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July 3

NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

Oppose Escalation of U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine! Negotiate a Peaceful Resolution NOW!

Demand a Peace Deal Now!

Alberta Actions Say No to Preparations for U.S./NATO War

July 7

NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

Grim Prospects for NATO’s Vilnius Summit

Lying and Desperation Cannot Give Rise to Solutions

July 9

NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

Talk About Peace Negotiations to Distract Attention from the Aim to Prolong the U.S./NATO Proxy War – Nick Lin

Canada’s Destructive Self-Serving Measures

Making the Seizure of Russian Assets Legal

Sanctioning Ukrainian Cultural Workers

For Your Information

Diplomatic Initiatives for Negotiated Settlement Repeatedly Sabotaged

July 10

NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

State-Sponsored Disinformation Spread About Agenda for NATO Summit – Steve Rutchinski

What the Imperialists Say Is on the Agenda

July 11

NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania: Attempt to Present a Picture of Smooth Sailing Despite Evidence to the Contrary

Three-Point Plan for Ukraine’s Accession

Sweden’s Membership Contingent on Türkiye’s European Union Membership

French Reticence to NATO’s Eastward Expansion

Lithuania’s “Asia Pacific Strategy”

Opposition from Within U.S. Congress to Provision of Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

Prime Minister of Cambodia Speaks Out Against Use of Cluster Bombs

France Pledges Long-Range Cruise Missiles for Ukraine

Meeting Between Chinese President and Speaker of the Russian Federation Council

Opinions of Russian Foreign Policy Experts

July 12

NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

Actions in Canada and Quebec Say “Not in Our Name” to U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine

Actions in Europe and Asia Oppose NATO and Its Expansion

July 14

NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

Dead End NATO Summit in Vilnius July 11-12

China Responds to NATO Disinformation and Threats Issued at Vilnius Summit

July 21

U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine

More U.S. Weapons for Ukraine

Russia Terminates Grain Transit Deal Due to Sabotage and Non-Compliance

Ukrainian Counter-Offensive Fails

More U.S. Weapons for Ukraine

U.S. Contempt for Human Beings and the Rule of Law

Destruction of U.S. Chemical Weapons Stockpile and Shipment of Cluster Munitions to Ukraine – Yves Le Seigle

Torturer-in-Chief Decries Use of Torture

July 31

Situation in Ukraine Continues to Deteriorate

Dangerous Signs that Poland Seeks to Occupy Western Ukraine

Canada Joins Vain Efforts to Sustain U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine Against Russia

Ukrainian “Counter-Offensive” Is Without Traction

Anti-War Demonstration in Budapest

Majority of Parliamentarians in Hungary Boycott Sweden NATO Membership Vote


August 3

U.S. Out of Asia Pacific!

U.S. Nuclear Armed Sub Sent to Threaten Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Successful Actions in Washington, DC Call on U.S. to Sign Permanent Peace Treaty with DPRK

Continued U.S. Provocations Against China

U.S. Tour of South Pacific Islands

U.S. Military Get Out of Philippines!

August 4

U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine

Signs of Unsustainability of Proxy War in Ukraine

Promised Arms from Germany Fail to Materialize

U.S./NATO Proxy War’s End Goal

Attempts to Organize a Negotiated Settlement to End the U.S./NATO Proxy War


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