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INDEX 2021

No. 4 - April 4, 2021

In the Parliament
Legislation Before the House of Commons
Amendments to Oath of Citizenship Contain Neither Truth Nor Reconciliation - Steve Rutchinski
Bill C-10 Eliminates Principle of Canadian Ownership and Control of Broadcasting System - Anna Di Carlo
Enhancing Cyber Security Under the Guise of "Economic Development" - Pierre Soublière

Abuse of Indigenous Peoples Continues
Indigenous Communities Have a Human Right to Safe Drinking Water - Philip Fernandez

Opposition to Spurious Definition of Anti- Semitism
Zionist Definition of Anti-Semitism Must Not Pass! - Diane Johnston
Jewish Voices and Faculty Oppose Adoption of Ill- Conceived Definition

Solidarity with Cuba
Canadian Solidarity Network to Send Significant Shipment of Medical Supplies to Cuba
Bridges of Love Worldwide Car Caravans Against the Blockade of Cuba

International Solidarity with the People of Haiti
Montrealers Stand with the Haitian People - TML Correspondent
Mass Mobilizations Repudiate Moïse Government and Referendum on Constitution
Letter in Solidarity with the People of Haiti in Their Fight for Democracy, Justice and Reparations

45th Anniversary of Palestinian Land Day
Uphold Palestinian Right of Return! Support Palestinian Resistance!
International Criminal Court Begins Investigation of Israeli Crimes Against the Palestinian People - Hilary LeBlanc
Israel Steps Up Illegal Destruction of Palestinian Homes and Property
Zionists' Criminal Denial of Vaccines to Palestinians - Nick Lin

No. 3 - March 7, 2021

March 8 -- International Women's Day
Women Workers Must Lead the Struggle for Political Renewal and Empowerment

Summit Between Canadian Prime Minister and U.S. President
Further Integration into U.S. Economy and War Machine Will Not Resolve Canada's Lack of a Nation-Building Project - K.C. Adams

Canada's Foreign Policy an Extension of U.S. Warmongering in the Name of High Ideals
Uphold Cuba's Right to Self-Determination! No to Colonial and Imperial Policies! - Isaac Saney
Demand for Canada to Revise Its Policy Towards Haiti

In the Parliament
Odious Modus Operandi to Lend Legitimacy to Criminalization of Speech and Opinion - Anna Di Carlo
Threat Inflation Undermines Freedom of Speech - Peter Ewart

Crimes Committed in the Name of the Greater Good
Mitting Inquiry's Revelations on the Scope of British Undercover Policing - Michael Chant

People in the U.S. Determined to Decide What Constitutes Justice
No Let Up of People's Protests
Police Impunity Is Dred Scott Legacy - Kathleen Chandler
Trial of George Floyd's Killer Gets Underway in Minneapolis
Rome Is Burning

Anniversary of Declaration of COVID-19 Pandemic
Global Response Required to Overcome Global Pandemic and Its Effects on Health and the Economy
Situation in Canada

No. 2 - February 7, 2021

Groups Designated Terrorist Organizations
Governance of Police Powers Does Not Protect Rights or Democratic Values

- Steve Rutchinski and Pauline Easton 

Canada and Lima Group Continue Unacceptable Stand on Venezuela
Denounce Canada's Self-Serving Foreign Policy - Margaret Villamizar 

The Need for a New Direction for the Economy
Media Talk Covers Up Need for Political Action by Worker Politicians - K.C. Adams 

• Actual Lack of Employment Versus Officially Recognized Unemployment

- Pierre Chénier 

Annual Davos Forum's Latest Shenanigans
• World Economic Forum Calls for a "Great Reset"

The "Great Reset" of Imperialism

What to Expect from a Biden Presidency
Inauguration of Joe Biden -- A Poem by Sacha

Biden, Racial Justice and a Dream Deferred

Biden's Initial Actions and People's Resistance - Kathleen Chandler 

Contending Authorities Contest Biden's Call for Unity

Food Insecurity in the United States and the Need for a
New Direction for the Economy

Indian Farmers
Women Farmers Day Honours Their Role in the Forefront of the Indian Farmers' Fight for Rights - Janice Murray 

• Farmers in Their Millions Valiantly Continue Their Fight for the Repeal of Neo-Liberal Farm Laws - J. Singh and Meera Kaur 

Canada's National Farmers Union Stands with Indian Farmers  - National Farmers Union 

• Why India's Farmers Are Protesting - NFU Backgrounder

No. 1 - January 3, 2021

A New Year Gets Underway
• Best Wishes for Success in 2021
Solutions - Pauline Easton
Prospects of a Federal Election - Anna Di Carlo 

26th Anniversary of CPC(M-L)'s Historic Initiative
A Nation-Building Project Like No Other

62nd Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution
Long Live the Cuban Revolution!

Canadian Network on Cuba Hosts Successful
26-Hour Global Virtual Picket

Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples
Celebrates 60th Anniversary

217th Anniversary of the Haitian Revolution
Long Live the Haitian People's Historic Struggle
for Rights and Liberty

Rights Won: Argentina Legalizes Abortion - Yolanda Machado



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