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APRIL 2013

April 18, 2013 - No. 1

Public Right Yes! Monopoly Right No!
Social Responsibility of BC Working Class in this Election
Growing Opposition to North Island P3 Hospitals Plan
Don't Rubber Stamp Anti-Democratic and Unacceptable P3 Hospital Plan! - Rich Hagensen, Citizens for Quality Health Care
Keep the North Island's Hospitals Public! - Barbara Biley

April 23, 2013 - No. 2

Campaign to Defeat the Anti-Social Austerity Agenda
Clark's Unacceptable Neo-Liberal Family First Agenda
Private Sector Teachers' Union Lends a Hand to Defeat BC Premier
Liberal Premier Attempts to Get the People to Buy into LNG Exports

Discussion on the Need to Empower the People
BC Election and the Need for Renewal of the Political Process - Barbara Biley
Clark/Campbell Liberal Government Serves Monopoly Right and Private Interests

Hupacasath Court Action
K'omoks First Nation Hosts Fundraiser

April 25, 2013 - No. 3

Continuing Privatization of BC Hydro
Oppose the Liberals' Pay-the-Rich Schemes! - Charles Boylan
Broadcaster and Documentary Filmmaker Tour Four Cities on Water,
Electricity and Democracy
- The Common Sense Canadian

Invest in Education! Education Is a Right!
Two Years Later, Teachers Are Still Seeking Redress for Rights' Violations - BC Teachers' Federation
Blame Liberal Government Not School Board for Job Losses in District 43 - Brian Sproule
For Your Information: Better Schools for BC -- The Numbers Tell the Story - BC Teachers' Federation

Invest in Social Programs!
Ten Dollar a Day Childcare Advocates Urge Major Social Program as BC Election Issue - Coalition of Childcare Advocates of BC

Coming Events -- Join In!
BC Federation of Labour Plans "We Vote" Receptions

April 30, 2013 - No. 4

Continuing Privatization of BC Hydro
Oppose Liberal Government's Wrecking of BC Hydro - Charles Boylan
The Run of River Scams

April 28 National Day of Mourning
Greater Vancouver Ceremony at Steveston
Vancouver District School Board Recognizes Day of Mourning
Events and Memorials on Vancouver Island

Whose Resources? Our Resources!
NDP Leader Speaks Out Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion to Vancouver Harbour
Who Decides? The Need for Public Control of Natural Resources

May Day 2013
All Out for International Day of Working Class Unity and Struggle

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MAY 2013

May 2, 2013 - No. 5

40th General Election
The Challenge in This Election
Rejection of the Capital-Centred Outlook of the Monopolies

Election Issues
Health Care Is a Right!
The Need to Preserve BC Farmland and Guarantee Food Security -- Another Reason to Defeat the BC Liberal Government! - Brian Sproule
Cowichan School District Being Wrecked by Neo-Liberal Agenda
- Interview with Fired School Trustee Eden Haythornthwaite

Election Information
Vancouver Island Standings in the Legislature and Other Pertinent Information
Candidates for 40th General Election - Elections BC, Press Release

May 7, 2013 - No. 6

Defeat the Liberals! Empower the People!
A New Direction for BC!
The Misleading Nature of BC's Pre-Election Public Opinion Polls - George Allen

Work to Reverse the Assault on the Right to Health Care
Organize and Fight for a Human-Centred Health Care System!
Hospital Workers Launch Petition to Keep North Island Hospitals Public
Some Aspects of the Liberal Record Since 2001 - Barbara Biley
Hospital Employees Focus on BC Election

Kleptocracy from Campbell to Clark
An Opportunity to Oppose Energy Scams - Charles Boylan

May 9, 2013 - No. 7

A New Direction for the Economy
No to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion!
Time to Reverse Damage Caused by Clark/Campbell Government's
2003 Attack on Appurtenancy

A Matter of Right
Preventable Seniors' Homes Fires and Deaths

For Your Information
Regional Statistics for BC - Work BC

May 13, 2013 - No. 8

New Direction Needed for the Economy
Say No to Liberal Austerity!

Giant Pay-the-Rich Schemes
A Reality Check on Natural Gas Royalties
Clark's Liquified Natural Gas Export Project
The Shale Gas Boom
Bad Memories of the Global Sub-Prime Mortgage Fiasco
Thinking About the Shale Gas Hysteria
Worldwide Calls for Ban on Fracking

BC Hydro's Deferred Debt and the Clean Energy Act
Crucial Public Electricity Supply Is Being Mortgaged Off to Billionaires

May 17, 2013 - No. 9

Electoral Coup in BC
Liberals Lead the Charge of Energy Oligarchs Against Society
Invaluable Experience to Be Gained from Participating in Conscious Acts
of Finding Out What Happened

Take Up the Independent Politics of the Working Class! Respond to the
Electoral Coup by Defeating Christy Clark in the Upcoming By-Election!

Initial Information on 2013 BC Election Results

Who Controls Decision-Making Power Will Continue to Be a Central Issue
Growing Opposition to Expanding Port Metro Vancouver
to Ship More U.S. Coal
- Edith Cohen
Energy Monopolies Regard BC as Mere "Geographical Entity"- Charles Boylan
Direct Collusion Between BC Liberal Government and Oil Monopolies Reported

Fighting to Defend the Rights of All
BC Liberal Government Pushed for Expedited HD Mining
Temporary Foreign Work Permits
- BC Federation of Labour
A Plan for Better Schools in BC - Jim Iker, BC Teachers' Federation President-Elect

May 30, 2013 - No. 10

Discussion on BC Election Results
Need to Develop Workers’ Own Independent Politics
Labour Federation President Addresses
Post-Secondary Educators' Convention

Recent Developments in Fight for Control of Environment and Economy
BC Environment Assessment Office Rejects Application for Raven Coal Mine
Court Ruling Puts Temporary Foreign Workers Issue Squarely
Back in Government Hands
- BC Federation of Labour
Once Again Courts Rule in Favour of Teachers' Right to Free Expression
- BC Teachers' Federation

Standing in Defence of the Rights of All
Rallies for Contracted Support Service Health Care Workers
Actions to Affirm First Nations' Rights Continue in Vancouver

For Your Information
The BC Forest Industry

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September 9, 2013 - No. 11

Bid to Replace BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix
What Constitutes Leadership?

Stop Paying the Rich! Increase Investments in Social Programs!
Liberal Government Attacks Health Care and Public Sector Workers
Privatization of Public Interests and Politicization of Private Interests
Compass Strikes Again
Private, Public Partnerships
The Direction of the Economy

Care Delivery Model Redesign on Vancouver Island
Registered Nurses Protest at Vancouver Island Health Authority Meeting - Barbara Biley

September 18, 2013 - No. 12

Fight for a Public Authority Which Defends the Rights of All!
Stand with Education Workers in Defence of Their Rights!
Oppose the Liberal Government's Anti-Social Austerity Agenda!
Continuing Crisis in K-12 Education Caused by Government's "Budgetary Restraint" Policy
Government Must Stop Paying the Rich and Increase Funding for Social Programs

Defending the Right to Health Care
Strike Votes and Rallies to Defend the Rights of Contracted Health Care Support Workers
Nanaimo Rally of Housekeeping Workers

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October 4, 2013 - No. 13

Cooperative Gains Mandate Makes a Mockery of Collective Bargaining
Demand Increased Investments in Education!
Cooperative Gains Mandate Makes a Mockery of Collective Bargaining
Government Must Fund Salary and Benefit Increases!
No! to Further Education Cuts
The Issues of Mandates and Funding - Donna Petersen
Government Turns Settlement with Education Workers into
Another Attack on K-12 Public Education
- Charles Boylan
School Trustees Face the Consequences
Letters to the Editor

For Your Information
BC Government's Cooperative Gains Mandate
Explanation and Discussion of "Provincial Framework Agreement"

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November 29, 2013 - No. 14

Six-Month Lockout of Richmond Ikea Workers
Rally Demands Ikea Settle Dispute Without Concessions
Day of Action Against Enbridge and Kinder Morgan Pipelines
Rally in Vancouver Draws 5,500 -- Energy Monopolies Watch Out!
Demonstration and Rally in Prince George

Increased Monopolization of Canadian Food Sales
Threat to Food Security - Brian Sproule

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