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May 23, 2015 - No. 21

Canada's Economic Existential Crisis

Incessant Decline in Manufacturing

Workers in fisheries, mining and metallurgy, and forestry demand that governments defend the public interest and oppose nation-wrecking
by the monopolies.

The Necessity for a New Direction for International Trade

Intermonopoly Fight Over Federal-Provincial Power Sharing
Quebec Premier's Speech to the Ontario Legislature:
A Central Alliance -- For What?

- Louis Lang -

Aberration of Due Process in Nova Scotia
Murky Affair of Accused British Royal Navy Sailors
Gets Murkier

- Tony Seed -

Harper Dictatorship's Vitriolic Hatred of Communism
Antipathy to Canada's Institutions Continues
to Rouse Opposition

- Sam Heaton -
Ottawa-Centre MP Raises Questions about
Monument Approval Procedure

Revelations of Government's Manipulation of
National Capital Commission

Government's Reluctance to Bring Suspected Nazis to Justice

International News and Commentary
New Ukrainian Anti-Communist Laws Honour Nazis
Former German Democratic Republic Generals Issue Warning
U.S. Military Out of Japan -- Mass Rally in Okinawa Demonstrates Anti-War Sentiment of the People

35th Anniversary of People's Uprising in Gwangju, Korea
Gwangju and the Fight for Democracy, Reunification and
Freedom from U.S. Occupation

Firm Stand Against Provocations by U.S. Secretary of State
Obama's Maxim
- DPRK Permanent Mission to UN -


World War Two History

Anglo-American and German Capital Behind the
Nazi War Machine

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