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May 4

Ontario Election 2022

Election Called for June 2

The Urgent Need Is for the Working Class to Provide Itself With a Political Aim of Its Own

May 10

Ontario Election 2022

“A Good Time to Empower Ourselves!” Says Independent Candidate in Windsor-Tecumseh

Matters of Concern

Federal and Provincial Handouts to Ontario Auto and Shipbuilding Private Enterprise – K.C. Adams

Public Pay-the-Rich Handouts on Eve of Ontario Election

Who Is Stellantis?

May 11

Ontario Election 2022

All Out to Support Hospital Workers Speaking Out for Workers’ and Patients’ Rights

Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us Hospital Workers Say

For Your Information

Composition of Ontario Legislature at Dissolution

Registered Political Parties in Ontario

Voting Information for June 2 Election

May 12

Ontario Election 2022

South Asian Women Affirm the Right to Universal Child Care

Consequences of the Privatization of Health Care

Demands of the Ontario Health Coalition

Profiteering from Long-Term Care System

May 13

Ontario Election 2022

Price Inflation and the Crucial Fight for Higher Wages

What Can Be Done to Control Rising Prices

Construction Workers Strike for Higher Wages to Meet Increasing Cost of Living

The Need to Empower the People of Northern Ontario

Update on the Situation at Laurentian University

May 16

Ontario Election 2022

Party Financing Regime an Indictment of Party System of Government– Anna Di Carlo

Official List of Candidates and Parties Participating in June 2 Election

Political Parties’ Arts Programs– Celia Cohen

May 17

Ontario Election 2022

Against Whom Are the Cartel Parties Waging a War on Poverty?

Information on Rising Prices

May 20

Ontario Election 2022

Independent Candidates in this Election – Why They Are Presenting Themselves for Election

May 24

Ontario Election 2022

Right to Health Care and Safe Working Conditions Uppermost on Workers’ Minds

Paramedics Demand Human-Centred Investments to Address Health Care Crisis

Life and Death Demands of Injured Workers

Injured Workers’ Day June 1

May 28

Ontario Election 2022

The Right to Education — An Important Election Issue

Independent Candidate Laura Chesnik’s Platform on Education

Educational Support Staff Speak Out

Ford Government’s Post-Secondary Education Reforms– Edisaright.ca

May 29

Ontario Election 2022

In this Election, a Good Option Is to Decline Your Ballot!

History of Voter Turnout in Ontario – Anna Di Carlo

May 30

Arts and Culture — An Important Ontario Election Issue

The Important Role of Arts and Culture

Interview with Teajai Travis, Executive Director of Windsor’s Artcite and Multicultural Community Storyteller

Working Class Street Art in Windsor-Tecumseh

Sculpture Dedicated to Freedom Fighter Mary Ann Shadd Cary

May 31

Ontario Election 2022

Electoral Law Violates Democratic Principles – Anna Di Carlo

Registered Third Parties in Current Election

“Third Party” Regulations in Ontario

Election Law Charter Challenge

Ford Government’s Use of Notwithstanding Clause to Violate Freedom of Speech

Arguments Advanced in Charter Challenge Contesting Use of Notwithstanding Clause

June 1

Ontario Election 2022

Rising Consciousness on Need for Electoral Reform – Anna Di Carlo


Statement by Independent Candidate Laura Chesnik

Doug Ford and the Road to the Ring of Fire

Prosperity Requires the Empowerment of the Working and Indigenous Peoples – Dave Starbuck

For Your Information

Exceptions to the Blackout Period Before the Election

June 2

Ontario Injured Workers Day 2022

Lively Online Rally and Town Hall Celebrate Collective Fight for Rights

Migrant Workers Hold Militant Action at Workers’ Compensation Office

Women of Inspiration Hold Online Vigil

What to Expect from the Next Ontario Government

Ontario’s Permanent New Powers Over Trade Corridors

Oppose Ontario’s Integration into the U.S. War Economy! – Enver Villamizar

June 3

Results of June 2 Ontario Election

Massive Refusal of Ontarians to Authorize Any Party to Speak in Their Name

Unofficial Results

June 7

Results of the June 2 Ontario Election

Low Voter Turnout and the State of Canadian Democracy

Chesnik Campaign Provided a Platform for People to Speak in Their Own Name

What the Establishment Says About the Low Voter Turnout

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