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February 17, 2018 - No. 6

Verdict in the Case of Killing of Colten Boushie
Another Moment of National Shame
Cross-Canada Rallies Demand Justice for Colten Boushie
Letter to the Editor
Joint Statement on Deaths of Fort Albany Members
Following Altercation with Police - Nishnawbe Aski Nation

February 14 Women's Memorial Marches and Vigils
Demand Justice for Families of Murdered and Missing
Indigenous Women and Girls!

Employees Acquitted of Criminal Negligence in
Lac-Mégantic Disaster
Attempts to Hide Economic Aim of Those Responsible
Governments and Oil Monopolies Must Render Account for
Their Criminal Negligence
Important Demands to Ensure Accountability and Safety for Lac-Mégantic
and all Rail Communities

Venezuela Convokes Presidential Election on April 22
U.S. and "Lima Group" Continue Their Gross Interference in
Venezuela's Internal Affairs

Korean Nation's Striving for Peace and Reunification
From PyeongChang to Lasting Peace - Hyun Lee
DPRK's Proposal for International Forum to Clarify Legal Basis
of "Sanctions Resolutions"

Preparations Underway for 2019 Cuban Trade Union Congress

170th Anniversary of The Manifesto of the Communist Party
The Manifesto Revolutionized the Thinking of Human Beings

February 10, 2018 - No. 5

"Their Spirits Live Within Us"
Women's Memorial Marches Honour Murdered and Missing Women

PyeongChang "Peace Olympics"
Korean Nation's Profound Desire for Peace and Reunification Sets Tone
U.S. Bullying and Threats Against DPRK
Serious U.S. Miscalculation of Korean Desire for Reunification
Letter of DPRK Foreign Minister to UN Secretary General

Genocidal Nature of Sanctions
UNICEF Highlights Damage to Humanitarian Work
Genocide Conspiracy Against North Korea -- Open Letter to
International Criminal Court

Asserting U.S. Hegemony Over Latin America
Engaging in Corruption in the Name of Fighting It - Margaret Villamizar

Fight for Lula's Right to Be Presidential Candidate Intensifies

U.S. Establishes Cyber Task Force to Meddle in Cuba's
Internal Affairs and Target Its Youth
United States Returns to Failed Cuba Policies - Sergio Alejandro Gómez

Demand Immediate Release of Edwin Espinal and
All Political Prisoners - Honduras Solidarity Network

Global Concentration of Social Wealth

February 3, 2018 - No. 4

January 27, 2018 - No. 3

January 20, 2018 - No. 2

Ushering In the New Year
The Importance of Discussion on Political Affairs
Marxist-Leninists in Quebec Usher In the New Year
Greetings of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec for the New Year

Vancouver Meeting on Korea
No Good Will Come from Considering the DPRK an
- Pauline Easton
Actions Uphold the People's Demand for
Peaceful Means to Resolve Tensions in Korea
Peace Proposals Advocated by China and Russia
Final Statement of Vancouver Women's Forum on Peace and
Security on the Korean Peninsula
Korean Unification Flag to Lead Delegation at Winter Olympics
Opening Ceremony

First Anniversary of Donald Trump's Administration
Shutdown Shows Need for New Arrangements - Voice of Revolution
Trump's Threats to Use Nuclear Weapons  - Voice of Revolution

Brazilian People Fight Against Constitutional Coup d'État
Lula Has the Right to Be a Candidate for President
In Defence of Lula - Statement of Workers' Party of Brazil
Senators and Deputies
An Election Without Lula Is a Fraud - Manifesto and Petition,
Projeto Brasil Nação

Honduran People's Fight for the Right to Decide
People Courageously Stand as One Against Impunity 

Discussion on Economic Affairs 

January 13, 2018 - No. 1

New Year 2018
Step Up the Work to Defend the Rights of All! Uphold Freedom of Speech
as a Human Right! Make Canada a Zone for Peace!
- Statement of the
Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

Warmongering Meeting on Korea in Vancouver
Canada Is Being Disingenuous - Pauline Easton
Working for Peace on the Korean Peninsula Information Pickets
and Petition Signing 

Canada Seeks Expanded Military Role in Asia-Pacific - Enver Villamizar

Year 60 of the Cuban Revolution
Long Live the Cuban Revolution! - Communist Party of Canada

59 Years of Revolution! 59 Years of Independence, Justice and
Human Dignity!
- Canadian Network on Cuba
We Are Here, and Will Remain, Free, Sovereign and Independent - Cuban President Raúl Castro

People's Forces Register Another Electoral Victory

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