Canada "Open for Business"

Crude Battle Cry of the Rich

Governments are usurping power in Canada claiming that their provinces are now "open for business" as opposed to under previous governments; never mind that each serves the financial oligarchy. For their part, the working people are certainly not opposed to economic development or investment. But, inevitably it turns out that the phrase "open for business" is simply code for governments to launch fresh attacks against workers and their communities on behalf of the financial oligarchy and then claim the attacks are what the people want! Indeed, the phrase is a crude battle cry of the rich and their governments to seize yet more added-value and social wealth from the workers who produce it.

Those who own and control the enterprises of the socialized economy and their political representatives in government, the self-titled "job creators," vulgarly describe the working people, those who produce social product in the form of goods and services while transforming the bounty of nature, as a "cost of production" and "burden" on the rich. As such, wide-scale class war must be waged against workers in general, the "burden and cost of production," as they are the ones supposedly constituting the problem economically and fiscally with their claims on what they produce. In that regard, premiers such as Jason Kenney, Doug Ford and François Legault present themselves as "saviours" of the rich in their respective provinces, and the same nonsense goes on at the federal level. The period in the run-up to the October federal election has seen vested interests representing their benefactors who are vying to win control of the political power, each claiming they represent what the people want while hiding their true intentions.

It is farfetched indeed to believe that Canadians are fooled that this assault on the working people under the slogan "open for business," "getting ahead," or "choosing forward" will result in the social wealth under the control of the rich oligarchs -- which by the way has all been produced by the working class -- becoming so great that crumbs will fall off the table and trickle down to the floor for workers to scavenge as their reward for tightening their belts and supporting what are called austerity measures to balance the books.

Experience shows who benefits from whatever the ruling oligarchs dish out. Experience shows how the working people are blamed as the source of all the problems in the economy and are made to pay through cutbacks, closures and layoffs. It is outrageous. The workers do not impose the boom and bust cycles, which especially devastate resource communities such as is now occurring in the BC forest sector. Nor do they foster the one-sided, skewed economic model such as in Alberta that thrives off unemployment and sees the rich taking money out of the province when oil prices and markets are strong, and, when the "inevitable" crisis occurs for the umpteenth time, the ruling elite drive down wages, benefits and pensions, undermine health and safety, slash jobs, social programs and public services and generally make life unbearable for many.

How can the working people who do the work and produce social value when called upon, and who have no political or economic power be the cause of the problems in the economy? Within this situation, how can the code words "open for business," which essentially means more of the same, be a solution?

The financial oligarchy dismisses out of hand any talk of workers resisting the anti-social offensive. It wants them to believe their protests will be futile, that they will fall on deaf ears and, if they persist in raising their demands, they will be treated as criminals and suffer the consequences through anti-labour legislation, as is being currently imposed in Alberta, Quebec, Ontario and elsewhere.

The financial oligarchy's dismissal of the concerns of working people for a new direction for the economy is arrogant and out of touch with reality. Workers, as producers of all social wealth, must lay their claims to what belongs to them by right and organize and fight for it, if the door to progress is to be opened. The battle for the rights of all humanizes the social and natural environment and creates an opening for a new pro-social direction without recurring crises. Under the banner of the human factor/social consciousness, the defence of the rights people have by virtue of being human is a cause that all Canadians can unite around, leading to empowerment of the people, stabilization of communities, nation-building and a new direction for the economy.

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Volume 49 Number 25 - August 31, 2019

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Canada "Open for Business": Crude Battle Cry of the Rich


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