D-Day, V-Day and Beyond

This February 23, it was raining false news: trucks crossing the Venezuelan border only on Twitter, and "massive protests" in Havana in which two people yelled and no one chanted along. Several were filming these two, and among those filming could be heard, "Viva la Revolución Cubana!"

D-Day for the enemies of Cuba and Venezuela first became D for 'doubtful' and then D for 'defeat.' For Cuba, as well as Venezuela, V-day began, for 'victory.' For both nations, the Cuban people voted overwhelmingly YES in the referendum to approve the new Constitution on the 24th.

Defeated repeatedly in the latest episode of a conflict that has already lasted 60 years, those who first said that the people had no interest in debate on the new Constitution, then said that there was no transparency in the compilation of results from the popular consultation, and later that no attention would be paid to the population's proposals, were left without excuses, and now say that the YES campaign was so overwhelming, that the NO voice could not be heard.

The truth is that the NO campaign began 10 years ago, when they believed that with Fidel not nominated as head of state, the time had come for a transition to multi-party capitalism. A millionaire in Miami offered to finance the process and the Comandante responded emphatically, "They want to buy us cheap." One of the millionaire's collaborators confirmed recently, "We have devoted exactly 10 years to this effort."

The NO campaign proposed a "multi-party" Cuba, that of blind believers in representative democracy, in which the oligarchy that cannot win organizes a coup, while media and corporate powers vote on a daily basis for the minority that controls them; "moderation" of Cuba's foreign policy to be more acceptable to Washington, whose embassies are behind every anti-democratic conspiracy in Latin America; and the "unbridled cult of wealth" that Martí denounced, a far cry from the recognition of the market and private property included in the new Constitution, along with "increasingly more just redistribution of wealth." The campaign's supporters had the opportunity to express themselves with absolute freedom in the debates, but they were left as a small minority, because the Party that called for and organized the consultation is not sectarian, but rather committed to unity. Just as Fidel defined it:

"Unity means sharing the battle, the dangers, the sacrifice, the objectives, ideas, concepts, and strategies, which are agreed upon via debate and analysis. Unity means the common struggle against annexationists, sell-outs, and the corrupt, who have no relation to a revolutionary militant. This unity around the idea of independence and against the empire advancing over the peoples of Our America, is what I have always referred to."

Barack Obama worked for the NO vote, declaring Venezuela "an unusual, extraordinary threat," and Cuba's principal economic ally was obliged to reduce its deliveries of oil to Havana by half. Rubio and Bolton, with Bolsonaro, worked for the NO, reducing Cuban income earned via medical collaboration, and Mike Pompeo -- like the sword of Damocles -- reduced the suspension of the Helms-Burton Act's Title III to only 45 days.

Millions and millions for subversion -- $50 million each year is the figure publicly reported since Obama's mandate, surpassing any Cuban national budget -- invested in papering the Internet -- that is accessed on the island with difficulties the U.S. blockade has contributed significantly to creating -- most recently to promote the NO vote. As just one example, suffice it to say that an organization based in Miami, which uses the name of God to subvert Cuba, received $2,302,464 from the U.S. government between 2009 and 2017 for "the salvation of a society lost in oppression and persecution," according to the Cubamoneyproject site, which also reported the State Department announcement last week that it is "looking for ideas for new projects to promote democracy in Cuba." According to the casting call, "Selected organizations will receive from $500,000 to $2 million to carry out their projects."

The President of the world's most powerful country gave the NO vote a hand, when Donald Trump promised to eliminate socialism from the Western Hemisphere.

The vote cast in Cuba on February 24 confirmed the victory won the previous day in Venezuela for the dignity of Our America. Because, in addition to the highly democratic process of producing the new Cuban Constitution, it is obvious that Cubans know what would happen if the YES vote had not won, as overwhelmingly as it did, given that our enemies are trying with all possible means to get rid of Maduro, who won 67 per cent of the popular vote with a bigger turnout than his objectors Trump, Macri, and Piñera have ever seen.

Whoever may have disagreed honestly, based on personal opinion, without being part of an enemy campaign, has no need to feel defeated. The defeat is only for the enemies of the homeland and for those who put themselves in the empire's paid service. The benefits, rights, guarantees, and duties that the new Cuban Constitution establishes are for everyone, regardless of how they think or how they voted. Because everyone was called upon and no one excluded from the open process that created the Constitution. It does not matter that the umpteenth strategy is already being implemented, paid for by the usual liars, to disguise their umpteenth failure. Remember that famous joke, popular during Pope John Paul II's visit to Cuba, in which Fidel walked on water and one of the counterrevolutionary slanderers said, "Castro is in a bad way, he can't even swim." With our vote we have won the right to continue improving our country, to work to solve our problems, to eliminate our own obstacles, and to confront those created by others, to do so in peace and with all Cuban men and women of goodwill, who are the vast majority.

(Granma, March 7, 2019. Slightly edited for style by TML.)

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Volume 49 Number 8 - March 9, 2019

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