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October 1, 2012 - No. 1

Militant Actions Against
Government Attacks on Teachers and Education Workers

Spirited Demonstration at Ontario Liberal Party Annual Meeting
Students Demonstrate at Queen's Park

This Week
Hamilton Information Picket to Oppose Attacks on Public Sector Workers
Windsor and Essex County Students Call Board-Wide Walkout

In the Legislature
Condemn Government Attacks on Rights of Public Sector Workers
Proposed Legislation Strips Public Sector Collective Bargaining Rights - Jim Nugent

Schemes to Pay the Rich Through Infrastructure Projects
More Neo-Liberal Retrogression - David Greig
Privatized GO Transit Project Announced
TTC Workers Oppose Privatization of Maintenance Work

Note to Our Readers 
Ontario Political Forum's One Year Anniversary!

October 10, 2012 - No. 2

In the Legislature
More Anti-Worker Legislation

Campaign to Repeal Putting Students First Act!
Teachers, Education Workers and Students Persist in Their Fight
Petitions Launched to Repeal Legislation
Strike Votes Continue to Show Opposition to Government Dictate
School Board Motion Opposes the Act
Thousands of Students Demand Liberals "Kill the Bill"

The Pension Fight Must Be Won!
Public Sector Workers Denounce Government's Attack on Pensions and Fraudulent Accounting
Phony Consultations Used to Clear Way for Anti-Public Sector Pension Legislation
Public Sector Pension Super-Fund Scheme

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Jane-Finch Community Action - Pritilata Waddedar
Coming Events

Sisters in Spirit Vigils
Toronto and Ottawa Vigils Break the Silence on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

October 18, 2012 - No. 3

McGuinty Prorogues Legislature and Resigns as Premier
Step Up the Work to Demand Bill 115 Be Repealed! Oppose Secret Deal-Making! Austerity No! Public Right, Yes!
Illegitimacy of the Fall Economic Statement and Austerity Agenda - Dan Cerri

Campaign to Repeal the Putting Students First Act
Unions Launch Legal Challenge
Unions Publish Open Letter to People of Ontario

Public Right, Yes! Monopoly Right, No!
Attacking the Public Sector to Pay the Rich
McGuinty Gas Power Plant Scandal
Energy Workers Speak Out
Privatization of Bruce Nuclear -- Thievery on a Grand Scale - Jim Nugent
Initial Approvals for $20 Billion Darlington New Nuclear Project

Coming Events

October 24, 2012 - No. 4

Significance of McGuinty's Prorogation of Legislature
Liberals and Conservatives Move Anti-Worker Scheming to Back Room - Jim Nugent
Liberal Party Announces Leadership Convention - Dan Cerri

Continued Opposition to the Putting Students First Act
Elementary Teachers Request Conciliation
Teachers and Education Workers Continue Actions
Overwhelming Public Support
Ongoing Attempts to Incite the Public Against Teachers Bound to Fail - Enver Villamizar

Community College Faculty Negotiations
The Fantasy of a Freely Negotiated Contract in the Colleges - Christine Nugent

Opposition to Privatization of Public Transit
Toronto Executive Committee Prepares Tax Increases to Pay for Transit
Consultation Farce on Public Transit Funding Options
First Toronto Light Rail Transit Contract Goes to Contractor with Yellow Union

October 31, 2012 - No. 5

Significance of McGuinty's Prorogation of the Legislature
Reject the Austerity Agenda! Build the Independent Politics of the Working Class! - Dan Cerri
Anti-Worker Instrument to Pressure Teachers and Education Workers' Unions

Continued Opposition to the Putting Students First Act
It Is in the Interest of Teachers and Education Workers to Step Up Demand to Repeal Putting Students First Act - Enver Villamizar
Secondary School Teachers to Begin Strike Action November 7
School Boards Call for Repeal of Bill 115
November 2 Actions in Greater Toronto Area to Oppose Bill 115

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November 1, 2012 - No. 6

Significance of McGuinty's Prorogation of the Legislature
Government to Renege on Public Sector Pension Obligations
Leadership Race Won't End Liberal Party's Crisis of Legitimacy

Widespread Opposition to Austerity
Province Wide Campaign in Defence of Workers' Rights - Christine Nugent
Anti-Poverty Actions Oppose Government Cuts
Health Professionals Demand Ontario Provide Health Care for Refugees

Governments Must Defend Public Right, Not Monopoly Right
Kingston Town Hall Meeting Opposes Privatization of Health Care - Rob Woodhouse
Brookfield Captures Important Civic Infrastructure in Toronto - Jim Nugent

November 8, 2012 - No. 7

Stand with Teachers and Education Workers! Repeal Bill 115! Education Is a Right!
Step Up Opposition to Austerity and Government Dictate
Strike Actions Put on Hold -- Government Issues More Threats
Government’s Fraudulent Claim of Support from Catholic Teachers
Supervisor Explains Process for Catholic School Board's Functioning Under
Provincial Dictate
- Laura Chesnik

Widespread Opposition to Austerity
Ongoing Actions to Repeal Bill 115

Neo-Liberal Scheme for Post-Secondary Education
Ontario Liberals Seek New Arrangements  - Christine Nugent

Coming Events
Upcoming Rallies at MPPs' Offices
Fight the Attack on Bargaining and Arbitration - CUPE Ontario and Ontario Council of Hospital Unions
Windsor Forum to Repeal Bill 115 - Teachers for Global Awareness, Windsor

November 12, 2012 - No. 8

Build the Independent Politics of the Working Class
Resist Attempts to Sideline Workers' Organized Opposition! Step Up the Work to Repeal the Putting Students First Act and Defeat the Austerity Agenda!
Teachers and Education Workers Begin Strike Actions
Workers Say "No to Austerity!"

Significance of McGuinty's Prorogation of the Legislature
Oppose Liberals' Use of Prorogation to Silence Workers' Opposition - Dan Cerri
McGuinty's Phony Pitch to Building Trades - Jim Nugent
Update on Liberal Leadership Race - Christine Nugent

Upcoming Actions Against Bill 115
Opposition to Putting Students First Act Continues

November 20, 2012 - No. 9

Stand with Teachers and Education Workers! Repeal Putting Students First Act!
Disinformation About "Negotiated Settlements" and "Fiscal Challenges" - Enver Villamizar
Secondary Teachers' Federation Announces Tentative Agreements with Six School Boards
Ongoing Opposition to Bill 115
Coming Events

Ontario Public Service Negotiations
Government Pushes Concessions and Privatization - Jim Nugent

November 27, 2012 - No. 10

No to Austerity! Repeal Putting Students First Act!
Oppose Use of Ministerial Veto to Impose Austerity Agenda - Enver Villamizar
York Region High School Teachers to Vote on Tentative Agreement; More Elementary Teachers Commence Strike Actions

Opposition to Putting Students First Act Continues to Grow
Spirited Actions Around the Province
Canadian Union of Public Employees Holds Mass Membership Meetings

Liberal Schemes to Privatize Education
McGuinty Government's Further Moves Toward Private Delivery of Public Education - Laura Chesnik

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December 4, 2012 - No. 11

Important Blow Against Government Dictate
Teachers' Rejection of Non-Freely Negotiated Agreements Is a Militant Defence of Rights
Government and Opposition Parties Rattled by Teachers' Resistance - Laura Chesnik
Ongoing Actions to Defeat Bill 115

Governments Must Defend Public Right, Not Monopoly Right!
Economic Summit Advocates More Damaging Neo-Liberal Measures - Dan Cerri
Toronto Casino Scheme Launched  - Jim Nugent

Our Security Lies in Our Fight for the Rights of All!
Demonstrate to Demand Justice for Injured Workers on December 14
Fighting for Justice for Migrant Workers - Philip Fernandez

December 6, 2012 - No. 12

Repeal Putting Students First Act -- Bill 115!
Tens of Thousands of Elementary Teachers Vote to Lead Protest
Against Bill 115
- Laura Chesnik
Resolute and Spirited Ottawa Rally
No to the Criminalization of Legitimate Strike Actions!
Minister Wants to Decide How Teachers and Education Workers Resist
Teachers and Education Workers Have a Mandate for Their Opposition
- Enver Villamizar

Letter to the Editor
Kill Bill 115!

Significance of Rejection of Non-Freely Negotiated Contracts
Rejection of Government Attempts to Divide and Conquer
Rejection of Minister's Meddling With Contracts

Coming Events
Actions to Oppose Bill 115

Why Broten Wants Teachers and Education Workers to Limit Their Resistance
to the Courts

The BC Experience in Challenging Anti-Labour Laws in the Courts
Significance of Supreme Court Ruling Against BC Government and Bill 29 - TML Daily, March 3, 2008

December 11, 2012 - No. 13

Continued Attempts to Push Illegitimate Agenda
Oppose the Austerity Agenda to Pay the Rich! Build the Independent Politics
of the Working Class!

Liberals' and PCs' "Balanced" and "Pre-Emptive" Attacks on Rights - Mira Katz
Education Minister's Threats Against Toronto District School Board - Laura Chesnik

Letter to the Editor
Going on Strike Is a Right, Not an "Opportunity"

Ongoing Actions to Defeat Bill 115
Teachers and Education Workers, Students and Supporters Say "No Means No!"

Liberal Leadership Race
Debates Deepen Liberal Crisis

December 17, 2012 - No. 14

Stand With Teachers and Education Workers! Kill Bill 115!
All Out to Support Elementary Teachers' Strike Actions!
Students Join Their Teachers to Demand: "Kill Bill 115!"
Ongoing Actions Against Bill 115
Coming Events

Oppose Attempts to Usurp School Board Powers and Impose Austerity
Toronto District School Board Concedes to Ministry of Education Intervention - Rob Woodhouse

Sandy Hook School Shooting in Connecticut
The Need to Make Sense of These Events to Provide a Way Forward - Enver Villamizar

December 21, 2012 - No. 15

Continued Opposition to Bill 115 and Austerity Agenda -- Kill the Bill!
Teachers and Education Workers Continue to Say No!
Oppose Flimsy Attempts to Divert the Movement Against Bill 115 - Enver Villamizar
Strike Actions Receive Broad Support
Elementary Teachers Call for Government to Allow Local Collective Bargaining
School Board Support Workers Reject Bill 115's December 31 Deadline

Justice for Injured Workers
Confront Government's Stepped-Up Offensive Against Injured Workers - Jim Nugent
Broad Working Class Support for Injured Workers' Demands
Labour Federation Calls for Opposition to Liberal Legislation to Eliminate
Permanent Pensions for Injured Workers

December 24, 2012 - No. 16

On the Eve of Government's Arbitrary December 31 Deadline
Reject Minister's Fraudulent Demand for Local Negotiations
The Demand to Repeal Bill 115 Is Inextricably Linked to Opposing the Illegitimate Austerity Agenda - Enver Villamizar

Step Up Actions to Defeat Bill 115in the New Year!
Mass Political Mobilization to Repeal Bill 115 Reaffirms Support for Teachers and Education Workers - Dan Cerri
High School Teachers and Thousands of Education Workers Vote for Day of Political Protest

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January 4, 2013 - No. 17

Minister Imposes Contracts -- Then Says Bill 115 to Be Repealed
No to the Criminalization of Opposition to Austerity! Defeat the Liberals and Conservatives!
Oppose Minister's 11th Hour Blackmail Against Public Sector Workers - Mira Katz

Challenges Facing the Working Class in 2013
Build Unity in Action to Defeat the Austerity Agenda!
Who Should Decide the Direction of Public Education? - Dan Cerri and Jane Steeple

January 10, 2013 - No. 18

Step Up the Work to Reverse the Anti-Social Offensive
Take a Bold Stand Together to Affirm the Rights of All!
Public Elementary Teachers to Hold a Day of Protest

Discussion on Liberal Shenanigans Around Bill 115
Premier Asks Unions to "Put the Past Behind Them" - Laura Chesnik
Goodwill Requires the Affirmation of Rights - Mira Katz
What to Make of the Repeal of Bill 115 - Dan Cerri
Reponse of Unions and School Boards to Repeal of Bill 115

Upcoming Actions

January 15, 2013 - No. 19

Labour Board Declares Elementary Teachers' Protest Illegal
Illegitimate Ruling Based on Illegitimate Contracts
Unions Respond

All Out for January 26 Rally for Rights and Democracy
No to Austerity! Defeat the Liberals and PCs!
Oppose Bogus Policy Debate Over Better Ways to Implement Austerity - Enver Villamizar
Teachers and Education Workers Continue to Affirm Their Rights

Significance of K-W By-Election Results
Continue to Hold Liberals and PCs to Account - Mira Katz
Poll Results Reveal Extent of Defeat Opposition to Austerity Agenda - Dan Cerri

Upcoming Actions

January 22, 2013 - No. 20

Fraudulent Repeal of Bill 115
Rescind the Austerity Measures in Bill 115! Hold Governments to Account!
Bill 115 -- Mechanism to Impose Austerity - Rob Woodhouse

Protest at Liberal Leadership Convention
Mobilization in Full Swing

Liberal Leadership Convention
Reject Attempts to Sweep Violation of Rights Under the Rug - Enver Villamizar
Who Elects the Next Premier? - Sylvia Etts
Liberal "Moderates" Pushing Austerity - Jim Nugent

Teachers and Education Workers Determined to Affirm Their Rights
Militant Rally at Ministry of Education
Vigorous March in Barrie Affirms Workers' Rights
Actions at MPPs' Offices

January 29, 2013 - No. 21

Protests at Liberal Leadership Convention
Workers Put All Political Parties on Notice: We Have Rights!
Injured Workers in Action to Demand Justice

Attempts to Reset Austerity Agenda
Kathleen Wynne Selected as Premier
What to Make of the Selection of Wynne - Enver Villamizar

Labour Board Considers Ruling Withdrawal of Extra-Curricular Activities Illegal
Workers Have the Right to Say No! - Mira Katz

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February 5, 2013 - No. 22

New Premier: No Still Means No!
Oppose Use of Labour Board to Criminalize Teachers and Education Workers - Mira Katz

Defeat Those Peddling Illegitimate Austerity Agenda!
Wynne's No-Win Scenario - Enver Villamizar
Chamber of Commerce Comes Calling - Dan Cerri 

Hold Governments to Account to Defend Workers' Health and Safety
Anniversary of Hampstead Tragedy
Ontario Government Refuses to Hold Inquest into Hampstead Deaths
Farm Worker Organizations Denounce Coroner's Decision Not to Hold
Hampstead Inquest

February 13, 2012 - No. 23

Attempts to Reset Illegitimate Agenda
Build the Independent Politics of the Working Class! - Enver Villamizar and Dan Cerri 
Cabinet Named
Ministers Jump Ship

Repeal the Austerity Measures in Bill 115!
Oppose Use of Fraudulent Non-Agreements to Criminalize Protest!

Oppose Blackmail Against Teachers and Education Workers - Mira Katz
"Right to Work" Arguments Continue at Labour Board Hearing
Catholic Teachers Oppose Non-Agreements

Hold Governments to Account to Defend Workers' Health and Safety
Open Letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne - Justicia for Migrant Workers

For Your Information
Wynne's Transition Team

February 19, 2013 - No. 24

Wynne Takes Over Where McGuinty Left Off
Legislature Opens Amidst Growing Affirmation of Rights and Opposition to Austerity - Enver Villamizar
Where McGuinty Left Off and What to Expect - Dan Cerri

Public Right Yes! Monopoly Right No!
Government to Impose Transit Taxes - Rob Woodhouse
Anti-Social Cuts and New Arrangements in Emergency Housing Supports - Sylvia Etts

Health Care Is a Right!
Province Withholds Promised Investments to Windsor Hospital
Rally Opposes Cuts to Medical Services in Niagara Region - Ron Walker
Liberals Pave the Way for Harris' Pink Flowered Car

February 27, 2013 - No. 25

March 4 Day of Action
Health Care Is a Right! All Out to Oppose Health Care Cuts and Privatization!

New Liberal Government's Speech from the Throne
Government Lays Out an Anti-Social Framework - Dan Cerri
A New Direction Is Required - Enver Villamizar
Attack on Workers' Rights Continues - Jim Nugent
Liberal Illusions About Poverty Reduction - Pritilata Waddedar

Update on Secondary Teachers' Negotiations
Union's Attempt to End the Impasse - Mira Katz

Hearings into Infrastructure Construction for Ring of Fire
Neskantaga First Nation Denied Standing on Its Own Territory - Philip Fernandez

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March 5, 2013 - No. 26

Teachers and Education Workers Stand Up to Blackmail
What Are the Conservatives Up To? - Enver Villamizar
What Is the Government Up To? - Mira Katz
Elementary Teachers' Union Stands Its Ground

Developments at Labour Relations Board
Spirited Rally Challenges Attempts to Criminalize Protest
Update on Hearings Concerning Withdrawal of Extra-Curricular Activities by Elementary Teachers
Board Dismisses Complaint by Catholic Teachers

March 14, 2013 - No. 27

Health Care Day of Action
Government Put on Notice: Removal of Billions from Health Care Is Unacceptable
Actions Across the Province

Ottawa Health Care Worker

Opposition to Cuts and Privatization in the Name of Transformation
Bridgepoint Hospital P3 Project -- Paying the Rich in Health Care - Rob Woodhouse
"It's Not OK" to Cut 18,500 Hospital Beds - Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario

March 20, 2013 - No. 28

Behind the Gas Power Plant Scandal
The Need to Restrict Monopoly Right - Jim Nugent

Review of Local Electricity Distribution Companies
Panel Recommends New Arrangements to Overthrow Public Control and Serve Private Interests - Rob Woodhouse

March 28, 2013 - No. 29

Continued Opposition to Anti-Social Offensive
Oppose Attempts to Criminalize Teachers and All Those Who Fight for the Affirmation of the Rights of All - Enver Villamizar
Calls for Government to Dictate Voluntary Activities - Laura Chesnik

Fight of Teachers and Education Workers to Affirm Their Rights
Government Announces Cuts to School Board Funding
Elementary Teachers' Union Suspends Advice on Extra-Curricular Activities - Mira Katz

Health Care and Social Programs Are a Right!
20,000 Niagara Residents Petition Legislature to Stop Hospital Closing
Anti-Poverty Organizations Oppose Austerity - Pritilata Waddedar

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April 3, 2013 - No. 30

We Are the Opposition!
Unite in Action to Defeat Anti-Worker Legislation!
Oppose Use of Labour Board to Establish Anti-Worker Precedents - Mira Katz
Bogus Debate Over Illegitimate Austerity Agenda - Rob Woodhouse

Education Is a Right! Unite to Affirm the Rights of All!
Secondary Teachers' Federation and Government Reach Tentative Agreement on Improvements to Imposed Contracts - Enver Villamizar
Post-Secondary Tuition Fee Increase Will Not Solve the Crisis - Dan Cerri
The Use of Education Funding to Advance Private Interests

Coming Events
National Day of Action to Stop Genetically Modified Alfalfa

April 10, 2013 - No. 31

Teaching Conditions Are Learning Conditions -- Education Is a Right!
Teachers and Education Workers Must Remain Organized to Affirm Their Rights
More Attempts to Sow Confusion About Austerity Agenda - Enver Villamizar
Secondary Teachers' Federation to Hold Provincial Vote on Deal with Government
Discussion on Memorandum of Understanding

April 15, 2013 - No. 32

No to Anti-Worker Schemes! Uphold the Dignity of Labour!
Oppose Turning Political Issues Into Problems of Law and Order
Learning from Recent Experience
Labour Board Rules Organized Withdrawal of Voluntary Activities Strike Action
For Your Information: Order of the Labour Relations Board

Liquor Control Board of Ontario
Workers Firmly Reject Unacceptable Offer

Coming Events
April 28 Day of Mourning for Workers Killed or Injured on the Job

April 24, 2013 - No. 33

Members of Secondary Teachers' Federation Endorse Modifications
Minister of Education's Contemptuous Response

Governments Must Defend Public Right, Not Monopoly Right!
Hands Off School Board Retirees! A Deal Is a Deal! - Enver Villamizar
Government Orders School Boards to Cut Benefits for Retirees Over 65
Active and Retired Workers in Windsor-Essex Respond to Government Attack
Excerpts from Education Act Concerning Retirement Benefits

Coming Events
April 28 Day of Mourning for Workers Killed or Injured on the Job

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MAY 2013

May 1, 2013 - No. 34

May Day 2013
Salute to the Workers of Ontario!
LCBO Workers Demand Their Right to a Livelihood
Support Locked-Out Nanticoke Steelworkers!

In the Legislature
All Out to Defeat Anti-Worker Agenda! - Jim Nugent
Disagreement on How Best to Implement Anti-Worker Reforms of Arbitration System
- Rob Woodhouse

Arbitration Panel Member Denounces Government Interference

Budget to be Released May 2
What to Expect

May 10, 2013 - No. 35

Whose Economy? Our Economy! Who Decides? We Decide!
Budget and Budget Process Underscore the Need for the Independent Politics of the Working Class
There Is An Alternative! No to Austerity!

Discussion on the Budget
Unacceptable Government-Organized Attack on Collective Bargaining
Workers' Demands Ignored During Pre-Budget Consultations
Opposition to Austerity -- The Starting Point for Solving Youth Unemployment
Liberal Youth Job Strategy
Wynne's First Budget -- More Austerity and Deeper Poverty - Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

May 16, 2013 - No. 36

Oppose "Right to Be Slave Labour Bills"! Uphold the Dignity of Labour!

Conservatives Table New Bills Which Undermine Workers' Rights - Mira Katz
Oppose Preparations for Electoral Coup - Enver Villamizar

Support Liquor Board Workers' Just Demands!
Workers Step Up Actions to Affirm Their Rights - Christine Nugent

What the Workers Have to Say
Toronto Liquor Board Worker
Union Activist

May 22, 2013 - No. 37

The Budget
Agreement Reached to Impose Austerity
Accountability Is the Order of the Day - Enver Villamizar

Liquor Board Negotiations
Tentative Agreement Reached
Workers' Bargaining Committee Releases Information on Tentative Agreement
There Is An Alternative! No to Austerity! - Christine Nugent

Opposition to Fraudulent Austerity Agenda Broadens
Social Planning Network Opposes Direction of Budget
Community Support Workers Speak Out
Doctors Organize Forum to Oppose Cuts to Rural Hospitals - Rob Woodhouse
Medical Association President Speaks Out

May 29, 2013 - No. 38

June 1 Injured Workers' Day
Justice for Injured Workers! All Out for Queen's Park Rally!
Oppose Stepped Up Attacks on Injured Workers - Jim Nugent
Nurses Oppose Being Made Collateral Damage of Austerity
Unions Call on Members to Participate

Unite in Action to Oppose Anti-Worker Legislation!
Conservatives Target Construction Workers - Rob Woodhouse

Coming Events
Weekly Picket of Premier Wynne's Constituency Office

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JUNE 2013

June 5, 2013 - No. 39

Legislature to Rise for Summer
Budget to Pass -- By-Elections in London and Windsor
Build the Workers' Opposition - Enver Villamizar

Injured Workers' Day
Injured Workers and Their Allies Demand Justice - Jim Nugent
Overnight Vigil Symbol of Injured Workers' Sleepless Nights
Who Said What
Third Issue of Justice for Injured Workers

Nine Month Anniversary of Passage of Bill 115
Windsor-Essex Teachers and Education Workers To Hold "Mark-In"

June 12, 2013 - No. 40

Budget Passes
Governments Must Be Established Which Defend Public Right Not Monopoly Right

LCBO Workers Accept Collective Agreement
Advance Made by Defending Public Right

Nine Month Anniversary of Bill 115
Ongoing Chaotic Results of Bogus Repeal - Mira Katz
Illegitimate Local Bargaining from Illegitimate Non-Agreements
Secondary Teachers' Federation Opposes Government Assault on Retirees
Elementary Teachers' Union Continues Discussions with Government

Growing Opposition to Austerity and For Rights
College Faculty and Staff Seek Ways to Affirm Their Rights
Petition Opposes Parking Fee Increase at Sheridan College
Action Calls for Accountability of Children's Aid Society
Children's Services Workers Oppose Government Cuts
Ottawa Forum Against Austerity and Privatization in Health Care

June 18, 2013 - No. 41

Significance of the Fight for Rights
What a Difference a Year Makes - Rob Woodhouse
Lessons Learned and How to Move Forward - Dan Cerri

Teaching Conditions Are Learning Conditions -- Education Is a Right!
Defending Rights Opens a Path for Progress
Elementary Teachers to Vote on Tentative Agreement
Wynne Government Tries to Hide Theft and Violation of Rights

Discussion on Elementary Teachers' Memorandum of Understanding
An Overview - Laura Chesnik
Attempts at Blackmail Bound to Fail
Wynne Government's Two Per Cent Dose of "Fairness" - Mira Katz

June 26, 2013 - No. 42

The Independent Voice of the Working Class Is Decisive
Steelworkers Celebrate 10 Years of Discussion and Action to Defend the Rights of All

Elementary Teachers Vote to Accept Agreement-- Broten Resigns
Teachers and Education Workers Emerge United -- Government's Legitimacy Crisis Deepens - Laura Chesnik
Oppose Attempts to Normalize Violations of Collective Bargaining Rights - Mira Katz
Wynne Government's Delusional "All's Well That Ends Well" - Enver Villamizar

Bill 74 Targeting Construction Workers
Liberals and PCs Pass Legislation at Second Reading - Rob Woodhouse
Who Said What On Bill 74

Justice for Workers Injured or Killed on the Job!
Demand Justice for Ned Peart at Human Rights Tribunal
Justice for Injured Workers Newspaper Distributed in Kitchener-Waterloo
Defend the Rights of Families of Workers Killed on the Job - Jim Nugent
Note to Readers

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JULY 2013

July 10, 2013 - Vol. 2 No. 43

By-Elections Underway
Say No to Austerity! Defeat the Liberals and PCs!
By-Elections Underway
Vote Against the Liberals and PCs to Show Opposition to Anti-People Neo-Liberal Austerity Agenda! Vote to Oppose Liberal and Conservative Cynicism and Corruption!
General Information

Issues in the By-Elections
Phony Lockouts Used to Extort Concessions and Destroy Manufacturing
Minority Government Used to Bring in New Anti-Worker Arrangements - Dan Cerri and Enver Villamizar
Liberals and PCs Compete to Push Anti-Worker Agenda

July 16, 2013 - Vol. 2 No. 44

August 1 By-Elections
Defeat the Liberals and PCs! Make Every Vote Count! Join the 5 for 3 Campaign!
Windsor-Tecumseh and London West
Ottawa South
Etobicoke-Lakeshore and Scarborough-Guildwood

The Cynicism and Opportunism of the Liberals and PCs - Laura Chesnik
Bill 115 Was Not an Aberration - Enver Villamizar
Using Transit Expansion to Justify Cuts to Social Programs - Rob Woodhouse
The Other Ford Scandal - David Greig

Health Care Is a Right!
Shadow Summit and Rally at Council of Federation Meeting

July 23, 2013 - Vol. 2 No. 45

Workers Affirm Their Rights in August 1st By-Elections
No to the Liberal and PC Austerity Agenda! Make Every Vote Count! - Rob Woodhouse
Public Service Alliance of Canada Calls on Members to Defeat Liberals and PCs
London West
Etobicoke-Lakeshore and Scarborough-Guildwood

Health Care Is a Right!
Vote Against Austerity in Health Care!

Concerns of the Working People
U.S. Steel's Underhanded Attempt to Mislead Workers and Destroy Their Union
Migrant Farm Workers Demand Justice
Unemployment and Economic Stagnation - Jim Nugent

For Your Information
By-Election Candidates and Parties

July 31, 2013 - Vol. 2 No. 46

August 1 By-Elections
No Means No! All Out to Express Opposition to the Austerity Agenda Championed by the Liberals and PCs!
Building the Independent Politics of Workers Is a Stand for Empowerment - Dan Cerri
Concerns About Voter Turnout
What the Working People Can Expect On and After Voting Day - Enver Villamizar

Opposition to Liberals' "Balanced" Attacks on Workers' Rights
Liberals Defend Harris Era Anti-Labour Laws - Jim Nugent
Variations on Takeover of Local Bargaining Rights - Mira Katz

Workers in Action
Health Care Is a Right!
Injured Workers Affirm Their Rights in London West
Retirees Demand Governments Defend Their Interests
Ottawa Social Service Workers Oppose Undermining Public Services and Attacking Workers' Rights in the Name of Efficiency - Christine Nugent

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August 7, 2013 - Vol. 2 No. 47

Results of August 1 By-Elections
Working People Re-Affirm Their Opposition to the Neo-Liberal Austerity Agenda
Teachers and Education Workers Take a Stand
Results of By-Elections

How Will the Government Respond? - Enver Villamizar
Deepening Crisis of Legitimacy - Rob Woodhouse
The Necessity for Democratic Renewal - Dan Cerri
Program of the Harper Government in Ontario

Police Shooting of Toronto Youth
The Killings by Toronto Police Must Stop!

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September 5, 2013 - No. 48

One Year Anniversary of Kitchener-Waterloo By-Election
Expression Given to Collective Will of the People Against Austerity

Legislature Opens September 9
Liberals and PCs Set to Carry on in the Face of Growing Opposition to Attacks on Workers' Rights - Dan Cerri
Status of Anti-Worker Legislation

Opening of New School Year
Teachers and Education Workers Re-Affirm: Negotiate Don't Dictate! - Enver Villamizar
Update on Negotiations - Mira Katz
New Management Model Imposed On Windsor-Essex Catholic School Board - Laura Chesnik

September 13, 2013 - No. 49

Anniversary of Bill 115's Passage
One Year of Affirming Rights and Resistance to Neo-Liberal Wrecking - Enver Villamizar
Rights Require a Constitutional Guarantee, Not "Reasonable Limits"
Teachers and Education Workers Begin Year on Firm Footing

Photo Review
A Year of Mass Opposition to Bill 115

PC Convention in London and Liberal Provincial Council in Hamilton
Keep the Initiative in the Hands of the Working People! Step Up Actions to Defeat Austerity Agenda! - Rob Woodhouse
Consultation on Poverty Reduction -- Hamilton, September 13 - Local 1005 USW
PC Policy Convention -- London, September 20-22
Liberal Provincial Council -- Hamilton, September 27-29

University of Windsor Workers on Strike
Oppose Cuts and Privatization of Post-Secondary Education!

September 19, 2013 - No. 50

Opening of the Legislature
Liberals and PCs Continue to Ignore the Will of the Working People - Dan Cerri

Champions of Austerity Adjust After By-Election Setbacks
PCs Do Damage Control Heading into Convention
Liberals Make Changes to Campaign Team

Government Consultations on Poverty Reduction
Anti-Poverty Organizations Picket Consultations to Demand Concrete Action
Interview with Anti-Poverty Activist Julian Ichim
Community Groups Say It's Time for Premier Wynne to Act - Poverty Free Ontario

Take Back the Night!
No to Violence Against Women! Demand a World Without Violence! Our Security Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!

Toronto Event
The Role of Women in the Cuban Revolution and the Case of the Cuban Five

September 26, 2013 - No. 51

Our Anniversary!
Ontario Political Forum Enters Third Year of Publication

In the Legislature
Oppose Attempts to Incite Passions Against Quebec to Divert from Violations of Rights at Home!
PMLQ Welcomes the Discussion on Quebec Values - Statement of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec

Working People in Action Against Austerity
Spirited Action at PC Convention Demands Justice for Injured Workers
Oppose the Austerity Agenda! Picket Liberal Provincial Council in Hamilton
September 28

Wynne Government's Refusal to Affirm Workers' Rights
Minister of Labour Must Certify Part-Time College Workers' Union! - Christine Nugent
Harper Sides with Ontario Government Against Workers
Labour Board Hearing Concerning Withdrawal of Voluntary and Extracurricular Activities Resumes - Mira Katz

Oppose Federal Government's Anti-Immigrant and Refugee Campaign
Support Striking Immigration Detainees in Lindsay!

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October 3, 2013 - Vol. 2 No. 52

Build the Workers' Opposition!
Picket at Liberal Council Meeting Opposes Austerity and Anti-Worker Attacks
PC Policy Convention Reveals Crisis of Hudak Conservatives - Rob Woodhouse

Opposition to Bill 74 and Attacks on Construction Workers
Oppose Liberal and PC Support for EllisDon's Union Busting - Jim Nugent
Demand Pro-Social Solutions Not Neo-Liberal Wrecking - Enver Villamizar
Bill 74 Swims in Corruption
Electricians Call for Opposition to Bill 74

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