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INDEX 2021

No. 5 - May 9, 2021

Big Pharma Cartel Reaps Maximum Profit from COVID-19 Pharmacare
• There Is an Alternative! - K.C. Adams
• COVID-19 Pharmacare Pay-the-Rich Programs

Infrastructure Development to Pay the Rich
• Time for Democratic Renewal and a New Direction for the Economy!

Manitoba Bill 57, Protection of Critical Infrastructure Act
• Preparation for All-Out Criminalization of People Fighting for Their Rights - Barbara Biley
• Main Features of Bill 57

Federal Government's Attempt to Escape Its Responsibilities to Indigenous Peoples
• Canada's Self-Serving Definition of UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Philip Fernandez
• Haudenosaunee Affirm Sovereignty -- Declare Moratorium to End Further Development on Haldimand Tract
• Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Chiefs Denounce Latest Criminal Act by Canada

1850 Robinson Treaties Annuities Case
• Justice Denied - David Starbuck

Permanent Resident Status For All Now!
• "Exclusion, Disappointment, Chaos and Exploitation" -- Migrant Rights Network Report
• Canada Refuses to Deal with Its Discriminatory Immigration Practices - Steve Rutchinski
• Federal Budget Fails to Deliver Immigration Rights, Continues Focus on Failed Temporary Programs
• Coming Event: March on Ottawa, July 18-25

U.S. President Biden's First One Hundred Days
• The Fraud of Claiming Human Rights to Hide More U.S. Crimes Against Humanity - Kathleen Chandler
• International Commission of Legal Experts Recommends Investigation of U.S. for Crimes Against Humanity
• Mass Protests Led to Chauvin's Conviction; Now They're Being Criminalized - Barbara Ransby

Latin America and the Caribbean
• People's Forces in Action Fighting for Democracy and the Right to Be

• Life and Death Struggle in Defence of Sovereignty and People's Right to Take Decisions

• Youth on Front Lines of People's Fight for Rights and Against State Terror
• Colombian People, at Home and Abroad, Standing as One in the Face of Murderous Repression - Garnet Colly
• Transitional Justice and Judicial Independence Under Attack

• Nation-Building Resumes, Coup Forces Face Justice

• Citizens to Elect Assembly to Draft New Constitution May 15-16

• Supreme Court Nullifies All Charges Against Lula

No. 4 - April 4, 2021

In the Parliament
• Legislation Before the House of Commons
• Amendments to Oath of Citizenship Contain Neither Truth Nor Reconciliation - Steve Rutchinski
• Bill C-10 Eliminates Principle of Canadian Ownership and Control of Broadcasting System - Anna Di Carlo
• Enhancing Cyber Security Under the Guise of "Economic Development" - Pierre Soubliθre

Abuse of Indigenous Peoples Continues
• Indigenous Communities Have a Human Right to Safe Drinking Water - Philip Fernandez

Opposition to Spurious Definition of Anti- Semitism
• Zionist Definition of Anti-Semitism Must Not Pass! - Diane Johnston
• Jewish Voices and Faculty Oppose Adoption of Ill- Conceived Definition

Solidarity with Cuba
• Canadian Solidarity Network to Send Significant Shipment of Medical Supplies to Cuba
• Bridges of Love Worldwide Car Caravans Against the Blockade of Cuba

International Solidarity with the People of Haiti
• Montrealers Stand with the Haitian People - TML Correspondent
• Mass Mobilizations Repudiate Moοse Government and Referendum on Constitution
• Letter in Solidarity with the People of Haiti in Their Fight for Democracy, Justice and Reparations

45th Anniversary of Palestinian Land Day
• Uphold Palestinian Right of Return! Support Palestinian Resistance!
• International Criminal Court Begins Investigation of Israeli Crimes Against the Palestinian People - Hilary LeBlanc
• Israel Steps Up Illegal Destruction of Palestinian Homes and Property
• Zionists' Criminal Denial of Vaccines to Palestinians - Nick Lin

No. 3 - March 7, 2021

March 8 -- International Women's Day
• Women Workers Must Lead the Struggle for Political Renewal and Empowerment

Summit Between Canadian Prime Minister and U.S. President
• Further Integration into U.S. Economy and War Machine Will Not Resolve Canada's Lack of a Nation-Building Project - K.C. Adams

Canada's Foreign Policy an Extension of U.S. Warmongering in the Name of High Ideals
• Uphold Cuba's Right to Self-Determination! No to Colonial and Imperial Policies! - Isaac Saney
• Demand for Canada to Revise Its Policy Towards Haiti

In the Parliament
• Odious Modus Operandi to Lend Legitimacy to Criminalization of Speech and Opinion - Anna Di Carlo
• Threat Inflation Undermines Freedom of Speech - Peter Ewart

Crimes Committed in the Name of the Greater Good
• Mitting Inquiry's Revelations on the Scope of British Undercover Policing - Michael Chant

People in the U.S. Determined to Decide What Constitutes Justice
• No Let Up of People's Protests
• Police Impunity Is Dred Scott Legacy - Kathleen Chandler
• Trial of George Floyd's Killer Gets Underway in Minneapolis
• Rome Is Burning

Anniversary of Declaration of COVID-19 Pandemic
• Global Response Required to Overcome Global Pandemic and Its Effects on Health and the Economy
• Situation in Canada

No. 2 - February 7, 2021

Groups Designated Terrorist Organizations
• Governance of Police Powers Does Not Protect Rights or Democratic Values

- Steve Rutchinski and Pauline Easton 

Canada and Lima Group Continue Unacceptable Stand on Venezuela
• Denounce Canada's Self-Serving Foreign Policy - Margaret Villamizar 

The Need for a New Direction for the Economy
• Media Talk Covers Up Need for Political Action by Worker Politicians - K.C. Adams 

• Actual Lack of Employment Versus Officially Recognized Unemployment

- Pierre Chιnier 

Annual Davos Forum's Latest Shenanigans
• World Economic Forum Calls for a "Great Reset"

• The "Great Reset" of Imperialism

What to Expect from a Biden Presidency
• Inauguration of Joe Biden -- A Poem by Sacha

• Biden, Racial Justice and a Dream Deferred

• Biden's Initial Actions and People's Resistance - Kathleen Chandler 

• Contending Authorities Contest Biden's Call for Unity

• Food Insecurity in the United States and the Need for a
New Direction for the Economy

Indian Farmers
• Women Farmers Day Honours Their Role in the Forefront of the Indian Farmers' Fight for Rights - Janice Murray 

• Farmers in Their Millions Valiantly Continue Their Fight for the Repeal of Neo-Liberal Farm Laws - J. Singh and Meera Kaur 

• Canada's National Farmers Union Stands with Indian Farmers  - National Farmers Union 

• Why India's Farmers Are Protesting - NFU Backgrounder

No. 1 - January 3, 2021

A New Year Gets Underway
• Best Wishes for Success in 2021
• Solutions - Pauline Easton
• Prospects of a Federal Election - Anna Di Carlo 
• Announcement

26th Anniversary of CPC(M-L)'s Historic Initiative
• A Nation-Building Project Like No Other

62nd Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution
• Long Live the Cuban Revolution!

• Canadian Network on Cuba Hosts Successful
26-Hour Global Virtual Picket

• Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples
Celebrates 60th Anniversary

217th Anniversary of the Haitian Revolution
• Long Live the Haitian People's Historic Struggle
for Rights and Liberty

• Rights Won: Argentina Legalizes Abortion - Yolanda Machado



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