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May 4

Ontario Election 2022

• Election Called for June 2

• The Urgent Need Is for the Working Class to Provide Itself With a Political Aim of Its Own

May 10

Ontario Election 2022

• “A Good Time to Empower Ourselves!” Says Independent Candidate in Windsor-Tecumseh

Matters of Concern

• Federal and Provincial Handouts to Ontario Auto and Shipbuilding Private Enterprise – K.C. Adams

• Public Pay-the-Rich Handouts on Eve of Ontario Election

• Who Is Stellantis?

May 11

Ontario Election 2022

• All Out to Support Hospital Workers Speaking Out for Workers’ and Patients’ Rights

• Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us Hospital Workers Say

For Your Information

• Composition of Ontario Legislature at Dissolution

• Registered Political Parties in Ontario

• Voting Information for June 2 Election

May 12

Ontario Election 2022

• South Asian Women Affirm the Right to Universal Child Care

• Consequences of the Privatization of Health Care

• Demands of the Ontario Health Coalition

• Profiteering from Long-Term Care System

May 13

Ontario Election 2022

• Price Inflation and the Crucial Fight for Higher Wages

• What Can Be Done to Control Rising Prices

• Construction Workers Strike for Higher Wages to Meet Increasing Cost of Living

• The Need to Empower the People of Northern Ontario

• Update on the Situation at Laurentian University

May 16

Ontario Election 2022

• Party Financing Regime an Indictment of Party System of Government– Anna Di Carlo

• Official List of Candidates and Parties Participating in June 2 Election

• Political Parties’ Arts Programs– Celia Cohen

May 17

Ontario Election 2022

• Against Whom Are the Cartel Parties Waging a War on Poverty?

• Information on Rising Prices

May 20

Ontario Election 2022

• Independent Candidates in this Election – Why They Are Presenting Themselves for Election

May 24

Ontario Election 2022

• Right to Health Care and Safe Working Conditions Uppermost on Workers’ Minds

• Paramedics Demand Human-Centred Investments to Address Health Care Crisis

• Life and Death Demands of Injured Workers

• Injured Workers’ Day June 1

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