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No. 5 - November 22

University of Quebec in Montreal Criminalizing Interns

Education Students Must Not Be Punished for Standing Up for Their Rights! They Teach - Pay Them

Response of the Executive Council of the Association of Students and Students of Science of Education

I Didn't Quit My Internship, I Was on Strike
– Open Letter, Frιdιric Brunelle, Intern in Science of Education at UQAM –

No. 4 - November 21

Ontario Education Workers Fight for the Rights of All

Workers Respond to What Their Material Conditions Dictate

Education Workers and Teachers Create New Ways and Means to Defend Their Just Claims

Government’s Bogus Offer to Provide Childcare

Irrational Attempts to Define When and How Rights Can Be Violated in Ontario

For Your Information

Who Said What Regarding Tentative Agreement Between CUPE-OSBCU and Ontario Government

Bill 37, the Notwithstanding Clause Limitation Act, 2022

No. 3 - November 15

Update on the Fight of Ontario Education Workers

Government Repeals Keeping Students in Class Act

Education Workers Standing By, Not Standing Down

For Your Information

Unifor National President Appeals to Prime Minister to Use His Constitutional Police Powers to Disallow Ford Government's Abuse of Its Constitutional Police Powers

No. 2 - November 8

Workers Force Ford Government to Rescind Bill 28

Rejection of Ford's Conception of Agreements Without Consent
– Enver Villamizar –

What the Unions Said at November 7 Press Conference

Letters to the Editor

To Negotiate Wages and Working Conditions Is a Right, Not a Privilege

When a Collective Agreement Is Neither Collective Nor an Agreement

Proposals to Fight Police Powers with More Police Powers

"Power of Disallowance" the Latest Diversion to Detract from Need to Replace the Constitutional Order
– Pauline Easton –

For Your Information

Previous Use of the Notwithstanding Clause in Ontario
– Anna Di Carlo –

No. 1 - November 7

Growing Support for Ontario Education Workers

Stand as One with CUPE Education Workers!

"We Won't Back Down!" -- Education Workers Rally at Queen's Park

Families Rally to Support Education Workers' Fight

Solidarity Saturday Actions Stand with Education Workers

Government Appeals to Labour Board to Enforce Police Powers


Interview: CUPE Education Workers Speak for Themselves
– –


May 18

Royal Jubilee Tours' Stop in Canada Not Welcome

High Time Canadians Renounced the Monarchy!

Reports of a Sanitized "Royal Tour"

The Rest of the Wasteful and Farcical Tour

Poll Shows Canadians Do Not Care for Monarchy

British Royals' "Jubilee Tour " of the Caribbean


April 1

Residential School Survivors Pursue Cause of Justice

Indigenous Representatives Succeed in Getting Apology from Pope

Assembly of First Nations Delegation Calls on Catholic Church to Rescind the Doctrine of Discovery

Mιtis Make Specific Demands of the Catholic Church

Inuit Seek to Bring Perpetrators of Residential School Abuse to Justice

BC Government's Authorization of Police Violence Against Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders

Public Safety Ministry Approved Provincial Policing Operations During Historic Flooding

Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chief Na'Moks Says RCMP Easy Access to Funds and Manpower "Unsettling"

April 8

Liberal/NDP Cartel Party Government Submit Federal War Budget

Cynical Ploy Claims to Offset War Spending with Social Spending
– K.C. Adams –

What the Budget of a War Government Looks Like

U.S. War Economy

April 26

In the Parliament

House Proceedings Confirm Parliament Is Incidental to Decision-Making
– Anna Di Carlo –

Government Bills on the Agenda for the House of Commons

The Online Streaming Act and "Canadian content"

April 27

"Rolling Thunder Ottawa"

What Should Citizens and Residents Expect?
– Pauline Easton –

Public Inquiry on Emergencies Act Invocation

Inquiry's Compromised Terms Will Make it Unable to Draw Warranted Conclusions
– Anna Di Carlo –


March 30

In the Parliament

Federal Budget Date Announced in Another Dog and Pony Show


February 2

Prisoners Require COVID Care, Not Torture of Lockdowns

• Free Leonard Peltier NOW!

• January 21 Statement by Leonard Peltier

• January 31 Press Conference Demands Immediate Hospitalization and COVID Release from Prison for Leonard Peltier

February 7

State of Emergency and Mayhem in Ottawa

• The Time Is Now to Speak Out in Defence of the Rights of All
– Pauline Easton –

In the Parliament

• Liberal Government Holds Dog and Pony Show Budget Consultations
– K.C. Adams –

• Standing Committee on Finance Embarks on Study of Inflation

February 10

Two Years After First RCMP Raid on Wet'suwet'en Territory

• Water Defenders to Appear Before B.C. Supreme Court

• Gidimt'en Land Defenders Make Submission to United Nations

February 12

February 14 Memorial Marches

All Out to Support the Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls! All Out to Oppose State-Organized Violence and Genocide Against Indigenous Peoples

February 14

Prime Minister Convokes Emergency Measures

Beware of Secret Deals and Use of Police Powers Against the Peoples' Struggles!

"Freedom Convoy"

Truckers Do Not Find Their Coherence in Intrigues Fomented by Ruling Circles
– Normand Chouinard –

What Do You Do When Both Sides Are Wrong?

Lessons from 1945 Ford Workers' Strike in Windsor, Ontario

February 14 event

Support Alberta Students, Teachers and Healthcare Workers

February 15

Standoff Involving "Freedom Convoy" Continues

Many Question Why the Prime Minister Invoked the Emergencies Act

For Your Information

Declaration of Public Order Emergency
– Government of Canada –

Canadian Civil Liberties Association Statement on the Emergencies Act

Ontario Government Intent to Make Emergency Measures Permanent

February 14 event

Ontario Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act – Regulation 71/22 re: Critical Infrastructure and Highways

February 16

No to Laws Which Criminalize Protest in the Name of Protecting Critical Infrastructure!

Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders Call for Support Against Their Criminalization

February 14 Commemorative Marches

Canada-wide Actions Demand Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

February 19

Current Developments Related to Declaration of Public Order Emergency

Parliamentary Debate

Financial Measures Applied Under the Emergencies Act

Canadian Civil Liberties Association Launches Lawsuit

Standoff in Ottawa Continues Despite Police Measures to Clear Out Protestors

For Your Information

Regulations for Implementation of Emergencies Act

February 21

Invocation of Emergency Powers

Dirty Deeds in the Name of National Security and National Interest

Self-Serving Reports to Justify Emergency Measures

February 22

Canadians Need to Prepare for What Comes Next

House of Commons Vote Favours Use of Emergency Powers

What Did the Parliamentary Debate Reveal or Clarify?
– Anna Di Carlo –

Accounting for Frozen Bank Accounts Goes from Murky to Murkier

Charges Laid in Ottawa Occupation

February 28

All Out to End Police Violence and Impunity!

Police Killing of Latjor Tuel
– Peggy Askin –

Assailant Opens Fire on U.S. Demonstrators Against State-Organized Violence and Racism


January 3

All Eyes on Wet'suwet'en!

• Statement from Gidim'ten Checkpoint

January 12

All Eyes on Wet'suwet'en!

• Three Years of State Violence Against Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders

January 16

All Eyes on Wet'suwet'en!

• What Is Really Happening on Wet'suwet'en Land

January 19

Parliament to Resume Sitting on January 31

• Reorganization of Trudeau Cabinet and Civil Service Concentrates More Power into Private Hands
– Anna Di Carlo –

• Status of Business in the House of Commons

January 20

Trudeau Government's Indigenous Relations

• Same Old Self-Serving Litany about "Renewing
Relations" and "Self-Government"

– Philip Fernandez –

• Mandate of Minister of Crown Indigenous Relations

• Minister of Indigenous Services' Disingenuous Mandate

January 22

Indigenous Nations Assert Their Authority and Defend Their Rights

• Important Demands of Grassy Narrows First Nation
– Philip Fernandez –

January 25

House of Commons

• Private Member's Bills Drawn by Lottery
– Anna Di Carlo –

January 31

No to War in Ukraine! No to Use of Force!

• Urgent Request for House of Commons Debate on Ukraine


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