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April 14, 2018 - No. 14

No to Airstrikes Against Syria in the Name of High Ideals!
Hands Off Syria!
Western Threats to Attack Syria Will Not Dissuade It from Confronting Any Aggression Regardless of Its Source
Oppose Murderous Israeli Attack Against Syria - Yi Nicholls
Cold War Provocations to Justify Aggression - Workers' Weekly
Call for Emergency Anti-War Actions Across U.S. - ANSWER Coalition
Coming Events

Arrest of High Level Member of People's Alternative
Revolutionary Force in Colombia
Darkest U.S. Reaction Acts with Impunity - Margaret Villamizar
Communiqué on Arrest of Jesús Santrich

Fighting for Democracy in Brazil
The Democratic Route Closes - Atilio A. Borón

Stern Opposition to U.S. Provocations at
Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru
Bombs in Syria and Provocations in Peru: The United States Abandons Diplomacy - Sergio Alejandro Gómez, Granma

Resistance Movement in the United States
No Troops on the Border! Fight for the Fraternal Unity of the Peoples - Voice of Revolution
Federal Government to Demand Social Media Information for Visas

70th Anniversary of Jeju Massacre Commemorated in Korea
Remembering the April 3 Jeju Uprising - Zoom in Korea

75th Anniversary of Heroic Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Defiance and Organized Resistance Against Nazism During the Darkest Hour
Zog Nit Keynmol, Yiddish Song of the Jewish Partisan Movement

April 5, 2018 - No. 13

Necessity for a New Direction for International Trade
International Trade as a Weapon of Exploitation, Chauvinism and War - K.C. Adams

New Scramble for Africa
No to Expanding Canada's Military Presence in Africa - Enver Villamizar
Spurious Justifications of Britain, France and the EU for Intervention in Africa - Workers' Weekly

For Your Information
United Nations Stabilization Mission in Mali
Foreign Military Bases in Africa

Affirmation of Indigenous Peoples' Rights
Vigorous March and Rally Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion

Struggle for Peace on Korean Peninsula
Perspective on Upcoming Inter-Korean and U.S.-DPRK Summits

Ongoing Crisis in United States Education System
Teachers in Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arizona Demand Increased Funding
for Education

Opposition to Attempts to Hijack Democratic Process in Brazil
Huge Show of Support for Lula as Judicial Farce Continues to Violate His Rights

International Gathering in Solidarity with Venezuela
Declaration of Caracas

8th Summit of the Americas and Parallel Peoples' Summit
to be Held in Lima, Peru
Peoples' Forces Speak for Themselves in the Face of Imperialist Bullying
and Exclusion

March 31, 2018 - No. 12

CPC(M-L) Celebrates 48th Anniversary of Its Founding
Party Organizations Take Measures to Step Up Constant Work and Mass Ideological and Political Mobilization

Micro-Targeting Underscores Need for Democratic Renewal
What to Make of the Cambridge Analytica Revelations  - Interview, Anna
Di Carlo, National Leader, Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Canada-Cuba Relations
Josefina Vidal Begins New Post as Cuban Ambassador to Canada
Enthusiastic Discussion with Visiting Parliamentarian on Cubans' Profound Role in Decision-Making

42nd Anniversary of Palestinian Land Day
Massive March to Israeli Border Affirms Palestinians' Right of Return
Diplomatic Missions Briefed on Jerusalem's Statua and Ongoing Israeli Displacement of Palestinians

70th Anniversary of Jeju Massacre in Korea
Jeju Massacre Underscores Long History of Resistance to U.S. Aggression Against Korea

Mass Demonstrations of Youth Across United States
Students Determined to Be Heard and Win Change in Their Favour

Brazilian People Resist Counter-Revolutionary Coup
Peoples' Forces Reject Attacks on Their Political Leaders

March 24, 2018 - No. 11

Bill C-59, An Act Respecting National Security Matters
Canadians Will Encounter Many Problems as a Result of New Security Legislation

Dozens Arrested Opposing Kinder Morgan Construction on Burnaby Mountain
Renewal of the Political Process Is Necessary to Stop Monopolies
from Imposing Their Will on the People - Brian Sproule

"Open Mic" in Prince George, British Columbia
Stand Up for the North Committee Holds "Open Mic" Forum on Freedom of Speech

100th Anniversary of Anti-Conscription Protests in Quebec
A Century of Opposition to Participation in Imperialist Aggression - Yi Nicholls
Anniversary of 1918 Anti-Conscription Protests - Geneviève Royer

United States
All Out to Support Youth Fighting for Change - Voice of Revolution

Life of Former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai Commemorated

Korean People's Right to Peace
Meetings in Hamilton and Toronto on Korea and the Work for Peace

National Speaking Tour by Cuban Parliamentarian
How Cuba's Democracy Works

Bill C-59, the National Security and Intelligence Review Act

March 17, 2018 - No. 10

55th Anniversary of the Founding of The Internationalists
A Call to Take Up the Program That Emerges from the Conditions of Our Times

March and Rally in Burnaby, BC Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline Extension
Thousands Take a Stand: No Consent! No Pipeline!

International Women's Day 2018
All Over the World Women Fight for Empowerment

Warring Factions Openly Talk of Civil War
Federal Lawsuit Against California and Control of Policing Agencies
- Voice of Revolution

Fight for Peace on the Korean Peninsula
Decisive Role of Korean People to Sort Things Out in Their Favour
- Yi Nicholls

Missions by South Korean Envoys to China, Russia and Japan
New U.S. Sanctions Against DPRK
Governor of South Korean Province Makes Proposal to Further North-South Ties

Life and Legacy of Hugo Chávez Commemorated
Events in Venezuela Highlight Significance of Bolivarian Revolution
Our Peoples Have No Future Without Unity, Without Integration - Cuban President Raúl Castro Ruz
Sanctions Must Be Terminated and Economic War Must End Says UN Rapporteur - Interview, Dr. Alfred de Zayas

March 10, 2018 - No. 9

Federal Budget 2018
The Problem with Government Budgets

Budget Measures Regarding Employment Insurance
Uphold the Demands of Seasonal Workers to Live in Dignity! - Pierre Chénier
Workers Beware of Liberal Hypocrisy!
Interview -- Line Sirois, Coordinator, Action Chômage, Quebec Côte-Nord

Pay Equity in the Budget
Lessons from Decades of Fighting for Pay Equity - Elaine Baetz

Nonsense About Tariffs and Trade and Real Wars
Is This Any Way to Manage an Economy? - K.C. Adams

Destructive Direction Liberals Have Set for the Economy and Society
Study on the Results of Program to Pay the Rich
Expanding Use of Pay-the-Rich Schemes

More on TransMountain Pipeline Controversy
Clash of Interests Between Energy Monopolies and Working People
- Peggy Morton

From the Party Press on Direction of the Economy
1996: Jean Chrétien Leading the Salespersons
2002: Canada's "Innovation Strategy Achieving Excellence"
2016: Recycled Neo-Liberal Appeal to Rebrand Canada

March 3, 2018 - No. 8

International Women's Day 2018
All Out to Affirm Women's Rights!

For Your Information
Child Care in Canada
Facts About Women in the Workforce

Ruling Elite Continue Push for Integration and Continental Corridors for Trade
Rounds Six and Seven of NAFTA Negotiations
Integration of Mexican, Canadian and U.S. Regulatory Bodies
Control Over Energy Resources and Their Transport
Push for Trade Corridors Under U.S. Control

Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
Cross-Canada Actions Demand Justice for Tina Fontaine
Walking with Our Sisters Mnidoo Kweok Exhibit Visits Sudbury and Kenora

Robinson Huron Treaty Annuities Hearings in Sudbury
Anishinaabek People Oppose Liberal Hypocrisy and Fight for Treaty Rights
- David Starbuck

Shooting at School in Parkland, Florida
No Means No! Enough Is Enough! Students Organize for Change

Fifth Anniversary of the Death of Hugo Chávez
Long Live the Legacy of the Founder of the Bolivarian Revolution!
- Margaret Villamizar

Robinson Treaty with Ojibewa of Lake Huron Conveying Certain Lands
to the Crown

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