In the 2019 Federal Election

All Out to Build the New!

- For a New Direction in the Economy, Stop Paying the Rich!
- Humanize the Natural and Social Environment!
- Uphold the Rights of All!

The old arrangements on which the economy and political institutions are supposed to function are crisis-ridden. Crises have emerged on every front. The reason for this is the clash between the modern social conditions and an obsolete authority that wants to control everything for narrow private gain. The old authority and its institutions refuse to allow a new authority to come into being consistent with the needs of the times.

The modern social conditions have created a human productive force of immense capacity and potential. Of necessity, this human productive force must control the fruits of its production so that the social conditions are brought under its control and official policies conform to its needs. In opposition to this historic necessity to build the New, the financial oligarchy has seized control of the state and its institutions to ensure society is not provided with a modern aim to meet the needs of its members and a new authority under their control. The financial oligarchy uses the crisis-ridden old institutions and the social wealth it has seized from the working people to obstruct anything that stands in the way of its private interests.

The modern conditions of a completely socialized economy on which all people rely for their existence cry out for a new authority consistent with those conditions. They cry out for new arrangements that conform to this reality. A modern authority would recognize and guarantee the economic, social and political rights of the people, which are rights they possess by virtue of being human.

The conditions of a socialized economy and humanity require that working people control their means of production and distribution for the good of all, to meet and guarantee their economic, social and political rights and well-being. In opposition to this historic necessity stands a financial oligarchy in control of the socialized economy and political institutions, and obsessed with using them for its private sectional interests.

Instead of upholding social responsibility towards all members of society, the ruling authorities throughout Canada continue to deprive the people of their economic, political and social rights. The neo-liberal, anti-social and anti-national offensive has resulted in gross economic inequality and the denial of basic needs to thousands of Canadians. The financial oligarchy has used its authority to privatize social works so as to seize enterprise and interest profit for its narrow interests. War and policing have become means to enrich the few through the production of more weapons and, with the employment of mercenaries on every front, the ruling elite foment wars and crime instead of using the enormous productive capacity of modern production to resolve problems in the social and natural conditions.

Oppose Canada's Integration into U.S. Homeland Security!
Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

The modern conditions have given rise to a great opportunity for the advance of international relations amongst all humanity based on mutual benefit, development and friendship. Successive governments in authority have deprived Canada of this opening for modern international relations. Instead, they have surrendered Canada's sovereignty to U.S. Homeland Security and submerged the country into what the U.S. authorities call their "indispensable" nation privileges and hegemony worldwide, allowing the financial oligarchy to profit from the wars and destruction the "indispensable" U.S. empire has unleashed.

Governments of Canada succumb to the behest of the U.S. authority to destroy competitors in all spheres of the economy, which causes great harm to Canadian manufacturing, social programs, communities and the way of life of Indigenous peoples. For governments to act as lapdogs of the U.S. and integrate the economy and foreign affairs into U.S. imperialism's warmongering drive for global hegemony is not an option for Canada. To end this state of affairs, Canadians must build a powerful movement to oppose Canada's integration into U.S. Homeland Security to Make Canada a Zone for Peace.

All Out for Democratic Renewal!

In the upcoming federal election, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, the name under which the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) is registered with Elections Canada, will continue to organize Canadians to take up the battle for democratic renewal, Empower Yourself Now.

Speaking out on the conditions of work and life and discussing solutions to the problems people face is a new arrangement. Speaking out in your own voice cuts through the attempts of the cartel parties to make working people passive observers to the electoral shenanigans and obsolete system that brings elites to power to "represent" the people, speak in their name and rule over them.

Working people can and should reject the path of dividing themselves behind this or that cartel party and their promises, which narrow private interests and their electoral machines have decided are the issues. Those electoral machines are themselves powerful international private consortiums that engineer electoral results for the narrow interests of those who employ them. The people can embark on a new path to serve their interests by exercising direct control over the decisions they take and speaking in their own name on those issues that affect their lives. This includes, importantly, what to do in the 2019 election itself.

Within the fight for a modern democratic personality to emerge, speaking in one's own name is decisive. In taking up the battle for democratic renewal of the political process, the working people and youth can learn what has to be done to stop the retrogression engulfing them. By joining with others in this endeavour, they can provide society with an aim that upholds the well-being of all, humanizes the natural and social environment, gives meaning to people's lives and provides them with stability.

The most crucial new arrangement is for people to establish their own political organization that enables them to work out their own stands and speak independent of the cartel parties and the narrow private interests of the financial oligarchy they serve.

For us, accountability begins at home! Let us speak out against social irresponsibility, nation-wrecking, environmental degradation and preparations for war. Let us oppose the fast-talk of the ruling elite that seeks to justify making the rich richer in the name of the middle class "getting ahead" or "choosing forward" in order to receive a greater piece of the social product the working people themselves produce and should control.

Conceptions of rights and consultations over which the people exercise no control are phony. Say No! to all that is phony and counterfeit in these obsolete institutions of the old authority.

All Out for Democratic Renewal!
Make Canada a Zone for Peace!
Empower Yourself Now!
All Out to Build the New!

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Volume 49 Number 25 - August 31, 2019

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In the 2019 Federal Election: All Out to Build the New!


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