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February 9, 2019 - No. 4

Matters of Concern to the Polity
Talk of Protecting Elections from Foreign Interference Seeks to Lead Canadians
Down a Rabbit Hole
- Anna Di Carlo
The Keepers of the "Secrets of State" - Pauline Easton
Inter-Monopoly and Inter-Imperialist Competition and Claims of
"Foreign Interference"
- Nick Lin

For Your Information
Minister of Public Security's Remarks on National Security and Cyber Security

Donald Trump's State of the Union Address to Congress
Calls for Unity Gloss Over State of Civil War and Dysfunctional Government

Ottawa Meeting of the Lima Group and Developments Related to Venezuela
The Trudeau Government's "Uniquely Canadian Approach to Democracy
- Margaret Villamizar
Four-Phase Montevideo Mechanism for Peace and Dialogue in Venezuela
International Committee of the Red Cross Says Humanitarian Aid Must Go Through Official Channels

Our Democracy Is About Protecting Our People - Venezuelan President
Nicolás Maduro

Photo Review
Actions Across the United States and Canada Oppose Interference in Venezuelan Internal Affairs

Working People March Against Baseless Lula Sentenc
Justice for Lula Is a Fight of Positions and Principles - Communist Party
of Brazil

Six Holes in the New Lawfare Conviction Against Lula - Brian Mier

El Salvador Presidential Election Results
The Need to Draw Warranted Conclusions - Hilary LeBlanc
The Election Results

Government to Pass Law Forgiving War Crimes

Upcoming Referendum Exemplifies Citizen Participation in the New
- Vivian Bustamante Molina

February 2, 2019 - No. 3

Government Preparations for 2019 Federal Election
Mobilization of Police Powers Cannot But Deepen Crisis of
Legitimacy - Anna Di Carlo
Bringing Political Parties into the State Security Apparatus
Canada to Lead G7 Rapid Response Mechanism

For Your Information
What the Ministers and Others Had to Say on Anti-Foreign Interference and Anti-Fake News Plans (Excerpts)

Wet'suwet'en Heroic Defence of Hereditary Rights
BC Environmental Assessment Office Finds Coastal GasLink in Non-Compliance
Coastal GasLink and RCMP Violating Gidimt'en Sovereignty and Own Agreement
Unist'ot'en Demands Stop-Work Order for Coastal GasLink Pipeline

For Your Information
How the Canadian Government Imposed the Band Council System on
Indigenous Nations
The Indian Lands Act, 1924

Ontario Government Appeals Robinson Treaties Ruling
Negotiate, Don't Litigate! Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied! - David Starbuck

Lima Group Meeting in Ottawa February 4
No to Foreign-Inspired "Regime Change" in Venezuela by Military or "Diplomatic" Means! Hands off Venezuela! - Margaret Villamizar
Continued Opposition to Canadian Involvement in Regime Change

Statements and Resolutions
Caribbean Community
Message of Solidarity Received from the African Union
Canadian Network on Cuba
Vancouver and District Labour Council
Canadian Labour Congress
Canadian Union of Public Employees
World Peace Council

Government in Denial as Brexit Crisis Deepens

Canada's Withdrawal of Personnel from Embassy in Cuba - Statement by
Cuban Ambassador to Canada, Josefina Vidal
Rapid, Organized Response to Tornado Damage in Havana - Yaima
Puig Meneses

Sending Material or Financial Aid to Cuba
Important Developments in Latin America and the Caribbean

January 26, 2019 - No. 2

Environmental Posturing for the 2019 Federal Election
The People Must Not Give Up Their Own Thinking, Interests and Voice
Individual Behaviour Is Not the Problem - K.C. Adams

For Your Information
Trudeau Government's Carbon Sales Tax

Ontario Government's Anti-Social Offensive
Dishonest Attack on Right to Education and Freedom of Speech
Provincewide Actions Oppose Ford Anti-Social Offensive in Education

Bill 66, Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act, 2018
The Human Toll of the Ford Government's "Job-Killing Red Tape"
- Pierre Chénier

The Need to Oppose Colonial Injustice
Coastal GasLink Bulldozes Unist'ot'en Trapline
Ongoing Actions Support Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders

No to "Regime Change" in Venezuela
Condemn U.S.-Led Attempts to Overthrow the Legitimately Constituted Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Margaret Villamizar
The OAS Dangerously in Disarray
- Sir Ronald Sanders, Antigua and Barbuda's Ambassador to the U.S. and OAS
Bolivarian National Armed Forces Ratify the Legitimacy of Nicolás Maduro as the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of
- Ministry of People's Power for Defence

Statements on the Developments in Venezuela
Aggression Against Venezuela Must Cease
- Government of the Republic of Cuba -
Statement of the Caribbean Community
Uruguay and Mexico Urge Venezuelans to Find a Peaceful Solution to
Their Differences

Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry
No Coup d'État in Venezuela! - ALBA Social Movements, Ottawa Chapter
Statement of Common Frontiers
Statement of the Foro de São Paulo

Venezuelan 2018 Presidential Elections
Canadian Delegation Observations - Common Frontiers Report, June 2018

January 19, 2019 - No. 1

Marxist-Leninists Prepare for the New Year
In 2019, Let Everyone Take Up Politics of Social Responsibility and Speak in Their Own Name - Statement of the Communist Party of Canada
(Marxist-Leninist), January 1, 2019

Stand with Wet'suwet'en Land Defenders
Say No! to State Attack on Unist'ot'en Land Defenders - Statement of the
Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
Actions Across the Country Say No! to Attack on Land Defenders
Tentative Agreement Reached to Ensure Safety of Wet’suwet’en Members
on Their Territory

End Colonial Injustice
Ontario Government Shows Disdain for Rights and Interests of Indigenous
Peoples - David Starbuck
UN Committee Expresses Concern About Lack of Consent in Site C Dam Construction
Ongoing Fight for Equitable Care for All Indigenous Children
UN Rules that Canada's Indian Act Discriminates Against First Nations
- Press Release, Union of BC Indian Chiefs

Unfolding Events in Latin America and the Caribbean
Cuba Strongly Rejects Threat to Activate Title III of Helms-Burton Act
- Declaration of Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs

New Government Takes Office - Pablo Moctezuma Barragán

U.S. Imperialism Activates Its Regime Change Apparatus
Unravelling a Plot - Francisco Arias Fernández
Legitimacy and Human Rights - Stephen Sefton

The Constitutionally Elected President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Is Nicolás Maduro
Stand with the Venezuelan People and Their Bolivarian President and Government!
Lima Group Trying to Undermine Peace and Democracy in Venezuela
- ALBA Social Movements, Ottawa Chapter

President Unleashes All-Sided Attack on Rights

60th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution

December 15, 2018 - No. 44

Arrest of Huawei Executive and the Rule of Law
Beware of Liberal Illusions that Canada Abides by the Rule of
- Pauline Easton
Despicable Tactic by U.S. with Canadian Appeasement - Anne Jamieson
Legal Issues Involved in the Canada-U.S. Extradition Treaty

Bold Stands in Defence of Hereditary Rights
Indigenous Youth Action in Ottawa Demands Respect for Hereditary Rights
Chiefs Decry Flawed Consultation Process
Apology Demanded from PM Trudeau for Comments to Secretary-Treasurer Kukpi7 Judy Wilson - Open Letter, Union of BC Indian Chiefs
Minister Bennett's False Statements Regarding the "Joint Development" of a New Specific Claims Process Condemned - Union of BC Indian Chiefs
Grassy Narrows Youth Demand Action and Compensation For Canada's Crimes Against Them and Their Community - Philip Fernandez
Canada Must Respect the Rights of Unist'ot'en Land Defenders

UN Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration
There Is Nothing Safe, Orderly or Regular About Migration Today - Margaret Villamizar and Hilary LeBlanc
For Your Information

People's Movement Against Criminalization of Migrants in U.S.
Trump Authorizes Lethal Force by Troops at the Border - Voice of Revolution
United Actions Affirm Migrant Rights
The Landscape of Immigration Detention in the U.S. - Emily Ryo, J.D., Ph.D. and Ian Peacock, M.A., American Immigration Council

"Yellow Vest" Movement in France
Working People Protest Neo-Liberal Austerity Agenda and Uphold the Rights
of All
- Michael Chant

Departure of Cuban Doctors from Brazil
Cuba Shows How Things Can Be Done Differently

Note to Readers

December 8, 2018 - No. 43

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Celebrates 70th Anniversary
Human Rights Today
Peoples of the World Oppose Those Who Make a Mockery of Human Rights Based on Ulterior Motives - Pauline Easton

Time for a New Direction for the Economy Under the Control of Canadians!
Trudeau Government's Fall Economic Statement  - K.C. Adams

For Your Information
Excerpts from the Federal Government's Fall Economic Statement 2018

Quebeckers Stand Firm in Support of the Workers' Struggles in Defence of
the Rights of All!
A Businessman's Speech Inaugurates New Session of National
Assembly - Chantier politique

For Your Information
Main Aspects of Opening Speech

Ontario Government's Gratuitous Attack on Francophone Minority Rights Condemned
Wide-Scale Defence of Francophone Rights

BC Referendum on Electoral Reform
Voting Concludes in Referendum on Proportional Representation - Peter Ewart

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
Commemoration Affirms the Rights of the Palestinian People

Death of a War Criminal
Setting the Record Straight on George H.W. Bush - Hilary LeBlanc

From the Party Press
U.S., Iraq and the Danger of War in the Gulf - Hardial Bains, TML Daily,
January 13, 1991
The Use of Force - TML Daily, September 15, 2001

Contradictions in Europe Continue to Deepen
Opposition to Britain's Brexit Deal and Political Chaos - Workers' Weekly

15th G20 Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mass Actions Reject Anti-Social Offensive and Neo-Liberal Summit

70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Inalienable Rights Which Everyone Is Inherently Entitled to as
Human Beings

Supplement - December 4
Unwavering Opposition to Government's Bogus "Recognition and Implementation of Indigenous Rights Framework"

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