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  September 13, 2015

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September 13, 2015 - Vol. 4 No. 18

Negotiations in K-12 Education

Ontario Teachers and Education Workers Stand Firm

Negotiations in K-12 Education
Ontario Teachers and Education Workers Stand Firm
Liberals' Fraud About "Net Zero" Contracts - Enver Villamizar
Learning From Our Experiences - Mira Katz
Call for Teachers and Education Workers to Oppose Liberals and Conservatives in the Federal Election - Laura Chesnik 


September 5, 2015 - No. 32

Labour Day 2015

Canadian Workers for Democratic Renewal and a New Pro-Social Direction
for the Economy

Shameless Use of Refugee Deaths for
Warmongering and Electioneering

Canada's Criminal Role in International Affairs
- Philip Fernandez -
Harper Government's Draconian Citizenship
and Immigration Policies

Important Anniversaries and Related Events
In Memory of the Victims of Fascism
- Pauline Easton -

Disinformation About Invasion of Poland
- Hardial Bains -
Polish Authorities' Political Amnesia
- Valéry Vrublevsky -

China's Role in World War II Second to None
Recording the Start of World War II
Japanese People's Mass Opposition to Revival of Militarism and Continuing U.S. Military Occupation of Japan
Founding of Democratic Korea, September 9, 1948
Resistance and Demands for Accountability Mark
10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

- U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization -

Note to Our Readers

China's War of Resistance Against Japanese Imperialism

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