Quebec Premier Legault Blames ABI Workers for Causing Government Cutbacks to Social Programs

The Quebec Legault government is continuing attacks on ABI workers and their union which favour the Alcoa global cartel. Premier Legault was asked in the National Assembly about previous statements blaming the union for the lockout and giving unqualified support for Alcoa's attacks on workers and the use of a phoney "force majeure" to skip out on paying for its allotted electricity from Hydro-Québec. Legault responding with an  astounding statement according to which  ABI workers in Bécancour are partly to blame for his government's cutbacks of social programs and public services! According to Legault, the determined resistance of the ABI workers to Alcoa's attacks on their rights and their refusal to submit to the dictate of the cartel for concessions is depriving the state of tax revenue that is needed to fund social programs and alleviate poverty! Turning truth on its head he does not hold the company to account for refusing to negotiate in good faith. He blames the workers' resistance to the attack on their rights.

If ABI workers lose their well-paid jobs by being unreasonable in this dispute, they have only themselves to blame, Legault is quoted as saying. Such slanderous statements only serve to convince the ABI workers and their allies that their struggle is also directed against those governments that are using the public treasury and police powers to serve global monopolies such as Alcoa and Rio Tinto in opposition to the rights, security and well-being of their own working people and society.

Legault's words attacking the integrity and rights of Quebec workers, and his slavish devotion to a foreign global oligopoly, which wants the unbridled right to exploit the human and natural resources of the nation and abscond with even more value than it takes today, have earned him the scorn of working people. He has proved himself unfit to govern and useless as a representative of the interests of the Quebec people.

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Number 13 - April 11, 2019

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Quebec Premier Legault Blames ABI Workers for Causing Government Cutbacks to Social Programs


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