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April 15, 2015

How to Participate in the May 5 Alberta Election

Join the Campaign to Mobilize Albertans to Puncture the Arrogance of the PCs!
Make Every Vote Count!

Albertans demand Premier Prentice be held accountable for
Alberta's economic problems, March 7, 2015.

How to Participate in the May 5 Alberta Election
Join the Campaign to Mobilize Albertans to Puncture the Arrogance of the PCs! Make Every Vote Count!
The Game Is Over -- The Time to Take Over Decision-Making Power Is Now! - Peggy Morton
What to Do When Electoral Politics No Longer Express a Popular Will?

Oppose the Suppression of "Third-Party" Participation in the Alberta Election!
No to the Muzzling of the Alberta Federation of Labour and Criminalization of Popular Opinion! - Peggy Askin
No Election Without Selection! Fund the Process, Not the Parties!

After Settling the Question of Who Decides,
the Direction of the Economy Is the Most Important Election Issue
The Case of Husky Sunrise
Layoffs in the Alberta Oil Patch

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April 11, 2015 - No. 15

Join April 11 Climate Actions

Humanize the Social and Natural Environment!


Call for Quebec City Climate March
Manifesto for a Global Movement
- Quebec Collective -

Canada's Role in Promoting
Defence of Monopoly Right in Latin America and the Caribbean

Foreign Policy Based on Defence of Monopoly Right
Puts Canada in Disrepute

Role in Destroying Social and Natural Environment
Across the Americas

Responsibility for Insecurity in Honduras
Toronto Protest Against Barrick Gold
- Mining Injustice Solidarity Network -

Indian Prime Minister's State Visit to Canada
Hold Narendra Modi to Account for Torture and Genocide
Major Uranium Deal Shows Double Standard on Nuclear Issue

Statement of Communities United Against Narendra Modi

Parliament's Motion to Expand the War
Harper Conservatives' Use of Deception to Cover Up
Aims of U.S. Aggression and War

International Support for Release of Khalida Jarrar and
All Political Prisoners

Anniversary of Founder of Modern Korean Nation
Celebrated with Fresh Victories

Speech of Kim Il Sung at the Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union 85th Inter-Parliamentary Conference,
April 29, 1991, Pyongyang

Appeal to the International Community for the
Independent and Peaceful Reunification of Korea

The Decadence of Politics in Japan

The Geopolitics Behind the War in Yemen
- Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya -

Seventh OAS Summit of the Americas in Panama City

No to U.S. Striving to Dominate Latin America and the Caribbean! No to Canada's Disreputable Role!

Opposition to U.S. Imperial Domination Is the Order of the Day
U.S. and Canada Obstruct Final Declaration
The OAS' Fraud of "Civil Society"
People's Summit Underway
Cuba's Chair at OAS Will Remain Empty
- Prensa Latina Editorial -
U.S. Hypocrisy on Human Rights in
Latin America and the Caribbean

Obama's Trip to Caribbean Seeks to Undermine Regional Solidarity, Integration and Energy Security
Obama's Legacy Set to Fail in Latin America
- Eva Golinger -

Millions of Signatures Oppose U.S. Decree on Venezuela
Obama's About Face on Venezuela
Overwhelming Support for Venezuela at United Nations
Letter from World's Social Movements to President Obama
Coming Events


April 6, 2015 - No. 1

Alberta's Anti-Social Budget

No to Austerity!
All Out to Defeat the PCs!

"Mirror" demonstration at Alberta Legislature, March 7, 2015 rejects Premier Prentice's arrogant statement that Albertans should "look in the mirror," to see who is to blame for Alberta's economic problems.

Alberta's Anti-Social Budget
No to Austerity! All Out to Defeat the PCs!
Prentice Budget Is a Scam to Pay the Rich and Attack the Working People
Consequences of the Provincial Budget for Education - Kevan Hunter
Health Care Is a Right!

PCs Announce "New" Approach to Public Sector Negotiations
Jim Prentice's Populist Concept of One Nation Alberta - Peggy Morton
Plans for Centralized Approach to Negotiations

News and Views
Unions and Community Organizations Oppose Austerity Budget

For Your Information
Facts and Figures on the Budget

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