversary of Founding of Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Greetings on DPRK's National Day
Kim Il Sung's Exploits for Nation-Building

38th Anniversary of Coup d'État in Chile
Justice for the Chilean People!

13th Anniversary of
Unjust Imprisonment of Five Cuban Patriots in U.S. Jails

Thirteen Years Too Many -- Free the Cuban Five Now!
Government-Funded Propaganda Operation in Miami Exposed - Gloria La Riva and Benjamin Becker,

September 17, 2011 - No. 11

Agenda of the Harper Government
In the Parliament
Parliament to Open September 19
Developments During the Summer Recess

Security Perimeter Negotiations
Definition of Sovereignty -- Harper's Logic of National Betrayal - Enver Villamizar
U.S. Security Forces to Increase Operations on Canadian Soil
Consultations Reveal No Mandate for Annexation
Border Persecution of Canadians

Canadian Wheat Board
Farmers Vote to Keep Canadian Wheat Board - Canadian Wheat Board
Results of 2011 CWB Producer Plebiscite
Arrogance of Harper Government Knows No Bounds
Notes on Effects of Privatizing the Australian Wheat Board - Dougal MacDonald

No to the Keystone Pipeline! Yes to Nation-Building! - Peggy Morton

Workers' Movement
The People vs. U.S. Steel
Stop U.S. Steel from Wrecking the Canadian Steel Industry

Air Canada
Flight Attendants' Pre-Strike Solidarity Rallies
Flight Attendants Speak With One Voice: "We Are Fighting for Our Dignity!" - New Horizons

Opposition to Anti-Social Offensive
Public Service Workers Oppose Government's Lack of Accountability and Restriction of Rights - PSAC
Scientists Oppose Cuts to Environmental Research
Veterans to Hold National Day of Protest

Labour Laws
Alberta Government Holds Closed Door Meetings to Change Labour Law
No to the Secret Union-Busting Review! - Peggy Askin

United States
Capital-Centred Reformism Goes Against the Progressive Trend of History - K.C. Adams

Oil Workers' Wage Largest Strike Ever

September 24, 2011 - No. 12

Agenda of the Harper Government
Parliament Opens Revealing Deceitful, Corrupt and Abusive Nature of Harper Government

In the Parliament

Bill C-4
Attempt to Criminalize Immigration, Attack Rights and Divide the People - Philip Fernandez
Overview of Immigration Bill

Bill C-10
Omnibus Crime Bill Fails to Identify the Real Criminals - Enver Villamizar
Overview of Crime Bill

Canadian Wheat Board
Understanding Freedom: When the Liberal Conception of Freedom Turns into a Self-Serving Justification for a Fascist Regime - Dougal MacDonald

Workers' Movement
Air Canada
The Discussion Continues -- Everybody to the Roadshows! - New Horizons

General Motor's "Health Care Trust Settlement"
Report on Final Day of GM's Class Action Suit Against Its Retirees

Time for an Anti-War Government
Canadian Delegation Walks Out of UN General Assembly
NATO Rule in Libya by Any Other Name Is Still NATO Rule
Windsor Peace Coalition Opposes Canada's Self-Serving Mission in Libya
Warship Not Welcome in Montreal's Old Port
Third Halifax International Security Forum Tramples Rights in the Name of Security

Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement
Loss of Sovereignty and Public Control
Europeans Oppose Negative Impact of Trade Deal

Consumer Price Index - Statistics Canada, August 2011 (Excerpts)

Recent Developments

What Withdrawal? Obama Wants $100 Million Prison - Russia Today

Official Protest Against Drones to Be Filed

Large-Scale Military Exercises

IMF Announces More Criminal Austerity Measures

U.S. Blockade Hurts Telecommunications
Cruel and Bizarre Decision Against Cuban Anti-Terrorist Imprisoned in U.S. - José Pertierra, Granma International

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October 1, 2011 - No. 13

Agenda of the Harper Government
The Harper Government Facilitates Human Trafficking in the Name of Opposing Human Smuggling - Enver Villamizar
Extension of Libyan Mission Underscores Urgent Need for Canadians to Organize for an Anti-War Government - Philip Fernandez
Canada Champions Cold War "Freedom" at United Nations General Assembly - Dougal MacDonald

Rally on Parliament Hill Opposes Keystone XL Pipeline
No to Monopoly "Right"! No to the Keystone XL Pipeline! Yes to Nation-Building! - Peggy Morton

Workers' Movement
Air Canada
Discussion on the Need to Empower Ourselves - New Horizons

U.S. Steel and GM
Birds of a Feather - K.C. Adams

Situation at Contrecoeur Plant - Interview, Claude Langlois, President, USW Local 6586

Developments at Montreal East Copper Refinery Interview, Gilles Bordeleau, President, USW Local 6887

Rio Tinto
Arvida Workers Want Modernization of Production - Interview, Alain Gagnon, President, Syndicat des travailleurs de l'aluminium d'Arvida
Alma Workers' Demand  Company Fulfil Its Obligations-Interview, Members of the Syndicat des travailleurs de l'aluminium d'Alma

Toronto Public Services
Defend City Workers, Providers of Public Services! - David Greig

Coming Events

Libya and the Big Lie: Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch Wars - Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

October 22, 2011 - No. 14

CPC(M-L) Condemns Murder of Muammar Gadhafi
Politics of Assassination Reveals Murderous Anti-Democratic Plans for a "New Libya"

Agenda of the Harper Government
The People vs. The Harper Dictatorship

In the Parliament
Office of Religious Freedom in Foreign Affairs Aims to Extinguish the Right to Conscience - Dougal MacDonald Significance of Stopping Debate on Budget Implementation Bill - Enver Villamizar

Department of National Defence
Report on Transformation of Military Reveals Stepped-Up War Preparations - A.G. Smith

Social Programs
National Council of Welfare Publishes Report on Poverty - Serge Lachapelle

Workers' Movement
Militarization of Canadian Industrial Production and Workplaces

U.S. Steel
The Human Factor/Social Consciousness at Local 1005 United Steelworkers
Tentative Agreement Ratified - Local 1005 USW
U.S. Steel's Attempts to Argue "Common Sense" in Federal Court Backfire - Local 1005 USW

Autoworkers Must Heed Threats to Their Pensions and Take Appropriate Action to Defend Their Rights

Fraser Paper
Oppose Legalized Theft of Pensions -- Retirees Form Victims of Brookfield Association - Interview, Clyde Winchester, President, Edmundston Retirees Committee

New Premier Sworn In - Peggy Morton
Public Sector Workers Say "No to Privatization of Public Services!"

British Colombia
Speech from the Throne: Sociological Paper Masquerades as Political Document
Government Dictatorship Over Education

Coming Events

United States
Refuse to Be Penned in by U.S. Imperialism - Voice of Revolution
President Obama Intervenes in Railway Workers' Fight for Rights
Longshore Workers' Union Files Civil Rights Lawsuit to Stop Police Brutality - ILWU Local 21

On the Release from Prison of René González
Statement of the Cuban Parliament
Statement of U.S. National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
Further Injustice Against René Confirms U.S. Government's Acknowledgment of Terrorists on Its Territory - Speech by Mercedes López Acea, Political Bureau, Communist Party of Cuba

U.S.-Backed State Terrorism
Cubans Commemorate Day of Victims of State Terrorism
We Will Never Cease in Our Struggle Against Terrorism - Granma International
Cuba Was Neither a Paradise nor an Exception - Manuel E. Yepe

Great Successes Mark 66th Anniversary of Founding of Workers' Party of Korea

October 29, 2011 - No. 15

Agenda of the Harper Government
Enslaving Labour in the Name of Economic Security
Necessity to Establish New Equilibrium Based on Recognizing Working Class Rights

In the Parliament
Growing Concern Over What the Harper Government Is Up To - Enver Villamizar and Dougal MacDonald

Canadian Wheat Board
Destruction of Wheat Board -- An Attack on Social Consciousness and Capacity to Think - K.C. Adams

Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement
Treachery in International Trade -- Sovereignty Yes! Annexation No!
Corporations Must Not Make the Law - Statement by Canadian and European Organizations Opposed to Free Trade Agreement

G20 Cannes Summit
Strengthening the International Financial Oligarchy
For Your Information: Tobin Tax

Windsor Peace Coalition Opposes Assassination and Aggression to Settle International Conflicts

Worldwide Condemnation of U.S. Blockade

People Win Important Victories in Presidential and Legislative Elections

Mass Rejection of Usury and Nation-Wrecking

Coming Events

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November 5, 2011 - No. 16

Agenda of the Harper Government
The People vs. The Harper Dictatorship
Recognizing the Necessity to Resist - Workers' Forum

Canadian Wheat Board
Opposition to Harper's Wrecking Builds Rapidly
When the Wheat Board Went 'Down Under' - Cathy Holtslander, Director of Research and Policy, National Farmers Union
Quebec Farmers also Threatened - Christian Legeais
Letter to the Editor: What Are AIMCO and Viterra Up to?

Third Halifax International Security Forum
No Harbour for War! War Criminals and Warmongers Out of Halifax!

Workers' Movement
Disequilibrium at U.S. Steel
Monopoly Power to Decide, Deprive and Be Indifferent - K.C. Adams

Post Office
Workers Speak Out on Their Working Conditions
To Defend the Public Post Office Is to Take Up Social Responsibility - Peggy Askin

Privatization of Public Services
Pressure to Privatize and Refusal to Seek a Human-Centred Alternative - Workers' Centre, CPC(M-L)

November 12, 2011 - No. 17

Agenda of the Harper Government
The Importance of Workers and Youth Having Their Own Organizations, Agenda and Aims

Phasing Out Per-Vote Subsidy Will Aggravate Political Crisis
Abusing Power and Privilege to Strengthen Power and Privilege - Anna Di Carlo and Sandra L. Smith

Security Perimeter Negotiations
Oppose the Establishment of United States of North American Monopolies! No to a North American Security Perimeter! - Enver Villamizar
"Thickening Border" Disinformation - Charlie Vita
Truth About  Predator Drones Patrolling Canada-U.S. Border - Nick Lin

Restricting Monopoly Right - K.C. Adams

November 19, 2011 - No. 18

Agenda of the Harper Government
Ramifications of Obama's "Trans-Pacific Partnership"
Canada Joins U.S. Empire's Offensive in Asia

Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Delayed

Harper Government Guts Environment Programmes - Stephen Leahy, InterPress Service

Third Halifax International Security Forum
War Criminals Are Not Welcome in Halifax <- Tony Seed

November 26, 2011 - No. 19

War Preparations Against Syria and Iran
Denounce the Harper War Criminals! Establish an Anti-War Government!

For Your Information
Harper Government Spends Half Billion Dollars to Join U.S. Military Satellite Program
Arab League Introduces Unprecedented Measures to Isolate Syria
NATO Conceals Preparations for Military Action Against Syria
Predictions for a Greater Middle East
Commentary on Significance of Developments in Egypt

Massive Demonstrations Reject "Austerity Measures"

Call for International Protests to Support Labour Leaders Falsely Accused of Terrorism
Deadly NATO Strikes

Latin America and the Caribbean
Historic Step Toward Regional Integration in Defence of National Sovereignty - Claude Brunelle

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December 10, 2011 - No. 20

December 10 -- International Human Rights Day
Hidden Aims of the Harper Dictatorship's Canadian Museum of Human Rights - Dougal MacDonald
Harper Government to Hand Over Detainees to U.S. Torturers - Enver Villamizar

Opposition to War Preparations
Canada's New Concocted "Principle of Mutual Accountability"- Hilary LeBlanc
Oppose the Canadian Government's Hostile Interference Against Syria and Iran - Windsor Peace Coalition
U.S. Provocations Against Iran

December 17, 2011 - No. 21

Agenda of the Harper Government
Canadian Wheat Board
Legislation to Dismantle Wheat Board Receives Royal Assent
Some Senators Speak Against Government Attempts to Act with Impunity
Debate Addresses Dilemma Facing Senate

Omnibus Crime Bill Goes to Senate
Misguided Justifications for Incurring Exorbitant Costs

Service Canada Staff Cuts
Canadians Require the Services the Harper Dictatorship Is Cutting

Northern Gateway Pipeline Hearings
Faulty Review Process to Cover Up Preset Conclusions - Peggy Morton

Letter to the Editor
Investing in the Oilsands

December 24, 2011 - No. 22

Oppose Canada's Involvement in Imperialist War and Aggression
The Necessity to Organize for an Anti-War Government
Reference Material

22nd Anniversary of U.S. Invasion of Panama
Denounce U.S Imperialist Interference in the Affairs of Latin America!

Elections Canada Press Releases
New House of Commons Seat Allocation
Revised Limits for Political Contributions

December 31, 2011 - No. 23

2011 in Review
Workers' Movement Builds Up Its Resistance and Organization
2011 Photo Review

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