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January 13, 2018 - No. 1

New Year 2018
• Step Up the Work to Defend the Rights of All! Uphold Freedom of Speech
as a Human Right! Make Canada a Zone for Peace!
- Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

Warmongering Meeting on Korea in Vancouver
• Canada Is Being Disingenuous - Pauline Easton
• Working for Peace on the Korean Peninsula Information Pickets and Petition Signing
• Canada Seeks Expanded Military Role in Asia-Pacific - Enver Villamizar

Year 60 of the Cuban Revolution
• Long Live the Cuban Revolution! - Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
• 59 Years of Revolution! 59 Years of Independence, Justice and Human Dignity!
- Canadian Network on Cuba

• We Are Here, and Will Remain, Free, Sovereign and Independent
- Cuban President Raϊl Castro

• People's Forces Register Another Electoral Victory
• Meeting in Vancouver on Korea
January 20, 2018 - No. 2

Ushering In the New Year
• The Importance of Discussion on Political Affairs
• Marxist-Leninists in Quebec Usher In the New Year
• Greetings of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec for the New Year

Vancouver Meeting on Korea
• No Good Will Come from Considering the DPRK an Aggressor - Pauline Easton
• Actions Uphold the People's Demand for Peaceful Means to Resolve
Tensions in Korea
• Peace Proposals Advocated by China and Russia
• Final Statement of Vancouver Women's Forum on Peace and Security on the
Korean Peninsula
• Korean Unification Flag to Lead Delegation at Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

First Anniversary of Donald Trump's Administration
• Shutdown Shows Need for New Arrangements - Voice of Revolution
• Trump's Threats to Use Nuclear Weapons  - Voice of Revolution

Brazilian People Fight Against Constitutional Coup d'Ιtat
• Lula Has the Right to Be a Candidate for President
• In Defence of Lula - Statement of Workers' Party of Brazil Senators and Deputies
• An Election Without Lula Is a Fraud - Manifesto and Petition,
Projeto Brasil Naηγo

Honduran People's Fight for the Right to Decide
• People Courageously Stand as One Against Impunity 

• Discussion on Economic Affairs 

January 27, 2018 - No. 3

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February 3, 2018 - No. 4

"We Are Proud, We Remember"
• 75th Anniversary of Stalingrad Victory
• Stalingrad Victory Celebrated in Russia in Grand Style
• Fatal Blow Dealt to Nazi Barbarism - Henri Denis

U.S. President's State of the Union
• Trump Warns Warring Factions in U.S. to Unite and Obey or Be Treated as Enemy Combatants - U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization
• Spirit of Resistance Reflected in Actions Across U.S.
• Women's Marches Across Canada

February 10, 2018 - No. 5

"Their Spirits Live Within Us"
• Women's Memorial Marches Honour Murdered and Missing Women

PyeongChang "Peace Olympics"
• Korean Nation's Profound Desire for Peace and Reunification Sets Tone
U.S. Bullying and Threats Against DPRK
• Serious U.S. Miscalculation of Korean Desire for Reunification
• Letter of DPRK Foreign Minister to UN Secretary General

Genocidal Nature of Sanctions
• UNICEF Highlights Damage to Humanitarian Work
• Genocide Conspiracy Against North Korea -- Open Letter to International
Criminal Court

Asserting U.S. Hegemony Over Latin America
• Engaging in Corruption in the Name of Fighting It - Margaret Villamizar

• Fight for Lula's Right to Be Presidential Candidate Intensifies

• U.S. Establishes Cyber Task Force to Meddle in Cuba's Internal Affairs and
Target Its Youth
• United States Returns to Failed Cuba Policies - Sergio Alejandro Gσmez

• Demand Immediate Release of Edwin Espinal and All Political
Prisoners - Honduras Solidarity Network

• Global Concentration of Social Wealth

February 17, 2018 - No. 6

Verdict in the Case of Killing of Colten Boushie
• Another Moment of National Shame
• Cross-Canada Rallies Demand Justice for Colten Boushie
• Letter to the Editor
• Joint Statement on Deaths of Fort Albany Members Following Altercation
with Police - Nishnawbe Aski Nation

February 14 Women's Memorial Marches and Vigils
• Demand Justice for Families of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls!

Employees Acquitted of Criminal Negligence in
Lac-Mιgantic Disaster
• Attempts to Hide Economic Aim of Those Responsible
• Governments and Oil Monopolies Must Render Account for Their Criminal Negligence
• Important Demands to Ensure Accountability and Safety for Lac-Mιgantic and
all Rail Communities

Venezuela Convokes Presidential Election on April 22
• U.S. and "Lima Group" Continue Their Gross Interference in Venezuela's
Internal Affairs

Korean Nation's Striving for Peace and Reunification
• From PyeongChang to Lasting Peace - Hyun Lee
• DPRK's Proposal for International Forum to Clarify Legal Basis of
"Sanctions Resolutions"

• Preparations Underway for 2019 Cuban Trade Union Congress

170th Anniversary of The Manifesto of the Communist Party
• The Manifesto Revolutionized the Thinking of Human Beings

February 24, 2018 - No. 7

Successful Challenge to Federal Candidate Nomination Process
• Thousand Dollar Registration Deposit Struck Down

• Ruling Without the Consent of the Governed - Interview, Anna Di Carlo, National Leader, Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Trudeau Government’s Electoral Reform Agenda

• Liberals Make Cyber Security the New Aim of Reforms
• Expanding Police Powers to Criminalize Conscience and Speech - Pauline Easton
• Conspiracy Theories of the Ruling Elite - Enver Villamizar

Trans Mountain Pipeline Dispute Between BC and Alberta
• Splitting the Polity in the Service of Contending Private Interests

150th Anniversary of Birth of W.E.B. Du Bois
• The Legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois -- Paul Robeson

• Talk About Cyber Attacks and "Weaponization" of Social Media

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MARCH 2018

March 3, 2018 - No. 8

International Women's Day 2018
• All Out to Affirm Women's Rights!

For Your Information
• Child Care in Canada
• Facts About Women in the Workforce

Ruling Elite Continue Push for Integration and Continental Corridors for Trade
• Rounds Six and Seven of NAFTA Negotiations
• Integration of Mexican, Canadian and U.S. Regulatory Bodies
• Control Over Energy Resources and Their Transport
• Push for Trade Corridors Under U.S. Control

Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
• Cross-Canada Actions Demand Justice for Tina Fontaine
• Walking with Our Sisters Mnidoo Kweok Exhibit Visits Sudbury and Kenora

Robinson Huron Treaty Annuities Hearings in Sudbury
• Anishinaabek People Oppose Liberal Hypocrisy and Fight for Treaty Rights
- David Starbuck

Shooting at School in Parkland, Florida
• No Means No! Enough Is Enough! Students Organize for Change

Fifth Anniversary of the Death of Hugo Chαvez
• Long Live the Legacy of the Founder of the Bolivarian
Revolution! - Margaret Villamizar

• Robinson Treaty with Ojibewa of Lake Huron Conveying Certain Lands to the Crown

March 10, 2018 - No. 9

Federal Budget 2018
• The Problem with Government Budgets

Budget Measures Regarding Employment Insurance
• Uphold the Demands of Seasonal Workers to Live in Dignity! - Pierre Chιnier
• Workers Beware of Liberal Hypocrisy!
• Interview -- Line Sirois, Coordinator, Action Chτmage, Quebec Cτte-Nord

Pay Equity in the Budget
• Lessons from Decades of Fighting for Pay Equity - Elaine Baetz

Nonsense About Tariffs and Trade and Real Wars
• Is This Any Way to Manage an Economy? - K.C. Adams

Destructive Direction Liberals
Have Set for the Economy and Society
• Study on the Results of Program to Pay the Rich
• Expanding Use of Pay-the-Rich Schemes

More on TransMountain Pipeline Controversy
• Clash of Interests Between Energy Monopolies and Working People - Peggy Morton

From the Party Press on Direction of the Economy
• 1996: Jean Chrιtien Leading the Salespersons
• 2002: Canada's "Innovation Strategy Achieving Excellence"
• 2016: Recycled Neo-Liberal Appeal to Rebrand Canada

March 17, 2018 - No. 10

55th Anniversary of the Founding of The Internationalists
• A Call to Take Up the Program That Emerges from the Conditions of Our Times

March and Rally in Burnaby, BC Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline Extension
• Thousands Take a Stand: No Consent! No Pipeline!

International Women's Day 2018
• All Over the World Women Fight for Empowerment

Warring Factions Openly Talk of Civil War
• Federal Lawsuit Against California and Control of Policing Agencies
- Voice of Revolution

Fight for Peace on the Korean Peninsula
• Decisive Role of Korean People to Sort Things Out in Their Favour - Yi Nicholls
• Missions by South Korean Envoys to China, Russia and Japan
• New U.S. Sanctions Against DPRK
• Governor of South Korean Province Makes Proposal to Further North-South Ties

Life and Legacy of Hugo Chαvez Commemorated
• Events in Venezuela Highlight Significance of Bolivarian Revolution
• Our Peoples Have No Future Without Unity, Without Integration - Cuban President Raϊl Castro Ruz
• Sanctions Must Be Terminated and Economic War Must End Says UN Rapporteur
- Interview, Dr. Alfred de Zayas

March 24, 2018 - No. 11

Bill C-59, An Act Respecting National Security Matters
• Canadians Will Encounter Many Problems as a Result of New Security Legislation

Dozens Arrested Opposing Kinder Morgan Construction on Burnaby Mountain
• Renewal of the Political Process Is Necessary to Stop Monopolies
from Imposing Their Will on the People - Brian Sproule

"Open Mic" in Prince George, British Columbia
• Stand Up for the North Committee Holds "Open Mic" Forum on Freedom of Speech

100th Anniversary of Anti-Conscription Protests in Quebec
• A Century of Opposition to Participation in Imperialist Aggression - Yi Nicholls
• Anniversary of 1918 Anti-Conscription Protests - Geneviθve Royer

United States
• All Out to Support Youth Fighting for Change - Voice of Revolution

• Life of Former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai Commemorated

Korean People's Right to Peace
• Meetings in Hamilton and Toronto on Korea and the Work for Peace

National Speaking Tour by Cuban Parliamentarian
• How Cuba's Democracy Works

• Bill C-59, the National Security and Intelligence Review Act

March 31, 2018 - No. 12

CPC(M-L) Celebrates 48th Anniversary of Its Founding
• Party Organizations Take Measures to Step Up Constant Work and Mass Ideological
and Political Mobilization

Micro-Targeting Underscores Need for Democratic Renewal
• What to Make of the Cambridge Analytica Revelations  - Interview, Anna Di Carlo, National Leader, Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Canada-Cuba Relations
• Josefina Vidal Begins New Post as Cuban Ambassador to Canada
• Enthusiastic Discussion with Visiting Parliamentarian on Cubans' Profound Role in Decision-Making

42nd Anniversary of Palestinian Land Day
• Massive March to Israeli Border Affirms Palestinians' Right of Return
• Diplomatic Missions Briefed on Jerusalem's Statua and Ongoing Israeli
Displacement of Palestinians

70th Anniversary of Jeju Massacre in Korea
• Jeju Massacre Underscores Long History of Resistance to U.S. Aggression
Against Korea

Mass Demonstrations of Youth Across United States
• Students Determined to Be Heard and Win Change in Their Favour

Brazilian People Resist Counter-Revolutionary Coup
• Peoples' Forces Reject Attacks on Their Political Leaders

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APRIL 2018

April 5, 2018 - No. 13

Necessity for a New Direction for International Trade
• International Trade as a Weapon of Exploitation, Chauvinism and War - K.C. Adams

New Scramble for Africa
• No to Expanding Canada's Military Presence in Africa - Enver Villamizar
• Spurious Justifications of Britain, France and the EU for Intervention in Africa - Workers' Weekly

For Your Information
• United Nations Stabilization Mission in Mali
• Foreign Military Bases in Africa

Affirmation of Indigenous Peoples' Rights
• Vigorous March and Rally Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion

Struggle for Peace on Korean Peninsula
• Perspective on Upcoming Inter-Korean and U.S.-DPRK Summits

Ongoing Crisis in United States Education System
• Teachers in Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arizona Demand Increased Funding
for Education

Opposition to Attempts to Hijack Democratic Process in Brazil
• Huge Show of Support for Lula as Judicial Farce Continues to Violate His Rights

International Gathering in Solidarity with Venezuela
• Declaration of Caracas

8th Summit of the Americas and Parallel Peoples' Summit to be Held in Lima, Peru
• Peoples' Forces Speak for Themselves in the Face of Imperialist Bullying
and Exclusion

April 14, 2018 - No. 14

No to Airstrikes Against Syria in the Name of High Ideals!
• Hands Off Syria!
• Western Threats to Attack Syria Will Not Dissuade It from Confronting Any Aggression Regardless of Its Source
• Oppose Murderous Israeli Attack Against Syria - Yi Nicholls
• Cold War Provocations to Justify Aggression - Workers' Weekly
• Call for Emergency Anti-War Actions Across U.S. - ANSWER Coalition
• Coming Events

Arrest of High Level Member of People's Alternative Revolutionary Force in Colombia
• Darkest U.S. Reaction Acts with Impunity - Margaret Villamizar
• Communiquι on Arrest of Jesϊs Santrich

Fighting for Democracy in Brazil
• The Democratic Route Closes - Atilio A. Borσn

Stern Opposition to U.S. Provocations at Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru
• Bombs in Syria and Provocations in Peru: The United States Abandons
Diplomacy - Sergio Alejandro Gσmez, Granma

Resistance Movement in the United States
• No Troops on the Border! Fight for the Fraternal Unity of the
Peoples - Voice of Revolution
• Federal Government to Demand Social Media Information for Visas

70th Anniversary of Jeju Massacre Commemorated in Korea
• Remembering the April 3 Jeju Uprising - Zoom in Korea

75th Anniversary of Heroic Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
• Defiance and Organized Resistance Against Nazism During the Darkest Hour
• Zog Nit Keynmol, Yiddish Song of the Jewish Partisan Movement

April 21, 2018 - No. 15

Ontario General Election to Be Held June 7
• Intervening in the Ontario Election - Enver Villamizar
• Learning from Experience -- the 2014 Provincial Election - Mira Katz

Speaking Out in Northern Ontario
• Our Resources Stay Here! - David Starbuck
• Ring of Fire Chromite-Nickel Deposits

• Coming Events

Earth Day 2018
• All Out to Humanize the Natural and Social Environment!

Opposition to Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Project
• No Consent -- No Pipeline! - K.C. Adams
• Who Decides? The People Decide! - Peggy Morton
• Canadians Stand Together with One Voice

Cuba Holds Opening Session of Newly Elected
National Assembly of People's Power
• Congratulations to the Cuban People on the Successful Culmination of Their Historic Electoral Process
• Revolutionary Continuity, Renewal and Unity - Isaac Saney
• Celebration of 57th Anniversary of Proclamation of Socialist Character of the
Cuban Revolution
• "El Ultimo Mambν," a Song for Raϊl

April 28, 2018 - No. 16

International Day of Working Class Unity and Struggle
• All Out to Build the New!

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MAY 2018

May 5, 2018 - No. 17

May Day Around the World
• Workers the World Over Raise Their Fighting Demands

May 12, 2018 - No. 18

Important Questions of War and Peace

Momentous Developments on Korean Peninsula
• Critical and Historic Moment in U.S.-Korea Relations
• Letter to Members of U.S. Congress
• Korea Peace Petition Campaign Stepped Up

Imperialist Attempts to Disrupt Constitutional Order
and Undermine Democracy in Latin America
• Venezuelans Uphold Their Dignity in Face of U.S. Hooliganism

70th Anniversary of Al Nakba
• "Great March of Return" Boldly Affirms Palestinians' Right of Return
to Their Homeland

• Zionists Codify Discrimination and Ethnic Cleansing with "Jewish
Nation-State Bill"
• About the Balfour Declaration - Dr. Ismail Zayid

73rd Anniversary of the Liberation of Europe
• Anniversary Underscores the Need to Establish Anti-War Governments Today
• Commemorations of Victory in Europe Day

• On the Victory Over Fascism in Europe

May 19, 2018 - No. 19

No Consent, No Pipeline!
• Militant March in Vancouver Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion
• Canada Needs a New Direction for the Economy
• Kinder Morgan Pipeline Crisis
• Alberta Government Passes Legislation to Restrict Oil Shipments to BC
• State Pay-the-Rich Scheme for Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Trans Mountain Pipeline Project - K.C. Adams
• Disinformation about Asian Markets for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Bitumen Pipeline - Peggy Morton
• The Disputed Claims of Cenovus

U.S. Once Again Creates Tense Situation on Korean Peninsula
• The Politics of Provocation
• DPRK Rejects U.S. Provocative Model of Unilateral Denuclearization
• Finalizing North Korea-U.S. Negotiations Before Summit - Lee Je-hun
• DPRK to Dismantle Nuclear Weapons Test Site at Punggye-ri
• Max Thunder Air Combat Drill Against the DPRK Increases Tensions
on Korean Peninsula
• Militant Commemoration of  38th Anniversary of Gwangju People's Uprising
• Calendar of Events

Mexico's 2018 General Election
• Dirty War vs. People's Concerns - Claude Brunelle

70th Anniversary of the Nakba
• Worldwide Protests Against Israeli Crimes and U.S. Inauguration of

May 26, 2018 - No. 20

Urgent Need to Renew the Democratic Process
• Liberals Limit Debate on Amendments to Electoral Law - Anna Di Carlo
• Undemocratic Talk about Political Party Privilege
• State Funding Makes Political Parties Appendages of the State

Major Agenda Item for NAFTA Negotiations
• Fueling the U.S. War Machine - K.C. Adams

Matters of Concern for the Workers' Movement
• Rio Tinto Group Concerned with "Resurgence of Resource Nationalism"
- Andrι Bιdard
• Criminalization of Quebec Construction Workers -- Anti-Worker Outlook of Parties in Government and in Opposition - Pierre Chιnier

Dangerous Escalation of War Preparations
• Largest Troop Movement in Ontario Since the Ice Storm of 1998
• U.S. Navy Refurbishes Second Fleet to Control Caribbean and North Atlantic
• U.S. Increases Its Military Presence in Scandinavia
• New York State Funds Drone Corridor

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JUNE 2018

June 2, 2018 - No. 21

United Against the G7
• All Out to Oppose the G7! No to the Neo-Liberal Anti-Social Offensive, Retrogression and War!

Trudeau Government Buys Trans Mountain Pipeline
in Massive Pay-the-Rich Scheme
• No Consent! No Bailout! No Pipeline! Stop Paying the Rich!
• Fraudulent Claims of Benefits from the Trans Mountain Expansion
Project - Peggy Morton
• Spirited Rally Against Federal Government Buy Out of Trans Mountain Pipeline
• Militant Opposition in Quebec to Kinder Morgan and Trudeau
Government Dictate

No Harbour for War
• Halifax Residents Oppose Foreign Warships and
Stepped-up U.S. Military Presence in Atlantic Ocean - Yi Nicholls
• CANSEC Weapons Fair Opposed in Ottawa
• Colombia Becomes Official NATO "Global Partner"
• Proclamation of Latin America and Caribbean as a Zone of Peace

Cuba's Elections and Foreign Intervention in the
Democratic Order in Latin America and the Caribbean
• Ottawa Meeting with New Cuban Ambassador to Canada
• Venezuelan People Defy Imperialist Threats and Blackmail,
Re-elect Nicolαs Maduro as President - Margaret Villamizar
• Government of Canada Prohibits Entry of
Venezuelan National Armed Forces' Volleyball Team

60th Anniversary of NORAD
• The Demand to Dismantle NORAD Is More Urgent Than Ever

June 9, 2018 - No. 22

The G7 Does Not Represent Us!
• June 7 Unity March in Quebec City
• NORAD's Presence at G7
• Citizens of La Malbaie Say NO! to G7

The Irrationality of Steel and Aluminum Tariffs
• Failure of G7 Seen in International Trade Agenda  - K.C. Adams

Opposition to Trudeau Government's Bailout of Kinder Morgan
• National Day of Action at MPs' Constituency Offices

Canada's Warmongering Participation in NATO War Exercises
• Make Canada a Zone for Peace - Yi Nicholls

48th General Assembly of Organization of American States
• U.S. Fails Again in Attempt to Suspend Venezuela

18th Anniversary of June 15 North-South Joint Declaration
• Conferences for Peace on the Korean Peninsula
• DPRK's Northern Nuclear Test Site Dismantled
• Statement of Unity by Korean Americans and Allies on Historic Inter-Korean Summit and Upcoming U.S.-DPRK Summit

74th Anniversary of D-Day
• The Landing at Normandy - Hilary LeBlanc

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