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February 27, 2015 - Vol. 3 No. 1

A New Direction for the Economy Is Needed

Vancouver Tax Plebiscite Is
a Loaded Question

Second Defeat Harper in 2015 Picket!
Stop Bill C-51! Defeat Harper!
Monday, March 2 -- 4:00 - 5:30 pm
Broadway and Commercial Drive
Further Information

A New Direction for the Economy Is Needed

Vancouver Tax Plebiscite Is a Loaded Question

BC Investment Projects
Inventory of Major Projects Is an Inventory of Monopoly Right
Investments in Health and Education
Project Inventory


February 21, 2015 - No. 8

Oppose Nation-Wrecking! Defeat Harper in 2015!

Harper's Steady Hand on the Economy
Is a Fraud

Cynical Electoral Manipulation of Federal Debt
Oil Price Collapse Signals Necessity for a
New Direction for the Economy

- Peggy Morton -

Price War on Gulf Coast Exposes Harper's Pipedream for Resource-Based Exporting Economy

Bill C-51: Harper Government's Political Priority
Versus that of the People

Bill-C51 -- All-Sided Attack on Canadians in the
Name of Fighting Terrorism

Where Does Counter-Radicalization End and
Compulsion Begin?

- Sam Heaton -

Creation of Canadian Security Intelligence Service in 1984

House of Commons to Debate Problem of "Anti-Semitism"
Self-Serving Attempt to Cover for Israeli State Terror
- Louis Lang -

Photo Review
February 14 Memorial Marches for
Missing and Murdered Women

In the News
Failed Coup Attempt Exposed
More Evidence of Canada's Dirty Work
Canada Stirring Up Phoney Debate on Human Rights
Canadian Lawyer and Liberal MP Defends
Advocate of Violent Opposition

Extensive Support Against U.S. Sanctions
Coming Event

Barack Obama Has Installed a Dictatorship in Haiti
- Ezili Dantò -

Peace Talks Advance as Revolutionary Armed Forces of
Colombia Aims to Become Political Movement

United States
Terror Conviction Overturned for Former Guantanamo Prisoner
David Hicks and the Death of a Legal System
- Binoy Kampmark -

Guantanamo Prisoners Killed by CIA Made to
Look Like Suicides

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