April 19, 2018

April 12, 2018

For a New Direction for the Economy
Owners of Privatized Government Debt Expropriate $70 Billion a Year
in Interest Payments

Bécancour Aluminum Smelter Owners File Spurious $19 Million Grievance
Against Union
Further Outrage Against Workers, the Community and Quebec - Pierre Chénier
Interview, Clément Masse, President, USW Local 9700

Anti-Worker Machinations of Iron Ore Company of Canada
Company Cites "Essential Services" to Delay Strike in Sept-Îles

Nova Scotia Public Sector Workers Fight for Their Rights
Nova Scotia Council of Health Care Unions Prepares Strike Vote - Interview,
Jason MacLean, President, Nova Scotia Government and General
Employees Union

April 5, 2018

Iron Ore Company Workers on Strike in Labrador Joined by Workers in Sept-Iles
Mine and Transportation Workers Fight for the Dignity of Labour

New Brunswick Public Sector Broadly Organizing Against Government Dictate
"Breaking the Mandate" Conference Promotes United Fight for Public Sector Wage Increases - Interview, Daniel Légère, President, CUPE New Brunswick

Nova Scotia Public Sector Workers Fight for Their Rights
Strike Vote Announced by Nova Scotia Council of Health Care Unions
Nursing Home Workers Demand Improved Health and Safety for
Themselves and Residents

Ontario Health Care Workers Seek New Ways to Affirm Their Rights
Alliance of Hospital Workers Unions Formed

Quebec Government's Abuse of State Power
Quebec Bill 152 Uses Charbonneau Commission to Unleash More Police Powers Against Construction Workers - Pierre Chénier

March 29, 2018

Carleton Education Workers Continue Battle to Defend Defined Benefit Pensions
Fight for Canadian Standard Pensions for All!
Theft of What Belongs to Workers by Right

Lockout at Aluminerie de Bécancour in Quebec
Strong Support from Metallurgical Workers

Iron Ore Company Workers on Strike in Labrador
Workers Demand End to Two-Tier Conditions

Drug Testing of Workers at Suncor in Alberta
Court of Appeal Upholds Injunction Against Random Drug and Alcohol
Testing - Peggy Askin

The Need to Speak Out Against Trudeau Government's Transportation Reforms
Nation-Wrecking to Serve Global Cartels

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